As a Mexican, you already know that you belong to one of the most stylish groups of people on earth. Yes, everyone knows that, and a lot of that stylishness comes from the type of hair the typical Mexican has.

Mexicans are blessed with thick, luscious, long, full, and coarse hair. This has made it possible to have quite a range of really stylish Mexican hairstyles that can go with your gorgeous head of hair.

But there are some traditional Mexican hairstyles that reflect the culture and climate of beautiful Latin people. Because most Mexicans have thick and long hair, it makes sense that traditional Mexican haircuts would feature styles that keep the hair out of the way and allow for movement. In other words, functional and simple is the name of the game. Keep reading to learn more about these interesting Mexican hairstyles.

Traditional Mexican Hairstyles, How It All Started

Don’t worry, this is only going to show you the cultural roots of many of the Mexican haircuts we see today. It is not an excursion into boring history.

Long ago, the Aztecs, who were the dominant indigenous people in Mexico had a wide range of hairstyles. These styles were worn by different people of different ranks, professions, and so on. You could literally tell a lot about a person by the kind of hairstyle they wore.

Warriors had elaborate hairstyles that screamed for attention and were sometimes even adorned. Priests were known to wear their hair long. Married women were not left out as they also had their own distinguishing hairstyles. Braiding was a popular style then that distinguished married women.

Young men with no official posts wore their hair neck length with an added fringe. A man with a fringe, sounds really special, huh? Young boys were required to shave their heads until the age of 9 or 10. Young girls, on the other hand, could grow their hair long throughout their childhood.

It is obvious that hairstyles have played a huge role in the lifestyle of Mexican people for ages now. Those hairstyles have evolved over the years and some are now interwoven with modern hairstyles. They have morphed into the awesome traditional Mexican hairstyles that you see today.

There is a rich history and deep cultural importance to these hairstyles that make them much more than just fancy haircuts. It is a way of life for the Mexican people. Without further ado, here are some traditional Mexican hairstyles and the hair type that fits them.

Traditional Mexican Hairstyles For Ladies

Mexican women have a large array of traditional Mexican hairstyles to choose from. It does not matter what type of hair you have, long, short, coarse, you can always find that specific hairstyle that has your name on it.

These hairstyles are also usually a perfect blend of functionality and beauty. They look good, but they will also allow you to breathe, work and move about. Many of these hairstyles are structured in a way that minimizes frizzing and tangling. Just know that as a Mexican lady, these are some of the best hairstyles you can hope to create.


Braids probably constitute the most common way for Mexican women to wear their hair. They are the ultimate traditional Mexican hairstyle and have been passed down through Latin bloodlines and history.

Other than its cultural and historical significance, braids are very practical and functional. If you spend most of your time outdoors and don’t want to be hampered by your thick and full hair, braids are a good choice. It is not fun having to sweep hair out of your face every 2 seconds while your neck and back are sweaty.

There are several ways to braid your hair and several methods that you can braid with. You can wear different braid styles once every month for a whole year and still not exhaust them all. There is always a braid for every occasion.

What’s more, your thick Mexican hair complements braids so well. Alright, it is time to look at some of the braid styles that you can try out. But remember to get your favorite hairstylist involved for the best results.

– Double Braids

This is a popular traditional braid style for Mexican Ladies. It is a simple style that your hairstylist can whip up in a few minutes. All you need to do is divide your hair into two sections, straight down the middle of your head. Then you can braid each side separately.

Double braids are big braids, which make them super convenient to make. The general rule of thumb is the smaller the braids, the more braids you’ll need to cover your head, and the more difficult it is. You can add a few colorful flowers to your double braids to finish the look off.

Braided Bun

This is one for you if you are not one for the hassle and stress of visiting the hairstylist all the time. This braided bun will make your life considerably less complicated, your fashion and style life anyways.

It is an easy style, get started by braiding your hair using whatever method you like. Now, use a hair elastic to secure your braided hair and then wrap the braids around to make a simple bun. Make sure to pin up the loose ends to make it look neater and you are all set.

Voila! There you have your braided bun. You can even have your bangs braided or make a pompadour in the front to shake things up a little. You really should try this one out.

High Braided Bun or Top Knot

This is another traditional mexican hairstyle that’s popular among Latinas. It is especially compatible with formal wear and gives you a really neat and chic look.

It requires very little effort to create this chic hairstyle, just make a high ponytail and wrap your hair around it to create a knot. If you want to be cheeky about it, remove a few strands from the bun and let them dangle at the side of your face. You could even add some colorful beads to make them even cooler.

Ribbon Braids

This is a traditional Mexican haircut that is good for that perfect girly look. You get to incorporate colorful ribbons in your braids, who doesn’t want some color in their life?

There are two ways to achieve this look. You can have your hairstylist braid your hair along with the colorful ribbon. Another option is to tie the ribbon to the ends of the braids when they are done.

It doesn’t even have to be ribbons, you could use colorful beads or decorative pins. The addition of these simple color elements will upgrade any braid look in a jiffy.


Bangs are one hairstyle that is made for long and full hair. They keep the hair out of your face, while also framing your features perfectly. No wonder Mexican women have been rocking them for ages.

