How To Style Short Hair

Today, short hairstyles are more in style than ever. Short hair is not only easy to maintain, but also very trendy. Many celebrities keep showing off their new short haircuts. Many women are joining the trend.

In fact, some have an itch to cut our hair shorter every month. From there, we go to Pinterest for inspiration on the trendiest looks for short hair, and consider making a big change. Some dare to go with a bold pixie, while others feel more comfortable with an elegant lob. But no matter your preference, many celebrities keep encouraging us to try out awesome short hairstyles for women.

Another good thing about short hair is the sheer versatility it offers. There are so many options when it comes to styling short hair. Plus, you can still try out trendy styles. This includes playing with texture and incorporating hair accessories.

But how short is ideal? How do you even layer a short hair style? What kind of styling can you work with? Well, taking the plunge into short hair styling requires a lot of courage. Depending on your original hair length, it often heralds a complete change in your look.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about how to style short hair.

Remember this Before Going for the Chop

Short hair often seems to be low maintenance; but, it has to be styled on a daily basis. If you’re having a bad hair day, putting your hair in a bun is no longer an option. Still, the styling effort is usually worth it, and when you get a good cut, it should be easy to manage. As a tip, if you want to keep the short look easy and quick to style, the cut needs to be as precise as possible. Getting regular trims every 4 to 6 weeks is mandatory.

There are a few golden rules for every short haircut. First, after washing, you should always apply heat protection. Applying texturizing styling products and gel can give it more hold and grip. But, only use small amounts of gel or wax. Otherwise, you risk making your hair look stiff. A good idea is to stick to a hazelnut-sized amount of the product of your choice to give your hair a natural finish.

How To Choose A Short Hair Style

When choosing your cut, the first thing you want to do is consider your face type. Are you heart-shaped, oval, or angular? An oval face can easily get away with almost any kind of short haircut. The rest of the shapes need to consider how the cut can flatter their features best.

If you have a round face and want it to look slimmer, look for cuts that elongate and frame the face. A good example is a short cut with thinned out feathery bangs and long side sections. Side swept, layered bangs will flatter round or wide faces. The bangs should fall softly, to provide a good sense of balance to flatter the fairly broad or strong facial features. The best way to flatter heart-shaped faces is with short haircuts that have a lot of volume at the top. This creates an illusion of a wider chin, thereby creating harmony to the hair and face.

How To Style Short Hair

Forget the rollers and the round brush. You can actually style most short haircuts with your fingers alone. A proper flat-paddle brush will work well for the sleek styles, since the hair tends to cling onto the scalp. You can use the paddle brush while you blow-dry your hair. This will enhance the luster of your hair and won’t add unmanageable volume. You can also style on the fly using a skeleton brush with widely spaced bristles. The brush can also give your hair structure and some bounce.

Wax or Gel?

Wet gel, wax, gel wax, and styling lotion pomade are the ideal tools for sculpting short hair. Before settling on a product, you should decide on the styling details you want. Do you want a soft, dewy look? You can apply a little wax, gel wax, or pomade. These products contain several different conditioning oils. This can give your hair an alluring luster without making it rigid.

Apply a small amount of the product and work it through the hair with your hands from the base. As mentioned, avoid using too many styling products. Start with a pea-sized amount, as it will give you the option to add a little more later on. If you apply too much, consider shampooing to get them off.

Styling gels and waxing gels typically work well if you prefer the drenched beach look. They also work if you want your hair to stand up from your head a bit more. Both gels are available in different varieties from ultra-rigid to soft hold. You can find the details on the product description.


Short haircuts with long covering hair require good volume to look great. Hair spray, mousse, or powder will help to create bounce and volume without weighing your hair down. Ensure that you apply the product near the hair roots where it’s needed most to create the bounce. Volumizing products usually come in many different versions. This includes color-treated, over-processed, oily, and normal hair. Choose a product based on the structure of your hair and your conditioning needs. Normally, short hair doesn’t need more than a dollop, about half the size of a tennis ball.


Hair spray will help give your short hairstyle a sophisticated finish. It will keep your hair looking neat for a long period of time, and also protect it from the damaging UV rays. Make sure you spray from a distance of about 8 inches (20 cm) to make the spray settle on your hair as a very fine mist. As a tip, use hair spray before you work a little wax through your hair.

