The winter is almost upon us. It is time to go searching for that fabulous and low maintenance hairstyle that will keep you slaying through the cold months. Winter comes with its own set of rules. Creating a beauty regimen that works throughout the season could sometimes be hard.

Winter has been known to be especially hard on hair. This is why you should consider a low maintenance hairstyle that also makes a statement. One that says, I am here and I am fabulous. Finding a natural hair stylist or any kind of hairstylist for that matter to work that winter magic on your hair could be trying to say the least.

Not to worry though, there is a way to make that process easy and convenient for you. But more on that later. One of the best hairstyles that can work for you this winter is Ombre. Ombre hairstyles look pretty good, and require little maintenance. Even your favorite celebrities are sporting ombre looks.

What else are you waiting for? Let us get you “ombred” up.

But first, what exactly is the ombre hairstyle?

Ombre Hairstyles, What Exactly Is It?

Ombre is an interesting word that originated from the French Language. It means shaded or shading. The ombre hairstyle is a kind of hair color that forms in gradients. The roots are dark, all the way down to the middle of the hair, then it gets lighter towards the tips. This kind of hairstyle could be colorful and change your entire look. This colorful hairstyle is achieved using a process called the balayage technique.

The Balayage Technique

You have probably spotted celebrities with bouncy, beautifully colored hair that looks a lot like molten gold. Yeah, that is the balayage technique in action. The balayage technique is a way to give your hair perfect sun-kissed highlights. Balayage is also a French word that refers to the process of sweeping or painting color into your hair. It works on all hair types, regardless of your natural color or hair length.

If you want great looking hair that needs very little maintenance, then this color process is for you. It is done through an interesting freehand process which involves adding highlights to your hair in waves. When done well, it adds dimension to your hair color, making it look natural. In fact, it looks like you spent some time bronzing yourself in the sun, well without all the UV damage.

When going through the balayage process, the hairdresser works in the highlight color gently. The roots don’t get so much of the color, which is why they remain dark. This is also what creates the color gradient from the root down to the tips. The color is then worked down each strand of hair, saturating more of the hair the farther down it goes. By the end of the strand, the hair is fully saturated with the product, giving the hair the lightest color at the tip. When done well, the hair sports lovely graduation of color from dark to light. It makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

This winter, ombré hairstyles could take your look from mundane to fabulous in a heartbeat. Now you know how your hairstylist could give you the coolest ombré style this season. You simply have to find a hair salon that works for you. Then decide which styles will be most suitable.

Here are some of the cool ombré hairstyles that you can choose from this season.

Ombré Hairstyles For The Chic Lady This Winter

Ombré hairstyles are arguably the top hair color trend this year. The trend has gone supernova all across the world. Celebrities are sporting Ombré hairstyles. Even school teachers and bankers are getting a piece of it. It is classy, chic, simple, and easy to maintain. It’s got everything every lady wants in a hairstyle and then some. If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle this winter, look no further. You have a whole line of ombré styles to choose from, check some of them out:

Honey, Honey, Where are you?

Seeing those gorgeous waves of honey-colored hair flowing down someone’s head is enough to go book an appointment with your hairstylist right away. Bright summer highlights are giving way to rich and deep honey lowlights. Beyoncé and JLo think this ombré style is cool, so you are in good company. If you go for this style, you are sure to come out with a warm and rich hair color that has a textured balance of dark brown and vibrant blond. Honey-colored ombré hairstyles work for all skin tones. From the sweet brown caramel of Beyoncé to light and rich cream of JLo. You sure will be happy with the results.

Blond, Bright, and Happy

Already blond? Go even blonder and brighter this winter with bright blond ombré color styles. Create your own miniature sun around your head, that is, if the one up above isn’t cooperating during the winter months. This style is sure to add a splash of brightness to your look. Kristen Bell sure agrees.

Keep It Dark, Keep it Chocolatey

This hairstyle looks so good; you could eat it up during the long winter days and months. Brunettes could get a lot more dimension on their hair by going with darker tones. Dark chocolate brown is a good one. Especially when it’s complemented with sandy brown highlights. Perfection! Priyanka Chopra anyone?

Deep Copper

Take your ginger hair to another level this winter. Elevate your red hair with rich copper and burgundy red undertones. Either your hair is in long shoulder-length waves or cut in a stylish bob. You will look really good with this cool ombré tone.

Bright Amber

Keep your brunette hair exciting throughout the winter months. All you have to do is visit your hairstylist and get amber and honey ombré highlights. This gives you a golden look that helps you slay winter, all day long. This is not a look you want to sleep on if you are a brunette.

Deep Espresso

Get some sable brown ombré highlights this season to have that clean, sultry look. It works with whatever type of hair you have. Straight, curly, short, long, go about twinning with your coffee order, you won’t regret it.

Auburn and Proud

You can take a trip on the road less traveled this winter and go with deep auburn ombré color highlights. No blonde to be found anywhere. Hair highlights that do not have any light hair colors create a feel that is soft, polished, and rich. It just works. Join the likes of Rihanna in this no-blonde look.

Go Coral Or Go Home

This ombré color style is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It is big, bright, and bold. it will make you visible from a kilometer away, in foggy weather too. You will be the center of attention in every room you walk into. Let your hairstylist work with these vibrant orange, yellow, red and pink tones to give your ombré highlights some life. Give your hair some extra oomph this winter with this snazzy coral look. Bonnie McKee wears it so well.

