Thick, long, luscious, and shiny are just some of the few adjectives that you can use to describe Mexican hair. This type of hair is a beauty to behold and can be molded into various simple and fancy Mexican hairstyles. Some of these haircuts are practical while others are just plain fancy. But what many are is beautiful.

If you are searching for the best hairstyles for your thick, long and dark Mexican hair, then you’re in the right place. You will be learning about several of these hairstyles and how you can make them work for you. The shape of your face and the particular look you are hoping to create also determine the Mexican haircut you should go for. Excited yet? You should be.

It is a tad difficult for Latinas to maintain and manage their hair. But they still find a way to come up with some of the coolest haircuts that you will ever see. Just play your favorite Mexican series or movie and you will see how true this statement is. It really is awesome, right? Let’s find out how to make your hair just as great!

The Best Latina Hairstyles For Women

Okay, now to go deep into the sometimes-confusing world that is Mexican haircuts. Today, Mexican hairstyles are just as varied as American hairstyles for stylish women. Enter into any salon and you will find lots of choices. Short, long, curly, straight hairstyles, you name it.

There are some Mexican women’s hairstyles that are considered traditionally Mexican. Others are just regular hairstyles that are meant to keep those long and thick Mexican tresses under control. Whichever one you choose to go for, it should both be practical and beautiful.

Here are some of the styles that you should consider trying this season:


This is a practical and traditional way that Mexican women tend to wear their hair. Fixing your hair in a long braid down your neck helps to manage your thick hair and keeps it away from your face. You don’t want your hair to get in the way when you have to work.

There are a few style options for you if you are going with traditional braids. You can have your hair parted down the middle and then have the two halves braided in separate strands. This is a fairly popular braiding style for Mexican women. You cannot go wrong with this option.

To create each braid, all you need to do is divide your hair into three even sections. Then cross the section on the right over the middle section and pull tight. The next step is to cross the left section over the newly formed middle section and pull tight again.

Keep following these steps, section over section, until you reach the end of the hair you are braiding. You can add a final classy touch by tying ribbons at the end of the braids. Now that you understand the basic technique for braiding your hair, you can choose the best braid hairstyles for yourself. You can easily ask your favorite hairstylist to create any of the following braid hairstyles:

Low Braided Chignon

This sounds like an exotic French dish right? A low chignon is a bun that is worn at the lower back of your neck. To get this hairstyle, have your hairstylist part your hair in the middle and front of your head. Then braid your hair in a single braid down your back. To finish it off, your hairstylist can coil the braid by wrapping the braid all around itself. This gives you a tight coil at the base of your neck that can then be secured with bobby pins.

If you are feeling adventurous and you have the long hair to pull it off, you can add a little extra to this hairstyle. You can twist the braid in the form of a figure 8 and secure it with bobby pins as you would a chignon. Why go basic when you can go fancy?

High Braided Chignon

This is another traditional Mexican hairstyle which works with almost every look for the stylish woman. To create this Mexican haircut, start by pulling your hair into a ponytail using a rubber band.

You can choose one of two options to create your chignon. The first option is to wrap your ponytail around the rubber band to create a tight coil. Another option is to braid the ponytail and then wrap it into a coil to make a high braided bun. It’s basically the same, except the braided option is a bit neater.

Either way, you should secure the bun with bobby pins. To add an extra Mexican touch, you can decorate your bun with real or fake flowers. Voila, you are ready to rock your traditional Mexican hairdo!

Highlighted Perm

This is one of the more modern and classy hairstyle options for Mexican women. This hairstyle particularly looks amazing for dark Mexican hair. If your hair is not naturally curly, then you will have to get a perm or curl your hair for this hairstyle to work. This hairstyle is also a great way to manage your thick Mexican hair.

To make it even more exciting, you can introduce a bit of color to the look by getting highlights. Highlights at the top of your head look really good for this style. You only have to make sure that you choose a color that compliments you. The rest of your hair can then be styled to fall down your back in romantic waves.


This is the hairstyle of choice for you if you have long hair. It gives you that sexy look that Mexicans are so good at pulling off. A particularly good one is side-swept bangs. To make the look even classier, make sure the rest of your hair is styled into luscious waves.

Many famous female Mexican celebrities have been seen at one point or the other sporting this look. Who wouldn’t want to look like the amazing Jessica Alba?

Straight Hairstyle

Okay, this one seems like a regular hairstyle right? Well, you are right, but even if you have naturally curly hair, you might want to consider going straight. There is just something simple and intensely Mexican about a woman sporting thick, dark, straight hair.

This is one of the sexiest Mexican hairstyles that you can choose. The way the hair cascades in sleek straight lines down your shoulders is a look to die for. But then you need to make sure that you keep your hair neat. Otherwise, you will end up looking ruffled and disheveled. Nobody wants that.

