Your barbershop should be more than a place you go when you are feeling a bit shaggy or when you need to look groomed for an important event or date. It can be those things, but it should also be much more. There should be some form of emotional connection between you and the place you get your hair groomed. This means it could be hard to find a good barbershop near you because you have to find the perfect place for you. The good thing is, there are now barber booking apps that can help you find that place.

Now you understand why a proper customer-barber relationship is important. As it is with most relationships, both parties have their parts to play. There are things your barber needs to do. This includes providing an engaging and attractive environment for you. They should also make sure the proper tools are available, not to mention knowing how to do his job. You as a customer also have to play your part in this relationship.

There are some mistakes people usually make at the barbershop. Some of these mistakes might negatively impact their experience.

5 Mistakes You Might Want To Stay Away From At Your Barbershop

There are a lot of folks who have had horrible experiences at barbershops at some point or the other. This is usually caused by a combination of factors. Often, some of the issues are from the customers themselves. It is a two-way street, and as a customer, you must do your part to have an enjoyable barber experience.

So, here are some of those mistakes that you might inadvertently make at your barbershop.

1. Rushing The Barber

One mistake customers make at the barbershop is asking the barber to hurry up and get the job done faster. This can put the barber under pressure and you might end up with a bad haircut. A great barber hardly ever rushes, they take their time to deliver perfection. Additionally, some styles take more time than others.

Don’t rush your barber. If you have a date, interview, or important event to attend, the best thing to do is use a barber app like Goumin. With Goumin, you can book an appointment and get your haircut the day before to avoid rushing your barber. You should let them take the time they need to do an excellent job.

2. Chatting Or Browsing On Your Phone

This, as you can imagine is not a very polite thing to do. Think back to when you were having a conversation with someone and the person kept looking at their phone. Remember how annoying that must have been? Well, it is even more annoying for barbers. They are trying to give you the perfect haircut, to get the perfect angle for their clippers and scissors. Being on your phone while they do all that can be distracting. It could make their already difficult job even more difficult.

Additionally, being on your phone while getting a haircut can make you end up with a haircut you don’t like. When you are on your phone, you are constantly moving your arms. Coupled with the fact that to keep your eyes on the phone, you might be resisting the subtle head directions the barber gives to you. This makes it more difficult for the barber to accurately give you that perfect haircut.

When you are visiting the barbershop, it is recommended that you keep your phone in your pockets. If you have picked the right barber then there is very little chance that you will be bored while there. There are things to keep you engaged and entertained. There are different exciting topics to talk about with your barber. You might end up spending more time than you planned.

So, don’t distract your barber by messing with your phone. Be a part of the whole process and guide them to that perfect haircut you desire.

3. Showing Up With Dirty Or Wet Hair

Yes! This might seem like a no-brainer. But you will be surprised by the number of people that show up at a barber’s appointment with dirty or wet hair. This is one of the major mistakes you can make when at your barber’s. It could be one made inadvertently or it could be on purpose. Regardless, it is best to avoid making this mistake.

For starters, nobody wants to work on dirty hair. It is just simple human behavior. Most barbers would not be happy touching dirty and oily hair, even if it is that of a paying customer. Also, hair with a lot of gunk in it will be difficult for the barber to manipulate. It will be harder for your barber to cut your hair properly if it’s all filled with gunk and dirt. Granted, it can be easy to forget to wash your hair before your barber’s appointment. A good habit to get into is to set an alarm or wash it immediately after you make an appointment. The Goumin app is a great way to keep track of all these small details.

Another mistake that you should avoid making is going to your barber’s appointment with wet hair. The weight of some hair types cannot be gauged correctly when they are wet. A correct assessment can only be made when the hair is dry and inflated. This is an important thing to note because your barber needs to cut your hair when it is dry. Going to your barber’s with wet hair might give a false representation of your hair. This might change your look after you leave the barbershop when the hair dries out.

