Your nails are so important. You don’t want to get your hair done, your makeup just right, designer clothes and then have your nails look left out. It is embarrassing. Well done nails make you look elegant and classy.

Although there are different nail types and styles, this post will focus on stiletto nails and how you can rock them perfectly.

What Are Stiletto Nails?

Stiletto nails are named after a long, pointy fashion staple: stiletto heels. Stiletto nails are nails that have been carefully cut on the sides and sculpted into a smooth, thin point with the tips taking the shape of a triangle. They are usually very long and look awesome, especially when they’re painted.

There is a lot of confusion between almond and stiletto nails. A lot of nail lovers think they are the same thing. Well, they aren’t. Stilettos are fierce and charming.

Almond vs. Stiletto Nails: What Is The Difference?

One of the differences between almond and stiletto nails is that almond nails are more rounded at the sides and tip. They’re also shorter than stiletto nails. Second, almond nails are usually more practical than stiletto nails. Almond nails look like almonds while stilettos appear sharper and look long and pointy, like stiletto heels. You cannot go wrong with either, as they are both really nice and similar in style.

How Much Do Stiletto Nails Cost?

If you are wondering if stiletto nails cost a lot, you can relax. Stilettos won’t cost you more than what you’d spend on other nail styles like almond or ballerina. But, there are few factors that come into play when looking at the final cost. You have to consider the kind of nails you want, whether it’s shellac, acrylic or gel nails. What kind of embellishments or art do you want? It will also depend on the salon you visit. The price ranges from as low as 35 dollars to as high as 100 dollars. It is best to be upfront about your budget with your technician so they can give you the best service based on your budget. Yes, they are an extra expense to your beauty routine. But they’re totally worth it as they are really cute and can make a difference in your look.

Getting It Right

Stiletto nails are cute and all, but they are only as good as the nail technician handling it. It is important to have your nails look their best, you don’t want just anyone doing experiments on your nails. The first thing you want to do is get the Goumin app and connect with an experienced nail technician that can deliver a great job.

Then, you need to talk to your nail technician and explain what you are trying to achieve. Communication is key here. Let them know what you want and the kind of look you are trying to rock. How long are you looking to keep them on? Do you want it for a show or an event? Just be clear on what you want from the beginning.

Important Things To Know About Stilettos Nails

There is no doubt that these nails are quite daring and not everyone is up to the challenge. They have never failed to rise to the occasion: cocktail, business luncheon, photo shoot, you can’t go wrong with it.

  • Stilettos are a definite show stopper. If you are bold and enjoy being in the spotlight then this peculiar nail shape is definitely for you.
  • They are the most likely to break. Filed to a sharp point, it doesn’t really come as a surprise, so while rocking stilettos you have to be quite careful. It is also important to use durable products to achieve the shape and reduce its tendency to break. Gel and acrylic nails are highly recommended.
  • It takes some getting used to. Your regular day to day routines like writing, typing on your phone, and holding cutlery might be hard to get around at first. But don’t worry, it gets easier with time.
  • An experienced technician is a must. Since this nail shape is uncommon, you need a professional to get the appropriate shape.
  • Stilettos can either be short or long. Short stilettos are usually the preferred option but you want to be careful with this so it doesn’t end up looking like claws because of the pointy tips. Longer stilettos are a daring choice, the longer, the more daring.
  • Some sources claim that black stilettos are the most popular stiletto nail type. Regardless, whether glossy polish or matte, feel free to explore a wide range of colors.
  • Stilettos usually last as long as your other nails. Again, it all depends on the nail type used and how well your technician does it. You can always find the best nail technician near you on the Goumin app.
  • Press on stiletto nails are also available if you don’t want to wear them for longer than is necessary. They’re also a good option if you don’t have the time or patience to spend an hour or two at the salon but still want to rock these glamorous nails.
  • Usually the method of removing stilettos depends on the type of nails used. Normally it involves soaking the nails in nail removal liquid and rubbing them off with a cotton pad. It is advisable to go to the salon to have them removed properly to avoid damage to your natural nail.

