How To Choose The Right Barbershop For Your Hair

Regardless of gender, there is this confidence that comes with carrying neat, perfectly styled hair.  For a guy, though, that good feeling might be tempered if you have had some major work done on your hair.

The tradition of barbershops seems to be dwindling in our modern world: most guys just find the closest and most convenient unisex salon and get their haircut. Admittedly, the process of finding a good hairstylist or barber could be strenuous, but the bonding and service you get will be absolutely worth it. To make the process less of a bother, barber booking apps are available to make the entire process super easy and convenient.

This article will discuss a few things you need to pay attention to when looking for that perfect barbershop.

Every Man Needs A Great Barber

Every man surely needs a dependable barber in his life—someone that speaks the same hair language. This is one of the few really masculine activities that is understated, but it can be relaxing and life affirming. (You could be wondering, all this from a haircut? Yes, that barber-client relationship is as deep as it is real and necessary. It is the same way between women and their hairdressers.)

To find a great hairstylist, you need to have some basic requirements, things that you cannot leave to chance or settle for. First, your barber should know your hair and your style preferences like the back of their hand. Second, you should be able to trust them to give you a haircut right before your wedding or an interview. They’ll be sure you won’t come out like you had a date with a disagreeable leaf blower.

Another thing a good barber should have is a good memory. As they work on your hair more often, they should gradually become an expert on your hair—the shape of your head, dips and creases you might have, how to navigate around areas that might bring you discomfort because of a wound or scar. Think about it: wouldn’t it be awesome if you walk into your barbershop, sit down, close your eyes and let them take over? No need to give directions or check on what is being done with a microscope. You are 100% confident in their ability to handle your hair with care and give you exactly the cut that you desire.

You open your eyes at the end, check the hair out, nod your head and walk out. That is very well possible; you only need to pay attention to the following information.

Things To Look Out For When Finding a New Barber

So, down to brass tacks now. Here is the really important bit: how does a man go about looking for this important barber relationship? How do you know when you find a barber that is a keeper? Here are a few points to steer you in the proper direction. First things first, here are some steps you have to take before you even enter any barbershop:

Before You Enter Any Shop

Before you even enter any barbershop to make inquiries or to meet the resident barber, you should do some preliminary research. It helps you narrow and focus your search as opposed to randomly choosing barbershops to try out.

Search Online

The Internet is too much of a good source of information not to use for something as important as this. Go on Google and do some searches. See if you can find social media profiles of barbershops you are considering. A lot of businesses have Facebook or Instagram profiles nowadays; your potential barbershop would most likely have one too. Check for before and after pictures of clients they have serviced. This gives you an idea of their style and capability, even before you step into the shop.

Ask People Around You

This costs you very little and could be very helpful in your search. It also works if you just arrived in a new town or your current barber is no longer meeting you hair goals. Ask for recommendations for a new barber from people that know the area. Chances are that they would know the great barbers in the area. Be sure to pay attention to the recommendations given by guys that always seem to sport great haircuts. Their recommendations will probably get you to your perfect barbershop faster.

How Hard Is It To Get An Appointment?

This here is a quick way to judge the quality of a barbershop even before you step foot in the shop: if getting an appointment, even during rush hour periods, is easy, the barbershop is most likely not regarded by the locals. Even if the barbershop does not take appointments, that is not a disadvantage, as long as they are busy. The busier they are, the more likely they give great haircuts.

When You Are In The Shop

You have finally found one barbershop or a few that look legit. You are nervous, but you still want to try them out. When you are at this stage in the journey to find the best hairstylist, you can afford to take a step back and observe. There are two things to pay attention to here: the barbershop itself, and the barber.

Qualities Of A Good Barbershop

The barbershop is where you will find your barber. The two go hand in hand most times. To find a good barbershop near you, here are some things to look out for:

How Long Do They Spend On Each Customer

When entering a barbershop for the first time, it is a good idea to sit down and simply observe. How long does a client stay in the barber chair before another person replaces them? You do not want a barbershop that spends little time on each client. The barbers should be patient and methodical about your hair. A hastily done cut will turn out badly most of the time.

Décor and Politeness Of Staff

How do their staff treat customers? How did they receive you when you first entered the barbershop? How does the interior look? Is everything in order, neat and clean?

