You are going to a work dinner party, a very important one. You are up for a promotion, all your bosses will be there at the party. You have to impress them. You know for a fact that they are all classy dressers and that looking good is important to them. You are all over the place, nervous, your hair is a total mess and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Show of hands if you have been in this situation or a similar one before?

The next thing to do is find a hair salon to get your hair ready. But finding a good hair salon at such short notice is not always an easy thing to do. The good thing is, there are hair stylist appointment apps that you can take advantage of. Your hair is perfect now, but the final step in your journey to looking fabulous is yet to be settled. How do you choose the perfect dress to go with your hair? This is what this article is going to help you with. Knowing how to choose the perfect hair-dress combination for any occasion you might need to attend.

The Art Of Matching Your Hair And Your Outfit

As a lady, getting your hair right is one of the earliest things you are taught as far as looking good is concerned. You probably had your mom or a favorite aunt brush and style your hair for you growing up. But now, the task has fallen solely on you, or on your favorite hairdresser. You probably were not told that your hairstyle should pair well with whatever you wear. You most likely had to learn that yourself. Now that you know, having the perfect hairstyle to go with your dress is always a big challenge.

Whatever type of hair you have, keeping it tamed through the changing seasons is a full-time job. You will need to have your favorite hair stylist appointment app handy to stay atop of things. From harsh and dry winter winds to humid summer nights, you need to keep styling, to keep slaying through the year.

Don’t you hate it every time you are going out and you have to answer the age-old question: “Hair up or hair down?” Can you readily find an answer to that question? Not to worry, that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. You will learn how to choose the perfect hairstyle to go with every type of dress you might have in your closet.

First of all, here are some tips on how to match your hair to your dress and how to get it right.

Tips For Matching The Right Hairstyle To The Right Outfit

As you know, seasons change and fashion trends come and go. But one constant element through it all is hairstyles. The simplest way to always look fabulous when you walk through the door is to make sure that your dress matches your hairstyle perfectly. This is a neat trick that is worth learning, it will surely give your self-confidence a boost.

Here is a list of tips that can help you in creating that perfect hairstyle-outfit combo:

Choose Your Dress First, Then Hair Second

Whatever party or event you want to attend, the first question to ask yourself when preparing is “what dress am I going to wear?” The hairstyle you want to carry to your event is important. But the dress is a more important factor in your entire look. After you choose the perfect dress for the occasion, you can start picking the perfect hairdo to go with it.

In this new era of technology-enabled businesses, things that used to be hard have now been made easy through the use of technology. Finding the hairstylist that will help you figure out that perfect hairstyle is now easier with hairdresser apps. One of these apps, the Goumin app, is perfect for all your hair related needs. Finding that perfect hairstyle to go with that gorgeous dress just got easier. Keep reading to find out how.

Let Your Dress Do All The Heavy Lifting

When you are trying to match your hair with your outfit, there needs to be a form of balance. You cannot have your dress and your hairstyle fighting for dominance. There should only be one alpha, and in this case, it should be your dress. For instance, if you choose a dress that is elaborate and has lots of intricate details. Then, the hairstyle that you go for should be simple. But, if you have a simple dress picked out, then, by all means, get a showstopper of a hairstyle.

The Length Of Your Dress

The length of your dress says many things about your mood and general outlook. It shows how flirty or conservative you want to be. The length of your dress also influences your hairstyle to a large extent. You will want to keep the entire look flowing. Longer dresses mean more traditional and modest hairstyles. Shorter dresses mean you can go off-script with the hairstyle.

You have been shown some general tips on matching the right type of hairstyles to the right dresses. It is now time to go deeper and become more specific. Your entire look should be a representation of your personality, style, and mood. To get all this right, you need to find the right hairstyle to go with your dress, especially its neckline.

Here are some tips to help you match different necklines types with the right hairstyle.

The Best Hairstyles For Different Dress Necklines

Different dress necklines require different hairstyles to complement them and create an amazing look. Matching the wrong hairstyle to the wrong neckline is one fashion mistake you do not want to make. Here are some tips to help you avoid that mistake:

Hairstyles for Sweetheart Neck

Sweetheart necklines are simple and look good combined with most hairstyles. But then, you are wearing a sweetheart neckline for a reason in the first place. So don’t defeat that purpose, visit your hair salon and have them hook you up with a nice and classy updo hairstyle. Full bouncy locks can also work, they will give your look that extra oomph!

You might even want to go a step further and blow-dry your tresses to highlight and frame your shoulders, collarbones, and neck. A textured bob is sweet and edgy, who wouldn’t like that?

Another option is to go for the princess vibe with long retro waves. Long, smooth and wavy curls flowing down to spill over the shoulders; the perfect accompaniment to a dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Hairstyles For V-Neck Dress

This here is a dress that likes to sit on the fence. V-neck dresses are 50% sexy and 50% cool, so you should choose a hairstyle that follows that vibe. If your V-neck dresses is plunging, an updo hairstyle will pack an extra punch.

Otherwise, half-up, half-down hairstyles with your tresses cascading behind you are the perfect styles for this kind of dress. To achieve this look, your hairstylist can start by applying some smoothing cream to your tresses while they are still wet. Then blow drying comes next until the natural texture of your hair is reached. It could be curly, straight, or anywhere in-between.