Trendy Stiletto Nail Designs You Can Rock

  1. Black Stiletto Nails: As stated earlier, black nail polish on stiletto nails is always a hit. Especially if you are going for an on edge look. Matte black stiletto nails are especially stunning and best of all they are not choosy. Add some glitter or nail art for some pop and you are ready to go.
  2. White: Just as the black is all edgy, white stiletto nails are quite the opposite. If you are opting for a more modest, calm look, then white will work well. This option is great for official functions. White stilettos are very classy but still mild enough that it doesn’t look too flamboyant.
  3. Ombre Stilettos: This color gradation is just adorable. Plus, the long length creates enough room for the Ombrè to really take form. From sunset pallets to bold colors mixes to nudes, you can hardly go wrong with this. Pick your two favorite colors, maybe a pastel purple and pink, a fluorescent or whatever else, then watch your technician do the magic.
  4. Glitter: Glitter, glitter, glitter! This is the rave these days. It’s very eye-catching, with all the sparkle. These are great for all formal occasions, weddings, birthdays and girls’ night out. You can go full on glitter or partial. Glitter on stiletto nails can be quite a formidable combination. But the effects are well worth it for that super glam look.
  5. French Tip Stiletto Nails: French nails are an ever-green style. With stilettos, they can take on a whole new dimension. With different tip shapes, to different colors, the effects of this classic on the stiletto can be interesting. Feel free to mix and match, try something new, after all there are no rules, just make sure you do you.
  6. Nude Stiletto Designs: These are really cute and mellow, especially if you are really girly. There are so many shades of nude to pick from it’s almost dizzying. You can get them in matte, create an ombre, glitter them, gloss them up, and do cute little nail art on them. Best of all they are not picky at all and go with almost any outfit. The possibilities are endless.
  7. Nail Art: The world of nails has evolved so much. Now you can create patterns, have intricate little paintings, character stickers and so many other wonderful nail decorations to jazz up your nails. On stilettos, nail art can be so much fun. The great thing about it is that there is so much variety, so if u are going for classy, cute, girly, or tough there is always something for you.
  8. Festive Stiletto Nails: It’s great to join in the holiday spirit. With red nail polish and some holly stickers your nails are as Christmassy as they get. Put some frosting on and they’ll be calling you Santa! For Halloween, put some glitter on your black stiletto gel nails, get on your broom and go girl. Whatever the occasion, your nails are not left out. Instead they stand out, making you the star of the occasion.
  9. Summer Stiletto Nails: Think of fairies and pixie dust. Oranges, green leaves, sunsets, and pink rose petals! Let your imagination run wild. Stilettos are great for themes. Pick a decent color or two and see what comes out.
  10. Matte Stiletto Nails: This is always a great choice when it comes to stilettos. Matte polish has steadily been gathering steam and is quite popular. It gives you a fierce, bold look. The matte look is simply breathtaking.
  11. Red Stiletto Nails: Yes, red, as if the nails aren’t bold enough. If you are going to do it, go all the way. Let the world know you are confident and you are not afraid to stand out and be you to the fullest.
  12. Gold and Silver Stiletto Nails: This is always a show stopper. Gold and silver stilettos nails are great for proper black tie events. It adds that glamorous touch to any outfit.
  13. Marble Stiletto Nails: Marble nails is a nail art technique that involves dropping nail polish into clear water to create interesting patterns. These patterns are then transferred to the nail. There are various techniques used to achieve marble nails with all kinds of peculiar results. Combining marble art and stilettos is a sure way to get a very unique design.

There, that’s all you need to know about stiletto nails. They are bold, beautiful, and make a solid fashion statement. Remember, your nail designs and styles are only as good as the nail technician.

The Goumin App

If you want the best, you simply have to work with the best technician. The Goumin app is home to many experienced and professional nail technicians. You can chat with selected professionals, book appointments and make payments all within the app. It’s really that easy! Download the app and connect with the best technician near you.

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Chapter 5 – Trendy Stiletto Nail Designs You Can Rock

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