Every bride will tell you that her special day must be truly special. The venue must be magical, the decorations colorful and exciting. The food must be the best that the guests have had in awhile. Everything has got to be perfect! There is also another important decision that any bride has to make for her wedding. That is choosing her wedding dress. You have probably imagined how your wedding dress will look since you were a kid. It is a source of joy and pride strutting down the aisle in the arms of your father, wearing the wedding dress of your dreams.

But do you know what will complete that amazing wedding look? The perfect hairstyle! Yes, your wedding day hairstyle does a lot to complement your entire look. This is part of your wedding preparation you do not want to leave to chance. As such, finding a hairstylist that will make that perfect hair for you should be a priority.

But you do not have to worry too much, there are now hair stylist apps that can help you find a hair salon quite easily. One of the really good ones is the Goumin app. This app could be an essential resource as a bride. But there is a part of this whole wedding hairstyle process that you need to pay a lot of attention to. It can potentially uplift your entire look and take it from okay to fabulous in no time at all. This important part is how you match your hairstyle with your wedding dress.

In this article, you will be learning about some fun and exciting hairstyles.

How To Match Your Fabulous Hairstyle With Your Wedding Dress

So, your big day is approaching and you have said yes to the perfect wedding dress. There is one remaining part of your look that needs to flow well with the others, your hair. The best way to do this is to make sure that whatever hairstyle you choose goes well with the neckline of your gown. The problem is you can’t seem to decide which hairstyle forms a perfect bond with your wedding dress neckline. You don’t want to make a mistake and match them wrong.

Not to worry, you are part of a large group of people that have this same problem. To fix this, there is a whole list of which hairstyles work for which wedding dress necklines.

1. Strapless Gowns

Strapless wedding gowns are not for everyone. When it comes to wedding gowns, going for a strapless one is a bold choice and it is for those that dare to be different. Your body shape is also a consideration if you decide on a strapless wedding gown. A good one could also highlight key features of your body, including your shoulders, arms and neckline. A strapless wedding gown could be the beginning of a great look for your wedding. It is a versatile style and it tends to play well with quite a few hairstyles.

But of course, your hair has to play a big part in that complete look too. So you have to choose the perfect hairstyle. This is where the Goumin hairstyle app comes handy. It makes the whole process of getting a professional hairstylist easier.

If you are confused, here are some great hairstyles that match a strapless wedding dress neckline perfectly:

Hair Down

This is the first go-to hairstyle whenever a strapless neckline is involved in a look. Leaving your tresses cascading down the back of your neck in soft waves gives you an ethereal look that is as beautiful as it is regal. It doesn’t matter if you want your hair in curls or straight all the way through. A strapless dress will make that flowing hair look fabulous.


This is for the bride that wants to make a bold statement. A slicked back hairstyle is the perfect excuse for incorporating a showstopper headpiece. A shiny diamond-encrusted headpiece for a queen. With this style, it won’t look over the top.

Loosely Braided

You may have picked a strapless neckline for your wedding gown to show off your shoulders. A textured, loose braid hairdo will help you achieve this goal by sweeping your hair away from your shoulders. It does this and also looks great at the same time. Especially if you add some color by using some well-placed flowers. It also gives the feeling of keeping your hair out of the way without having to go for an updo. It is a perfect hairstyle on all counts.

High Bun

This ballerina-inspired bun looks romantic and stylish. Especially because the hairstyle gives a full yet subtle volume up top. To totally kill this hairdo, you can pair it with a strapless sweetheart neckline.

Half Up-Half Down With Braid

This hairdo is great because it keeps your hair out of your face and bares your neckline for everyone to see. Adding a long braid makes it that much extra special. Don’t forget to go with the signature sprigs of baby breath.

2. Boat Neck

The boat neck neckline is also referred to as a bateau neckline, or in some cases a Sabrina neckline. This is a favorite for wedding dresses. This type of neckline literally follows the contours of your collarbone and closes over the shoulders. From the name, you can infer how this type of neckline looks, exactly like boats. Brides choose this neckline for their wedding dress because it is classy, sensual and pairs well with a variety of hairstyles.

Here are some of the hairstyles that are boat neck-worthy:


This is the best hairstyle to pair with a boat neck wedding gown. This hairstyle allows a lot of the boat neck to be visible, which is usually something you do not want to cover. Also, if you leave your hair down, it has the tendency of making your dress look narrow. A boat neck wedding dress is supposed to show off your gorgeous collarbone, neck, and shoulders anyway. Why cover it up with your hair?

Off The Shoulders

As always, the trick with the neckline of this gown is to keep the hair from your shoulders. Having an off the shoulders hairdo is a great way to do that. You don’t want to wear too much hair down. It won’t look very flattering as far as this look goes. What you need is a voluminous hairstyle like this one with some curls. It would contrast beautifully with your bare neck and give off a regal vibe, like those Egyptian princesses of old.

Side Bun

This is a popular wedding hairstyle. It goes together with that classy and very feminine boat neck look like wine and a stressful day. You can pair this hairstyle with a stylish and lacy hair accessory.

Low Bun

Just because people say you should keep your hair away from your pretty face does not mean you have to pile it on top of your head. You can opt for a low key low bun that will hang your hair just above your neck. This will highlight your boat neck dress perfectly without having to bring your hair so high.

3. Off the Shoulder

Summer is all about sunny, warm weather, summer weddings and off the shoulder wedding dresses. Off the shoulder wedding dresses are so romantic, they show the right amount of skin. Even in a traditional wedding setting, they can still pass muster. They can make you feel incredibly sexy without having to bare too much skin. Of course, the bare neckline it provides is a perfect canvass for accessories.

