Picking your next nail polish goes beyond just the color. There are other things like texture, shine, finish and pattern to consider as well. There are different types of nail polish out there. It can get confusing sometimes when trying to make a decision on which one to go for.

Nail polishes are great, and can make you look more fabulous and complete when you get a fitting one. But, the type of nail polish you choose will depend on the health of your nails. It’s also depend on how much time you are willing to invest into painting them.

What Is Nail Polish?

Nail polish, also known as nail varnish is a lacquer which can be applied to fingernails or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plates. It is a mixture of organic polymer and other components which gives it its unique color and texture. Over the years, nail polish has undergone several upgrades and modifications. This is to make it more visually appealing, and to reduce cracking or peeling.

Nail polishes are not new, they have been around for a long time in different cultures and civilizations. Emperors, queens and other members of royalty usually adorned their nails with paints and dyes.

Now is time to talk about the different types of nail polish. Continue reading to find out what each one is so you can choose the best for your nails.

Types Of Nail Polish


The matte nail finish is a classic. It is simple and plain, it doesn’t have any extra shine or luster. It comes with a special kind of dull glow that exudes class.

One of the major advantages of the matte finish is that it has less gloss. This makes it a perfect pick for formal events that don’t require much shimmer and luster. Matte will work great with any outfit without you thinking about it twice. Another advantage that matte has it that it doesn’t lose its texture easily. So, you can rock your beautiful nails for a long time.

On the con side, matte can be a little bit hard to apply. If you are applying it yourself, you need to ensure that your hands are steady. Shaky hands will tell on your nail design. They are also more prone to chipping. Go to a nail technician to get it done the right way. You can use the Goumin app to find the closest salon to your location.

Sheer Finish Nails

This is another type of nail polish that does a really great job. If you are a woman who likes things simple and natural, you are sure going to love sheer nail polish. They usually come in nude shades or shades of pink. One important thing to note about transparent nail polishes is that they don’t alter the natural color of the nails. With sheer nail polish, you don’t have to worry about the texture of patterns. Everything blends in perfectly due to the luster.

Another reason why you might love sheer nails is the fact that you can wear them to any occasion. If you have different events coming up and you don’t want to repaint your nails every few days, get a sheer nail polish and you are good to go.

Pearl Finish Nails

Looking for something soft with a classy finish? Try pearl nail polish. It will look like a pearl in its luster. Pearl nails are great for a wedding or pastel outfit. The most common color is light pink, this is because of its resemblance to pearls.

One of the good things about them is that they are pretty easy to apply and give the nails a special glow. You can also go with either pink or beige to give a natural appearance to your nails.

On the con side, you have to be careful with them as they are prone to easy wear and tear.


Want something extra flashy? Metallic nail polish is the way to go. As the name suggests, metallic nail polish gives a luster like metals. They make your nails bold and bright, they are a great option for events such as night parties and clubs.

There are different metallic shades like bronze, copper, gold, silver, and others to choose from. Metallic is a type of nail polish that has a tendency to streak. So, applying it requires some level of expertise and experience. It is best to get it done at a nail salon for a perfect job.


Have an event that you need to show some shine and glow? Glitter nail polish is up for the job. The glitter finish in nails is all about the shine. You can be flexible with this nail polish and try different things. Talk about golden glitter, silver shades and even go as far as mixing many colors to create a glitter rainbow. If you want the designs to be bold, you can add sequins to your nails.

On the con side, they can be pretty tough to remove. But, when you consider the glow and shine, they are usually well worth the effort. So, go get yourself some glitter polish!


Crème nail polishes are one of the most popular nail finishes out there. It is pretty low maintenance. They come in different shades and are easy to use. Crème nail polish doesn’t require professional help as it can be done by anyone. Crème can go well with most events, whether work or parties.

Flakie Nail Polish

Want something to add a charming touch to your elegance? You should consider trying Flakie nail polish. Flakie has flakes of glitter that will make your nails shine like a galaxy. They are relatively new in the fashion world. But, they are growing in popularity due to the unique elegance they exude. You definitely should try Flakie, even if it is once and see what it looks like.

4 Common Nail Mistakes People Make

It is great that you want to adorn your nails with the best nail polishes out there. You want them to spice up your sexiness and gorgeous look. But, everything has to be done with care to get the best results. If you are still making these common mistakes then you need to stop if you want healthy and longer nails.

Not Washing Your Hands Before Applying Polish

You are super excited to try out your new nail polish or you are trying to get ready for that outing. You go straight into applying the polish on your nails without first washing them. Wrong move. Do you know why nail technicians use polish remover on your nails before painting them? It is because your nails have natural oils. They’re usually transferred from your fingertips. This can prevent the polish from sitting correctly if not cleaned off.

Always wash your hands before painting your nails.

Skipping a Base Coat

Sounds like something you already know? Well, this is one of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make. If you want healthy and perfect nails, it is important to start every manicure with a high quality nourishing base coat. Doing this protects your nails from stains as well as strengthens them. It will also make painting your nails easier and smoother.

Using Too Much Polish

Guilty of this? A lot of women overload the brush and apply too many strokes. This can make things get messy because a big blob of polish usually takes a lot of time to dry. This means it will be difficult to get that perfect finish you desire.

So, stop using too much polish. One easy way to do this is to get just enough polish on the brush to cover your nail in one coat. Then you can paint to perfection. It is really that simple!

Not Waiting Long Enough Between Coats

How long do you wait before applying another coat of color while painting? If you aren’t waiting at least one or two minutes then you aren’t doing it right. You are not allowing the solvents in your polish enough time to evaporate. This is basically what dries your nails. The longer you wait between coats, the more it will keep your color locked.


There you have it, the different types of nail polish you can choose from. It can all depend on your mood, the kind of event you are attending and how you want to look. It all boils down to what you want and what you are wearing. Your nails have to complement your outfit so you can exude unmatched elegance.

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