You can make your choice of the right bangs for you from a few styles that have also evolved over the years. Here are some of those styles:

Classic Fringe

This is the classic bang style that has been around for so long, it is unlikely that it will ever go out of style. The long and straight bang can work in several different ways.

You can wear them blunt, hanging down your face in a straight manner. You could also have them done piece-y-like, which is uneven and a bit sparse in some areas. You can also do a side-swept bang that will always look good with your gorgeously thick hair. Whichever direction you want to go with your bangs, one thing is for sure, you cannot go wrong.

Curtain Parted Bangs

This one is reminiscent of an actual parted curtain. It is perfect for long sleek hair. To create the look, the regular straight bang is divided in the middle with each side pulled away from the middle. It gives a parted look that is oh so good.

Flower Power

Weird title huh? But you know that traditionally, this has always been a part of the hair culture of Mexican women. Those Mexican movies you see where the guy brings a flower for the girl to put in her hair, well, that happens in real life.

So, this is something you can try out after getting your hair all styled up. Just add a few colorful flowers or ribbons and have a hairstyle that’s even better.

Traditional Mexican Hairstyles For Men

The guys are not left out of this, there are just as many great traditional Haircuts for guys as girls. The thick and full hair that most Mexican guys have is a great “raw material” for awesome hairstyles. It gives you a lot of options that men with thin or short hair don’t have. Take a look at some of these Mexican hairstyles for men:

Buzz Cut

The coarse hair that characterizes Mexican hair makes this particular hairstyle a favorite. As far as Traditional Mexican hairstyles go, you cannot miss it with this simple and easy to maintain cut.

What is more, the buzz cut gives you a “cool guy” vibe while also making you look smart and responsible. Girls also find it attractive, it says to them that you are calm and reliable. You can get the cut and find out if it’s true.

This hairstyle is cut really close to the scalp, and as you can imagine, it is very easy to maintain. You just need to take a trip to the barber every once in a while to keep it low and trim. This is especially necessary if your hair grows fast.


The pompadour is a traditional but funky hairstyle for Mexican men that are not afraid to flex their style muscles. This hairstyle has been around for such a long time, it is hard to imagine Mexican hair culture without it.

It is also a pretty simple haircut. Have your barber give you a cut with longer hair on the top than the sides. Then go deep with the styling. Apply some hair gel to the front of your hair, then do a backcomb so you can get some height. That’s it, your pompadour is ready to rock.

You can also have the styling done in different ways. You can have it a little high and simply styled. If you want a little bit more flair, you could have it higher and styled a little differently.

Long Layers

You have been reading about short hairstyles that go well with Mexican guys’ thick hair. If you would like to keep your hair long, then this is for you. It is a simple enough style, you only need to add some layers to your already long hair.

This is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser, especially with the ladies. That is if you are brave enough to pull it off though because wearing your hair long does require guts. But then, if you are looking for the perfect traditional Mexican haircut for long hair, this is it.

Medium Layers

This is for you, if you are not really up to wearing your hair long, but also don’t want a short haircut. You want to split the difference and go for a medium, layered cut.

It is a classic Mexican haircut that many men have been rocking for decades. It will particularly fit you if you have an oval face. Just cut your hair medium length, let it fall around your face. Then add some gel to give it some texture and make it shiny.

This is the perfect style for you if you have curly hair. Your curly hair gives the hairstyle a more ruffled and unruly look which makes it that much more exciting. If you do not have curly hair, it might be a bit more difficult to pull this look off.

The Quiff

This style looks good on almost anyone and is easy to create. Just like a pompadour, the quiff features really short sides that connect to a longer top.

Although, in the case of the quiff, the hair is swept up making it look really flamboyant. You will need really thick hair to pull this look off.

You will also need quite a bit of hair products for this look. You will need to add enough so that the quiff remains up and doesn’t fall flat. You will also need to take regular trips to the barber to keep the sides neat.

Messy Bangs

Yes, guys can also rock bangs, traditional Mexican style. This hairstyle gives you a lot of freedom, you won’t have to worry too much about maintaining this one. Just grow your hair out and have it hang loosely around your face.

This is a kind of relaxed hairstyle that makes you look carefree. It does have the disadvantage of always flying in your face though. It might not be the hairstyle for you if you need your hands free to work.

Side Part Undercut

This traditional Mexican hairstyle should be on your list if you have a little more time to spend on your hair. You will also have to use quite a bit of product to keep your hair under wraps and away from your face.

You get to keep the hair on top of your head long so that the bangs can be combed up and over. This hairstyle actually looks really good, and you should try it out. When you combine it with the shorter sides, it looks date ready, or office ready for that matter. It is versatile like that.

This is your definitive list of the coolest traditional Mexican hairstyles and cuts. Many of these haircuts need to be created by good, professional hairstylists and barbers. This is why you will need to find the best hairstylist around you. The Goumin app is the way to go in this instance.

The Goumin app gives you the freedom to get whatever hairstyle you want without stress. You can choose hairstyles, book appointments, choose the best hairstylists and barbers, all in the app. Whatever hairstyle you need, the Goumin app has your back.

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