It is a win-win in every way with this neckline. The only thing left is to pair it with an appropriate hairstyle. There is quite a bit of them that you can pair with this neckline.

Here are some of those hairstyles:

Side Swept

This entire look is breathtaking when done right. A beautiful, classy off the shoulder white wedding gown paired with gorgeous curls, side-swept to one side and barring one shoulder. You could go with a straight side-swept look if that is your choice. But curls give this look an extra romantic dimension. This is one look you can be sure will make you look magical on your special day. To get this look, the Goumin app can help you find the right hairstylist, quickly and easily.

Updo With Floral Accessory

This is a combination of two hairstyle elements that create a whole look that is better than each individually. This style is especially exquisite if you have curls. Just put your curly hair in a bun and add a floral headpiece to produce that stunning oh so lovely look. You sure will be turning heads on your wedding day with this one.

Braided Updo

A soft braid serves the dual purpose of keeping your hair away from your gorgeous off the shoulder neckline while giving structure to your updo. To add that sexy, teasing contrast to the look, you can leave a couple of hair strands out to dangle in front of your face.

Half Up Half, Down With Flower Crown

To be honest, any half up, half down hairstyle is perfect for this kind of neckline. But pairing that hairstyle with a flower crown just changes the look and elevates it.

4. V-Neck

This is a neckline for a bride that is looking to emphasize her upper body, a style for the daring bride. The fun part is that you can choose how risqué you are willing to go. Your v-neck can go as deep as you want it. It could either be a subtle V that barely goes below your collarbone. It could be a deep V that reaches your belly button.

Whichever one you go for, this is one style that will surely turn heads as you walk down the aisle. The caveat here, as with any wedding dress style, really, is to pair it with the right type of hairstyle.

Here are some examples:


To get this wedding dress style right, your hair should be pulled back softly to give people a great look at that V-neck. You don’t need to pile it up top, but do make sure that the hair is not covering the V-neck. If you are a bride who does not want to go for an updo, this side-swept style is a perfect compromise for you.

Half Up, Half Down

If your hair is curled beautifully, then you need to show it off as much as your V-necked wedding dress. This hairdo enhances your gown’s neckline in a classy fashion. To get this look, you can pull your hair into a half ponytail making sure to let a few errant pieces fly free.

Side Braid

This is for you if you have thick and full hair. This kind of hair could be a bother to tame for your big day. An easy way to solve this is to do a simple side braid that will serve to both tame your hair and to pull it away from your face. The braid will also make it look natural, instead of harsh or pulled back

5. High Neck

A high neck wedding dress is the dress of choice for chic and classy brides. Whether you are looking for a modern, romantic or bohemian look, a high neck dress has got you covered. It is also important to understand that different high neck wedding dresses will flatter the body in different ways. Selecting a high neck wedding look while putting your body type into consideration is important. So is pairing the high neck look with the appropriate hairstyle.

Here is a list of some of the hairstyles that could make you pull that look off:

Side Part Updo

As can be expected, most high necked wedding gowns come with intricate designs around the neck. What you don’t want to do is cover all those intricate details, the horror! This is why an updo is your go-to hairstyle for this type of wedding gown. The hair is properly pulled back to show your high-neck wedding gown in its full glory. By doing this with a deep side part, the hair does not distract people from your dress.

Centre Braid

This is a particularly fashion-forward and modern hairstyle that is gaining rapid popularity. It requires some professional help to get the style right. This is another instance the Goumin app would be of help. Your hairstylist would have to make a large but soft braid in the middle of your hair while the sides tuck into it. This is definitely a flashy hairstyle, but not to worry, it will not distract from your high neck dress.

Center Part With Headband

This is one for the books. You can spice things up with your regular updo. You can do this by adding a center part and finish the look with a crystal headband. Whao! That would be something, wouldn’t it? Simple, elegant, and creative.

6. Dramatic Back

This style of wedding dress requires a different kind of daring bride to pull it off. Wedding gowns with low cut dramatic backs are in a different class. They are unusual in that they do not show cleavage in the traditional way, yet they could be incredibly sexy.

For this kind of look, the details matter a lot. The intricate beading, detailed lacework, and elegant patterns. The devil is indeed in the details. This type of daring and silently elegant look deserves a hairstyle to match.

Side-Swept Waves With Braids

The star here is the back of the dress, so a fitting hairstyle would be one that doesn’t cover your back. A simple side-swept braid will give that same look of having long, elegant hair. At the same time, leaving the back of your dress open. So if you want to or have to wear your hair down, and also wear a gown with a dramatic back, this is the way to go.

Chic Bun

This is another way to go if you don’t mind pulling your hair into a high bun at the back of your head.

Victorian Ponytail

This is a cross between a ponytail and a braid. This hairstyle is perfect for brides with long hair. It prevents the hair from tumbling down the back while also giving a soft, slightly disheveled look that rocks.


Every bride wants to look resplendent and stylish on their wedding day. A good way to achieve that is to make sure whatever style wedding gown and hairstyle you choose flow together. You can have some pride in working on that simple and elegant look for your wedding and everyone loves it. You will look at your wedding pictures and smile every time.

Do you want everything about your look to be perfect on your wedding day? If so, you need to make plans for your wedding dress and hairstyle simultaneously. Your hair needs to complement your dress so everything fits perfectly. It can be hard to find the right hairstylist, but the Goumin hairstylist app, takes away the stress.

You can find professional hairstylists on the Goumin app. You can check their portfolios, past works and reviews from past customers. You can chat with them and discuss your needs, and work out a plan to give you the perfect hairstyle that matches your dress. You simply have to download the app and sign up, then you find hair stylists near you with just a few clicks.

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