The final step involves packing your hair back and away from your face and pulling it together in a twist, a half bun or braids, whichever one works for you. Finally, the other half can then be allowed to flow down your back. To add a soft and feminine finishing touch, your hairdresser can pull out a couple of tendrils in front.

Another fabulous hairstyle option for your V-neck dress is to part your hair to one side of your face. This gives a side-swept look that seems to be made for your V-neck dress. You can even add some curls and braids to take it to an even higher level.

Do you want to look like you could hold your own in a board meeting and keep it real on the dance floor? You have to visit your favorite salon to get this low-key, yet well put-together look for your V-neck dress: braids and top knot. Adding classy half-up half-down top knot elevates this look. Any of these hairstyles combined with a V-neck dress will make you stand out in any crowd.

Hairstyles for High-Necked Dresses

High-necked dresses are made in such a way as to wrap around the neck. Turtlenecks and some types of halter tops fall into this category. For this type of neckline, you might want to show off the details of the dress and not cover them up. To do this, an updo is the perfect option. The type of updo you choose now depends on whether you want to dress down the entire look or elevate it. You can consult your hairstylist to help you make a decision. The one important point to take away here, though, is that for turtleneck dresses, updo hairstyles are the best.

If you have short hair, you could just wear it down, maybe blow dry it a bit to give it that extra bounce. For longer hair, you can go for a nice updo with either a central, or side part, or no part at all for that matter. Your hairstylist can help make the decision on what type of parting will work for you.

If bold is what you want, you can do bold all by yourself with your halter neck dress. For a bold look, a high or mid ponytail will do nicely. You can pair it with bold makeup, bold statement piece earrings and a bold dress. To add a feminine touch, your hairstylist might want to add some wispy bangs to the look. Perfection!

Another updo style that can elevate your look is the fishtail braided updo. This updo works for any type of high-necked dress, from those with geometric necklines to soft and lacy.

Hairstyles For a Halter Dress

This is one look that you will definitely want a visit to your hairstylist to nail. Dresses with halter necks have a loop top that is made to wrap around the neck. They can look very good on you if you have a long neck. But the question is, which hairstyle would work best for this type of neckline?

If you have short hair, a sleek bob would be perfect for your halter dresses. Do you have hair that is longer than chin length, maybe even reaching shoulder length? Then you should consider a low bun or big curls. It is all about the halter in this case, the more visible it is, the better

Also, a milkmaid braided updo goes with this neckline like butter with bread. This hairstyle keeps the hair away from your neckline. You can have a session with your hairstylist to figure out which milkmaid style would best fit you.

If vintage is the look you are going for, there are quite a few vintage dresses that have halter necklines. You can pair these vintage dresses beautifully with an elegant vintage updo. It will really pull the look together!

Hairstyles For Round And Square Necklines

Dresses with round and square necklines have a way of accentuating your shoulders in a soft, flattering way. These kinds of dresses also usually come with different kinds of sleeves, from cap to long and short sleeves. These dresses have a way of drawing attention away from the neckline to make room for elaborate designs in other parts of the dress. So different hairstyles can work depending on the type of round or square neck dress you have.

As a rule of thumb, simple, flowing hairstyles are the best for these types of necklines. Ones that incorporate clips, braids or twists. Wearing your hair pulled away from your face is the best way to rock a dress with a round or square neckline. If you do happen to have short hair, then definitely go for a pixie look.

To get that pixie look, your hairdresser is your first call. You can have them put gel on your hair and have it blow-dried using a hairbrush. Make sure your hair is brushed in one direction while blow-drying. When the drying is done, styling wax can be used to add finishing touches to the look. To complete the look, sweep the hair at the sides of your head to the back. Then separate the bangs along the front of your forehead, twirling them every which way. It adds a nice touch.

Hairstyles For Off-Shoulder Dresses

Off-shoulder dresses can be sexy, sassy and show off your collarbones in a sultry way. If you are going for a romantic look, then you have to play it up. You can do this by having your hairstylist give you two braids, one running down either side of your face. But, if it is a sleek and sexy off-the-shoulder gown, you should go for a bushy ponytail or a soft up-do.

You can also have a side-swept hair done. It pairs beautifully with off-shoulder dresses, especially ones that are asymmetrical. Finally, if you want to wear your hair down, let the hair flow down your back.


There you have it. An exhaustive look into which hairstyles complement which types of dresses and necklines. Matching the proper hairstyle to the right dress is actually more simple than it might seem. You only have to understand some tips and also make your hairstylist your friend. To make things even easier, there is a platform that can help you make these kinds of decisions about your hair styling a lot easier.

The Goumin app is a hair stylist appointment app. It connects you with the best salons and barbershops in your area. You can choose the best hair stylists in your area by checking reviews and customer ratings in-app. This is to help you make the best decision. You also get to schedule appointments, pay for your sessions and choose hairstyles even before you enter the salon. It is a full service app that takes care of all your hair needs. Finding the perfect hairstyle for your dress just got super easy.

You can get started today by downloading the Goumin app.

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