Your hair is one major part of your body that requires adequate grooming. But sometimes, you find out that your efforts to keep it in good shape all end in frustration. This could be due to an array of factors, such as weather. Weather, especially during winter, affects your hair in several ways. It can determine how your hairstyle sits and the entire condition of your hair.

The significant drop in humidity in the air during cold weather can leave your hair dry and damaged. But how do you maintain healthy and attractive hair this winter? This article will talk about the effects of weather on your hair. It will also touch on tips to keep your hair in perfect shape throughout the year.


One watches with awe as the weather changes throughout the year. From winter to spring, summer to fall, each season of the year comes with its unique weather conditions. A change in weather requires a change in strategy to maintain fabulous hair. This is because the weather has profound impacts on your hair.

During the summer, for example, heat becomes intense. Direct heat from the sun can cause significant damage to your hair. It naturally makes your hair dry and dull. Heat leaves your hair with effects like you get when you blow-dry your hair or wash it with non-conditioning products. Heat dries out your hair and diminishes its ability to hold on to moisture.

Likewise, sunshine increases the level of dehydration in your hair. Scalp sweat increases, thereby causing it to lose its oily coating. The oily coating on the scalp protects the hair and makes it luscious. The fact is, your hair cannot tolerate excess heat or dryness. Hair needs relatively conducive conditions for it to grow healthy.

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can lighten the hair. In the case of artificial hair, the sun alters the hair color to undesired shades. The UV rays find their way into the hair shaft and dissolve the melanin, the hormone that gives the hair its color. Typically, hot weather or a long summer can result in split ends, frizzy hair and loss of hair volume.


During summer, the air holds more moisture. So, humidity is higher. What impact does this climatic condition have on your hair?

On a humid day, dry hair attracts and absorbs the water vapor in the air. This causes the molecular structure of your hair to change. The excess moisture in the hair makes it too heavy for your strands. As a result, your hair loses volume and shape. If you have thick hair, the extra moisture is likely going to cause your strands to expand. This results in uncontrollable frizz.

Hair reacts to humidity during hot sticky days. Hair is typically hygroscopic. This means it can exchange water molecules with moist or dry air. Humidity causes increased deposition of airborne moisture in the hair. This causes it to swell. The density change in moisture volume accounts for many unpalatable and unexpected styling issues. Hair becomes difficult to style or manage due to its massive hygroscopic properties.

Each hair type responds to humidity differently. In fact, cosmetic scientists have discovered that various strands on the same head can react to humidity unpredictably. This is because proteins in the hair are not uniform. There are two types of proteins, the ortho cortex and the paracortex. Each of them reacts differently to change in water density in the hair. Different areas of the hair don’t swell the same way. One part may absorb more moisture and swell bigger than the other part.

The implication is that uneven absorption of moisture can cause twisting or bending. This can take the curl out of fine hair strands. In most cases, it can cause frizzy effects, depending on your hair type. For example, naturally curly hair that is exposed to humidity will curl excessively and can even be prone to frizziness. This happens often, no matter how much time you spend straightening the hair before going outdoors. Why is this so?

Curly tresses have rougher cuticles. So, you should avoid brushing or touching it when it is moisturized as it will invoke friction. Friction will further intensify fuzz locks. In this case, you may be left with no other option than to allow your hair to air dry naturally. You could also spin your tresses into braids on humid days.

What Happens In Winter Weather?

Most times, people tend to talk more about how summer leaves damaging effects on their hair. But what they fail to realize is that cold weather can be just as damaging as hot weather. Winter signals cold and dry air. Winter air contains less water. So, the humidity is low. This means your hair gets less moisture compared to summer. But what exactly are the implications of this on your hair?

Winter causes your hair to break and frizz

The moisture does not stand a chance to stay locked into the hair shaft. This usually leads to hair breakage and frustrating frizz during the frigid time of the year. This is largely due to the fact that your hair is zapped of moisture. This condition can significantly damage your hair.

Winter causes your hair to tangle

Also, winter is commonly characterized by its windy weather. If you have thick, curly, or long hair. The possibility of your hair becoming more snagged and tangled is high. Wind causes knots and tangles in loose hair. It can also cause your hair to become dry and brittle. Why is this so? Wind increases the rate of evaporation of moisture from your air.

When this happens, the natural response anyone would give is to brush and detangle the hair. But doing so does not come without some repercussions. The yanking action of the brush can cause more breakage and split ends. This can be very tiring and even frustrating.

Winter can decolorize your hair

Also, the dryness and breakage that go with winter does a great disservice to your hair color. This becomes more serious if you have color-treated or artificial hair. Cold can make your hair lose its vibrancy and shiny texture. More frustrating! Isn’t it?

There will be static

Another effect of winter weather on your hair is that there will be static. During winter, you can find that your hair stands on end after brushing it in the morning. It leaves an effect as if you have just rubbed a balloon all over it. Static explains a condition where your hair is both dry and tangled. The combination of dryness and tangles leaves your hair completely unattractive.

Winter can lead to seasonal hair loss

Cold weather can lead to hair loss. This is due to lack of hydration and humidity compared to what is obtainable during the warmer months of the year. Loss of hair during winter is pretty common among women.

How To Protect Your Hair From Cold Weather

Now you already know the damaging effects of low temperature, dryness and wind can have on your hair. It is time to take a step further on how you can protect your hair from cold weather.

Moisturize your hair

You can protect your hair this winter by applying an extra dose of moisture. Moisturizing shampoo and effective leave-in conditioner can put an end to hair breakage and split ends. They do not only nourish your hair, they also help to preserve some natural hair in your scalp. Moisturizer keeps your hair healthy and luscious throughout the season.

Get regular trims

Getting regular trims can make a huge difference in your hair. The possibility of split ends and hair breakage is high during cold weather. This fact is valid irrespective of the hair products you use. But when going to a salon for styling, you can tell your stylist to give you a dusting instead of a trim. This eliminates the fear of going too short at your next trim. Dusting helps to remove enough hair to get rid of those dead ends. It also keeps your hair attractive.

Protect your hair from heat damage

The winter air is dry and lacks humidity. But often times, you still find yourself using heat-based styling tools, such as curling irons, straighteners and dryers. This practice exposes your hair to heat damage. So, you need to take the necessary precautions. One of the things you can do is using heat-protective spray anytime you blow dry, straighten or curl your hair with styling tools. You could also decide to have a break from heat-based styling once in a while. You can try a cute braid or bun on days you are staying in the house.

Use a color restoring shampoo or conditioner

The winter cold leaves your hair with dryness and dullness. The smartest way to restore the color of your hair is to start using color-restoring shampoo or conditioner. They deposit a small amount of color to your hair each time you wash your hair with them. There are distinct products for hair colors such as blond, brunette, black and red hair.

Winter could be the worst season to keep attractive and vibrant hair. But following the steps highlighted above can help you maintain healthy hair all winter long. You can also consult your dermatologist for further help if you have complications with your hair.

You can also use the Goumin haircut app to find professional hair stylists near you to give your hair the best care. It is as simple as signing up and clicking a few buttons.

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