These questions are important: they help you determine the level of care your hair will receive if you decide to use their service. If they don’t tick these boxes, you probably need to look elsewhere. 

Qualities Of A Good Barber

To make sure that you get the best from your barbershop, you might want to pay attention to the barber. They would be in direct contact with your hair. There are some qualities they should have. Here some key ones:

Great Technique

Here is one quality that you cannot overlook. Your new barber should immediately know, when you walk in, what style of cut your hair needs. Either a scissors/comb combo or clippers. There is an important difference between the two styles. The scissors and comb style works well for thin, mousy hair; clippers would not work for this type of hair as it would make it look patchy. Your barber would need to break out the scissors when a delicate finish is required.

Clippers, on the other hand, are great for people with dark and thick hair. It is good for graphic and well defined finishes. Your barber should know this, be flexible in their use of techniques. They should understand what technique would work for your hair type.

Great Communicator

Your barber should be precise when explaining to you what they want to do with your hair. They should say things like “should I make this cut soft and round, or do you want sharp edges cut tight and close?” They should sound like they know what they are doing; You do not want a barber that seems unsure.

The right barber should be able to talk to you freely during your haircut and should ask for your opinion and your approval. They would also not be threatened if you show them pictures of styles you want. They would even be glad you did, as it makes their work easier.


When you walk into your barbershop for the first time, your barber should greet you, look you right in the eyes, and give you a firm handshake. These things might look or seem unimportant, but they are most times an indication of how confident they are in their abilities. You are putting your hair in their care; you do not want someone that is not confident in their abilities.

They should also be able to confidently give you recommendations about your hair: which cuts and styles will fit you the most, based on your face shape and hair type. A less than confident barber would give you whatever cut you ask for, even when they know it would look bad on you.

Receding Hairline?

Can your barber handle a receding hairline? Losing your hair as a man is a very difficult process to go through. That is why a lot of men try to cover it up and go for wigs and toupees. But the sad truth is, they very rarely work or look natural. It is a battle you will always lose.

A good barber should be able to make receding hairlines look fuller, or at the very least presentable. Don’t expect them to wave a wand and make it all better, but they should at least be able to do something.

Great Listener

Apart from giving you a great haircut and make you look good, your barber should also be a kind of safe haven for you. This is a tradition that has been passed down through decades of barbershops. That is why it is essential that you choose a barber that you vibe with, someone you can be friends with. There are few things more relaxing and calming than shooting the breeze with your barber while getting a cut.

Mistakes Guys Make When Selecting Barbershops

On your journey to finding the best barbershop for yourself, there are some things you should definitely not do,even if you are sometimes tempted to:

Chain Store Barbers

Do not go that route if you can help it. These chain stores are for the average teenager that just needs a basic cut. Also, the barbers that work in these types of shops are most likely amateurs. They can probably cut one or two styles comfortably. They don’t care about spending time to give you a perfect cut. This is where stylish haircuts come to die.

Expensive Hairstylists

You might be thinking, they are expensive, they should do a good job. Not necessarily. Expensive hair salons might give you a good cut. But why pay so much when a barbershop on your street would do even better at a quarter of the cost? Unless you have a lot of money to blow, expensive is not always the way to go.

Barber Booking Apps

Technology has advanced so much nowadays that there is almost an app for everything. There are apps available that take care of all the processes explained above for you. One great app is the Goumin app, which connects you with the best barbers and hairstylists in your locale.

You can book and pay for your barbershop appointments and even compare prices. You can read real reviews about them and view their portfolio. You could even request home service and have the hairstyling expert come to your house for a personal session. The possibilities with this barber booking app are endless. Whether you are at home or travelling, you never have to settle for bad hair service again.


Taking a trip to your barbershop is not only about getting a haircut and looking good: it is also about the experience that you come away with. It is about how the process makes you feel after. This is the reason why you need to put a bit of thought into finding one. You want someone that you vibe with immediately after you meet—someone that understands you and your hair, someone invested in making you look good.

The good thing is, you can save yourself the stress of going through these processes to find a good hairstylist. All you need to do is simply download a barber booking app like Goumin and you can find the best barber shops near you.

Goumin helps you manage all the processes, including booking, paying, and finding the perfect style for you. So, instead of frantically asking Google ‘where to find a barber shop near me,’ download the Goumin app today.

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Chapter 5 – Conclusion

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