4. Not Tipping Your Barber Or Not Tipping Enough

Okay, here is where things could get a little grey. Society expects certain things, especially from guys. There are some unwritten rules that guys are always expected to follow. Things like not picking their noses in public or maybe not peeing in adjacent urinals in a restroom. These unwritten rules are just there, and a lot of guys follow them most times without hesitation. But one of the hardest of those unwritten rules to follow is tipping.

Now, several service industries have their own particular tradition about tipping. So, how does tipping work in the grooming industry? There was a time, long ago, when the acceptable tip amount was 10% of your total bill. But, in those days, you could literally get a good haircut with only loose change in your pocket. Nowadays, leaving a 10% tip is like a slap in your barber’s face. You are basically saying the haircut was not as good as you might have wanted it. Maybe you are giving him a tip because you do not want to make a big deal out of it. Oh, and that you are probably not going to be coming back anytime soon.

Nowadays, things are a bit different. There are some professional outfits that cost hundreds of dollars to get a haircut. But really, it does not matter how expensive or cheap your barber is. The principles remain the same. It’s not that they were doing something bad tipping 10% then, it is just that the rules change with the economy. Nowadays, if your haircut crosses the one dollar mark, you should be thinking of tipping more than 10%.

Although, a lot of people think that the sweet spot is between 15%-25%. The truth is, it all boils down to where you are getting your haircut. At some places, 15% is appropriate, at others, 20% is the golden standard. The golden rule is to tip according to the standard of living in the place where you are getting your haircut. Not necessarily according to how fancy the place is.

An easy option for you is to tip using the in-app payment feature on the Goumin app. It is very easy and convenient; you can pay for your barber appointment through the same platform too.

5. Teaching The Barber How To Do Their Job

This is one of the common mistakes customers make at the barbershop, and it can be really annoying. Yes, it is okay to let them know what style you want and explain things to them in the clearest of ways. But, a lot of people overdo it by trying to teach a barber how to do their job, which often comes off as condescending.

There have been instances where customers demand their barbers use particular tools or products for their hair. Unless you are a professional barber yourself, you shouldn’t be making such demands. In which case you should be hovering over the chair, not sitting on it. If not, it is a good idea to listen to what the professional has to say. You need to trust your barber to make the right decision when it comes to your hair.

One thing you should know is that barbers don’t just wake up one day and become barbers. They have undergone some form of training and mastered their craft through continual practice. Yes, there are bad barbers, which is why it’s important to do your due diligence before visiting a barbershop. This is where barbershop apps like Goumin come in.

You can use the Goumin app to check out barbers in your location. You can even see pictures of what they have done and are capable of doing. There are also reviews from past customers right beside their profile. You can chat with your barber after you book your appointment. You get to share pictures of styles and discuss the look you want to create before you step into the barbershop. This makes the barbing experience smoother and faster.

So, once you find a competent barber, don’t try to teach them their job. You have to trust them to deliver what you are looking for.

Goumin, Your Go-To Grooming Lifestyle App

Keeping your hair on point is a full-time job, one which many guys do not have the time for. This is why you need a partner, one that has always got your back in matters of grooming. The Goumin app is the perfect partner for your grooming needs. Goumin app helps you as a customer to find the best professional services around where you stay. You can check portfolios and read real reviews. You are given all the information you need to make the best decision about where you want to get your haircut. It is easy, simple to use, and provides a lot of functionalities. It has never been easier to find a barbershop near you.


Getting haircuts at barbershops and salons are one of the most important parts of male grooming. The safe space that is created for banters and making small talk while professionals work on your hair. Stories abound about the close relationship between a man and his barber. It is something that goes across time and does not discriminate.

To protect this barber-customer relationship, some effort has to be extended on both sides. The barber has his part to play, while the customer has his part to play, too. As a customer, there are some mistakes that you should avoid when you are at barber shops. Keeping note of these points could help you preserve that relationship with your barber.

Remember, barber apps like Goumin are important for helping you get that perfect haircut without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is simply download the app. Search for a barber near you, and you can review and pick the most suitable one from the multiple options available to you. It doesn’t get easier than this!

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Chapter 3 – Goumin, Your Go-To Grooming Lifestyle App

Chapter 4 – Conclusion

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