15 Inspiration Ideas For How To Style Short Hair

1. Short and Sleek

A short bob is the ultimate trend for a chic cool-girl. It’s the easiest style for those with naturally straight hair. You can still rock a sleek short bob if you have wavy or curly hair, but it will need a bit more upkeep. The secret to achieving a short, straight style without losing body is using a heat protectant spray. This spray should contain smoothing properties. It should also be applied before you use a straightener, regardless of your hair type. The heat activated polymers contained in most smoothing sprays will work to seal in hydration. This will prevent damage and dryness, and also reduce the drying time.

2. Piecey Pixie

If you have a pixie cut, you can punk it up using a product that adds shine and dimension to your hair. To achieve this look, blow-dry or brush dry hair out smooth. Then, lightly mist it with your favorite Mist Oil and style it using your hands. Try to break it up by twisting individual strands. This can help your hair reflect light and enhance its color. This method is ideal for color-treated or damaged hair.

3. Side cut

Unlike an undercut, the side cut has one very short side. The other side is kept longer, and is styled asymmetrically. The result is a dramatic, stylish look that maintains a casual vibe thanks to the short-cropped area.

4. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut exploded into the scene in 2017. It’s a polarizing cut that requires some serious courage to pull off; after all, it’s a super short cut. But it’s worth it. No other cut can garner the kind of attention that this one can. Be sure to check out the top of your head before going for it. There’s a general prerequisite for this cut; you need to have the “perfect” head shape, without dents or scars.

5. Mushroom

A mushroom cut will give you a young, playful look. You can keep your hair from looking too geometric and rigid by layering and using soft side bangs. This short haircut usually fits many types of faces. But, it should be avoided by those with round faces because the style will only make the face appear wider.

6. Spiky Hair

This is a short haircut. It’s characterized by short sides and much longer and layered upper lengths. The cut will give off a strong casual vibe, especially when the long section is styled roughly. As a tip, use a matte-finish wax to style the look and achieve a much cooler look.

7. Short, Layered Cut

This layered pixie cut is particularly suitable for women with delicate and fine facial features. It’s elegant and modern at the same time. Feathered short bangs and soft side bangs work very well with this haircut.

8. Curly Pixie

This is a cheeky and feminine style where the bangs are kept short and the sides a little longer. This way, the sides can be styled loosely around the ears so the face can be framed elegantly. This cut is great for women with natural curls or waves. After washing your hair, apply a small amount of hair mousse and then blow dry using a diffuser. As you do so, loosen your locks with your fingertips.

As a big volume style, it suits women with heart shaped faces. If you’re looking to recreate a big volume quiff, work a generous amount of volume powder through your hair. Gently tease the hair and fix it with spray. This style will look best with straight, smooth hair. Wavy or curly hair should be prepped using a flat iron.

10. Cropped Bob

This is a sophisticated look that suits women who prefer a minimalist style. Ideally, it’s a precise cut that features clean contours. The hair has to have some fullness to have the cut falling and flowing well. It’s especially hot right now in metallic nuances such as copper red or bright platinum. Bangs can be about the same length as the other hair or shorter.

11. Short and Curly

Yes, women with curls can wear their hair short. Natural, wild looks are actually really trendy. One good thing about a short haircut for women with curly hair is that your curls will look even better when they’re short. The lesser the weight, the more bounce you get. As a tip, ask your hairdresser for more advice on the kind of cut that will suit you best. Then, you will have an easy time styling it.

12. The Undercut

This is perfect for those girls who don’t mind getting extra attention. The look is usually the most dramatic when the sides are only shaved off two fractions of an inch. Hair at the top of your head will be significantly longer, and it can be styled however you want. The top part will look best if the roots have plenty of volume. You can boost your roots by applying some volume powder and then combing your hair backwards. This cut works well on women with curly or wavy hair.

13. Blunt Bob and Bangs

This is the archetypal “French Girl” look, and is more about hair care than hair styling. Do you want to get that genuine “I woke up like this” vibe? If so, show your hair all the love it needs before you even reach for any tools. A deep repair and conditioner treatment should soften and hydrate even the most damaged, dry, and color treated hair, to restore the shine. From there on you can air dry or use a straightener to smooth out the ends.

14. Gatsby Glam

This is a short, just-undone-enough style that gives out a major 21st century flapper vibe. It’s classy, classic, and cool, with slight waves and edgy layers.

15. Slicked Back

A well-done wet look is always timeless. But, it can be quite product heavy and time-consuming with long hair going halfway down your back. With less hair on your head, it’s easy to control and smooth out the look without using half a bottle of gel. To get this look, wait until your hair is half dry. Then, start twisting your strands from the hairline to the back in small section using an oil gel. As the hair dries, these twists will loosen up but stay closer to the scalp, giving a fresh-out-of-the-shower look.

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