Pale Blonde

Pale blonde ombré hues with dark roots are the real deal this winter. It makes you stand out from the crowd. This ombré look is perfect for you if you have straight hair. Khloe Kardashian thinks it is cute too.

Sultry Grey Ombré

Grey is such an unusual color to add to your hair but in this particular case, it works like a charm. This sexy ombré style has a dark chocolate color at the roots. It then gets progressively lighter, passing through a lovely shade of brown in the middle. Then towards the tips the color transitions to pale grey. Those waves of color wash down your hair, catching the light in interesting ways. There are very few ombre hairstyles that are as sexy as this.

Naturally Grey And Proud

To think that women hide their grey locks because it is seen as a sign of aging. This ombré look celebrates your gray hair and makes it the star of the show. Add some subtle dark-colored waves to this all grey ombré look and you have a winner. Be proud of your grey locks and look great in this ombré look all at the same time.

Advantages Of Sporting An Ombré Style This Winter

The ombré hair coloring technique has become very popular with stylish ladies. Hairdressers love it. As mentioned earlier, the smooth color gradient that ombré styles are known for is achieved by the balayage technique. This technique is a favorite of hairstylists because it comes with quite a few cool advantages.

Works For All Types Of Hair

First off, the technique can work on anyone’s hair. Straight, curly, long or short. It does not matter, you can get your ombré hair on any time. The balayage technique can give you some freedom with your hair. Your hairstylist can go to town with the highlights, creating different effects with the process. They can make thinning hair appear fuller or transforming greying hairs into something more regal. The technique itself might need more expertise than the common foil technique. But, the final result is definitely worth it.

It Is A Quick Process

The balayage technique is also a pretty quick hair process. Which is something you cannot say very often when talking about anything hair related. You can have a great looking ombré hairstyle in a few hours or less. Although this depends on how thick your hair is and the kind of effect you want. The more complicated the color effect, the longer it would take.

Also, if your ombré hairstyle features multiple colors, it would take more time to get all the colors in. As can be expected, thicker hair generally takes more time to color. A more elaborate highlight might also extend your time in your hairstylist’s chair. But generally, it does take way less time to get ombré highlights than any other type.

It Is Very Low Maintenance

This is probably the most important advantage of going for ombré highlights for your hair. The balayage technique focuses the coloring on parts of the hair away from the roots. This is an important distinction as this is why the hairstyle is so low maintenance.

Since the roots are your natural color, when your hair grows out it just makes the ombré colors look even better. This means that you do not have to go for touch-ups that often. You could even decide to go only a couple of times a year if you want.

The balayage technique is a color process that makes use of chemicals. It is a good idea to use products that keep your hair and colors protected when you wash it. Use shampoos and hair products that are meant for color-treated hair. You can also ask your hairstylist for recommendations on what to use for your particular hair type. You cannot care too much for your hair.

The ombre highlighting technique is a new one but is not the only one. The coloring technique that a lot of hairstylists are used to is the foil technique. How do these highlighting techniques differ from each other?

Ombre Vs Foil

Sometimes, change is a difficult thing to embrace. In this case, it might be more difficult than most. You have been getting your highlights done at your hairstylists for years. The foil technique has been the one used by your hairstylists to give you the results you want. Now there is a new process that promises to give you even more natural-looking highlights. you aren’t sure what to go for the next time you want highlights.

Here are some things you might need to know about the two processes:

– Foils have been used for years and can create great looks. But one disadvantage is that it does not create a very natural look. The hairstylist has to work within the confines of the foils. This, most times, leave streaks in the hair which is a telltale sign of hair colored using the foil technique.

With the ombré coloring technique (balayage), the hairstylist gets to use freehand to apply colors. This helps in blending the colors for that oh so natural look.

– Depending on the kind of style and the type of salon you frequent, the foil process could be quite pricey, compared to the ombré coloring process.

– The final thing to consider here is maintenance. With foil, you might have to get a touch-up, about every 4 weeks or so. This is so the colors can keep up with your growing roots. This is not necessary with ombré colors since the roots were not colored in the first place.

Hair Salon Apps

To find good hair salons these days can be quite tiring. You have to jump through hoops, do some research, and read reviews before you settle on anyone. Even after all the troubles, you might not be sure of what you are getting. Will your new hairstylist treat your hair well? Are they good enough? Are they professional? These are valid questions that you might be asking yourself. The good news is that there are hair salon apps that make finding the perfect hairstylist simple and straightforward.

Goumin is a hair salon app where you can find a hair salon with just a few clicks. Goumin connects users to the best, verified hairstylists and barbershops around. You can view their portfolio, read real reviews about their service, book appointments and pay all within the app. You can even message them directly through the app and send style pictures before you step foot in the salon. Finding the perfect professionals to work on your hair has never been this easy. All you need to do to get started is to download the Goumin app and sign up.


Winter is already here, what better time to get some new highlights than at the start of a new season. Ombré highlights are the new way to look cool with natural-looking waves of color. There are several nice styles that you can choose from this season. A lot of them are the favorite ombré hairstyles of your favorite celebrities. You could never go wrong with any of them. You could choose to go chocolate brown, pale blonde, or shock everyone around you with bold and bright colors like coral. Whatever you choose, be sure to slay throughout the winter.

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Chapter 5 – Ombre Vs Foil

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