Asians are well known for their full and thick head of hair. They are the envy of people from other places in the world because their hair is so gorgeous and sleek. With hair like that, you have a lot of options when it comes to hairstyles. This is why whenever a new hairstyle hits the barbershop circuits, the first set of people you will see in line are usually Asian men.

As an Asian guy, you get to have a free pass for almost all hairstyles. This is especially true if you have access to a great hairstylist. With haircut apps, finding a great barbershop near you has become quite easy. At the press of a button, you can book appointments with your barber. The Goumin app is one barber app that you might want to check out. It is the perfect companion for stylish guys that need to have their hair game always tight.

Perfect Hairstyles For The Stylish Asian Man

Asian men are born with straight and thick hair. Asians are some of the most adventurous people you will meet in the entire world when it comes to their hair. Clearly, the luscious hair of Asian men makes it easy for them to go with hairstyles most other people cannot pull off. Many take advantage of this to the fullest extent, sometimes going full-blown crazy with their hair.

As an Asian guy, if you are interested in learning about some of the coolest hairstyles you can rock for different occasions, here are some styles you might like and want to try out:

Asian Undercut

The Asian undercut is a really popular haircut among Asian guys right now. It is a hairstyle that emphasizes your long hair. It also keeps your hair volume low for easy maintenance. This haircut features really short hair on the sides, leaving long hair on the top of your head.

The great thing about the Asian undercut is that there are several variations to it. Generally, the undercut makes its appearance with high hair on the sides, which is then trimmed down to the same length.

Now you have the option of asking your barber to give you a fade while trimming the sides. This hairstyle is known as the Asian fade undercut. There are many Asian Fade hairstyles to pick depending on the vibe you want to give off. Whether you want to look modern and edgy or professional and classy, you are covered. For instance, the low fade is the undercut hairstyle of choice for professionals. It makes you look classy without showing too much scalp. The low fade can be your go-to undercut hairstyle.

The high fade, on the other hand, gives real cool, funky guy vibes. The fade here starts just below the hair on the top of your head and blends quickly with the scalp. This type of undercut draws your focus to the hair above. It is a great hairstyle for college guys and young men with little time to fuss over their hair.

Another variation is the disconnected undercut. This one features an obvious contrast in length. There is no fade hair, the hair on top of the head is kept long, but the sides are shaved almost all the way down. This particular one might not work for every hair type. You will need a particularly full head of hair for this to work for you. You could even add another level of style by making it curly. That would really give you the best beach vibes, try it and see.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is probably the most common short hairstyle for men of all nationalities. It is an easy enough hairstyle to make and it works for almost all looks. But this haircut will particularly work for you if you have strong facial features. It helps you amplify your jawline and cheekbones.

The one disadvantage of this hairstyle is that it does not give many opportunities for you to style your look in different ways. It is kind of a one-trick pony. It is basically too short to be versatile, so you will have to keep the same look all the time. But if you want to give yourself more styling options, you might have to go for a longer crew cut with fades at the sides.

Spiked Hair

This hairstyle is one that Asian guys pull off particularly well. Due to the nature of their hair, it makes it easy to go spiked. The mantra is, go spiked or go home. With just about 3-4 inches of hair on top of your hair, you can create a spiked look that will make you stand out.

Of course, there are several styles you can experiment with if you are considering getting a spiked haircut. If your hair is thinner on the top, you might want to consider getting a soft spiked look. This look features short sides with a wavy, softly spiked mop of hair at the top. You will need the help of your barber with this look. It is easy, but it is a bit technical and starts with towel drying your hair after washing. Then your barber applies a small amount of wax or clay using the fingertips. Single strands of hair are then teased to form soft spikey peaks.

You could also go with a casual spike. This might look quite ordinary, and you would probably not stand out in a crowd. But then that in itself is a cool look, the low-key stylish dude.


Here is a fancy hairstyle that looks like something from the future. It has this gravity-defying look because of the way it is piled atop the head without falling. Here is another situation where your favorite haircut app can be invaluable to you. You can sign in to your Goumin app to get the right barber to give you this look.

To get the look, your barber will have to give your hair a quick blowout. Some of the hair can then be teased to give some height to the look. The next thing to do is comb your hair from front to the back to give that fluffy and huge pomp. Finally, to help the voluminous hair to defy gravity, apply a generous amount of hairspray. Voila! You have your pompadour on.

Side Bang

Side bangs are an interesting way to spice up your hair game. The hairstyle is stylish and can be rocked by lots of guys, young and old. The style is characterized by an asymmetric line of hair hanging down the forehead. The line of hair is not straight, one side is usually longer than the other.

To complete this interesting look, the top hair is kept longer and brushed forward to add that extra volume. To make this look even cooler, you should keep the sides of the bangs shorter than the crown.

Long Flowing Hair

The grunge movement in the early part of the nineties made the long flowing hairstyle a thing. This hairstyle has waxed and waned in popularity since then. But nowadays, there is still a place for long flowing hair amongst Asian men.

Although few men would feel okay sporting long hair, it is actually more comfortable than you might think. It is an effortless yet stylish look. You could even make it look a bit untidy to give you that grungy, slightly unkempt look. This can actually make you look very handsome in a rusty kind of way. But of course, like most things that have to do with appearance, it needs to be done well. Long flowing hair is great for young guys, older men, professionals, and entertainers. Whatever your occupation, it does not matter, you can rock this hairstyle well.

If you want an even edgier look, you can ask your barber to give you an undercut. You cannot go wrong with this classic hairstyle. You need to get on the Goumin app to find that barber to give you that perfect long flowing haircut.

Top Ponytail and Shaved Sides

This is an interesting hairstyle that is perfect for trendy and brave guys. To achieve this look, you only need to shave the sides of your head all the way around leaving the middle long. This can now be packed together and tied in a ponytail. This is a very low maintenance and easy to manage hairstyle. It is a kind of pack and go hairstyle, no need for rigorous maintenance and such.

Are you always busy and don’t have much time to look after your hair but still want your hair to look good? Then this is the hairstyle for you.

Comb Over

This hairstyle right here is one of the hottest Asian hair trends around the world at the moment. The comb over fade and the undercut comb are variations of this hairstyle that have become fan favorites.

A comb-over is one of those double-action hairstyles that can look right at home in the boardroom and also not look out of place at a party. You can make it look however you want. What really makes the difference in how this hairstyle makes you look is the way you cut and style it.

For a more professional vibe, you can go for a low fade comb-over. This gives you that timeless, classy, old money vibe. It’s perfect for cocktail hour at your favorite club. If you want to go a bit more funky and edgy, you can choose an undercut comb-over with a hard part. What if you want to split the difference and go right down the middle? You will be served well by a medium fade or undercut fade. This one helps you lessen the weight of your hair and gives you the freedom to try different styles. Whichever one you decide to go for, whether it is the long or short hair comb-over. You will be glad you did.

Slick Back

Asian slick back hair is a very popular hair trend and it has evolved over the years. You might think this hairstyle only involves combing your hair back, you might think it is boring. But many Asian men have discovered new ways to make this basic hairstyle something incredibly stylish.

Here is another opportunity to make use of the awesome barbers you can find on the Goumin app. All you need to tell your barber is that you want to get a slick back fade or slick back undercut. Also, if you need some options, you can keep the sides of your head short. This provides you with the option of easily switching between a slick back, comb over, and pomp.

To get the classic slick back look, make sure your barber uses a powerful pomade with a high degree of shine. Then have your hair combed back to give that high gloss and sleek finish. Alternatively, if you are in the mood for a more textured and low-key look, you can go for a matte hair product. You can get a more natural look with this, comb it back as before and run your hand through.

The Quiff

The quiff is another one of those hairstyles that transcends generations of men. It is also a great hairstyle for Asian men because of their straight and full hair. The quiff can be styled in several ways. One of which is having either short or long hair on top paired with faded sides.

The great thing about a quiff is that you can style the hair on top of the head any way you want. You can decide to make it into spikes or  have a version of slick back hair. Quiff is also a relatively easy hairstyle to achieve. All your barber would need is styling cream. Asian hair might prove to be a little stubborn for something as mild as styling cream. So, you might have to go for a heavy-duty product instead.

Now the many hairstyles you can rock with your full, straight, Asian hair have been exhaustively discussed. So, it is a good idea to also talk about the best way to get these hairstyles. The Goumin app is the way to go.

Goumin App, Your Perfect Haircut App

The Goumin app is a haircut app that connects you to the coolest barbers and hairstylists in your area. You can read customer reviews and even compare ratings right on the app. You can view portfolio photos from the stylists registered on the platform. Basically, you are given all the information you need to make the best decision about your barber.

Getting a great haircut has never been this easy. With the Goumin app, you can turn a visit to your barbershop into an experience you won’t soon forget. If you haven’t, now is the right time to sign up and start talking with barbers.

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