Thick Curls

This is another hairstyle that is a staple of Mexican women. This is for the thick-haired Mexican lady with a sense of style. Have your hairstylist give you thick and neat curls, you are sure to be the center of attention anywhere you go.

Getting highlights is an even nicer way to wear this hairstyle. The combination of light and dark hair on the waves will give you an ethereal look. Have you seen this hairstyle on Demi Lovato? Get in on this quickly; you’ll be glad you did.


It makes sense that an effective way to manage thick and long hair is to cut it short, right? Well, this is where bob haircuts for Latinas shine. It makes it look as if your hair is thinner than it is while not actually losing hair volume.

Add to that the fact that it looks great and works with almost all types of face shapes and you’ve got yourself a winner. The simple decision you have to make is choosing which type of bob will work best for you. Don’t you worry, you can just choose any one of the following styles that you think will be a good fit:

Short Blunt Bob

This is probably the most simple bob style that you can rock. Even though it is simple and easy to create, it is trendy, chic and beautiful. To get your short blunt bob in place, your stylist will need to cut your hair just above the jawline. This is a great hairstyle for you if you have an oval face.

Shoulder Length Bob with Fringe

Now, this is one fancy-looking hairstyle. Let your thick hair be the star of the show with this shoulder-length cut.  Have your stylist give you a choppy shoulder-length cut to make a bob with a fringe. Give it a little extra texture to give it that extra oomph!

Dark Red Graduated Bob

This is the perfect bob haircut for you if you have a round face. It makes your face look elongated. The slicked back straight graduated bob goes all the way to the shoulders and looks absolutely stunning. Now add the deep red color and you have a look straight out of a fashion magazine.

Messy Long Bob

This one puts some class into an otherwise messy look. This bob haircut makes it look like you just came back from skydiving or you only just rolled out of bed. That is, in fact, the whole idea of the look. But it still works.

This bob hairstyle will be perfect for you if you still want to keep your length. You can wear this hairstyle everyday. Whether it’s casual or semi corporate, you’ll have quite a few options to work with.

Disconnected Choppy Wave Bob

This bob haircut is a great one for you if your hair is thick and curly. It could also be perfect for you if your hair becomes frizzy in certain climates. It helps to reduce frizziness and the uneven edges give a rough but classy look.

You do not have to spend much time or effort styling this look. Get in the shower, shake out your damp hair, and you are ready to walk out the door. As you can already tell, you will want this look if you do not have a lot of time to get ready every morning.


When you think about this hairstyle, think of a very hairy dog. Then you have an idea of how it looks. It is messy and literally looks like a dog’s shaggy hair. But it also has this chic and retro look that looks as great as it sounds.

There are of course many types of shag Mexican haircuts that you can choose from. There is a rule of thumb though, the less layers on your shag haircut, the better. Also, a little texture does not hurt. Here are some shag haircuts to consider:

Short Shag

If you want a less dated shag look, this is the choice for you. It is short and shaggy with choppy and blunt layers. Overall, it’s a modern look. Of course, it is perfect for thick and coarse Mexican hair. Blond highlights will add an extra level of style to this look.

Long Shag With Bangs

Okay, this is for you if you are still partial to your long hair but want a shorter and edgy cut. This hairstyle has long and feathered layers. Sprinkle in some highlights, and you are in business.

To get the best results for this look, get those layers in a shaggy drape. Keep it retro by adding a side bang, and some plumping here and there. You will be turning heads right and left.

Medium Length Shag

This particular hairstyle is very good if you have damaged your hair through excessive processing and rough styling. It will give your hair a chance to repair itself.

All the frayed and frazzled edges are cut away; leaving healthy hair that can grow out. The way you go about the actual cutting matters very little. You could have it rough or straight, it all adds to the overall feel of the look. Finish it off with a few highlights at the tips.

You can have your pick from all these awesome hairstyles for your beautiful, thick, long Latina hair. Read through carefully and choose the best style for your hair, face, and style. After choosing the hairstyle that you think will be a perfect fit for you, you’ll need to choose the right hair products.

This is just as important as choosing the right hairstyles. This is especially necessary for the thick and long hair that most Mexican women have. Here are some hair products that you might want to consider using for your thick Latina tresses:

Garnier Sleek and Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In

This is a budget-friendly leave-in conditioner that helps you subdue your sometimes unruly and thick Latina hair. Also, if your hair is frizz-prone, apply this product after your shower and allow it to work its magic. You can get it on Amazon for about $3.

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

This versatile leave-in conditioner is just the perfect product for dry and coarse hair. It is also good at taming curly hair, you cannot go wrong with this one. Another plus is that a single jar contains a lot of product, which could last you a while. You can get this product at Target for about $6.

DevaCurl Arc Angel Gel

This gel provides a really strong hold without the sometimes-annoying crunchiness that comes with max strength gels. This is also a safe product. It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like parabens, silicones, sulfates and so on. You can get this great product at Dermstore for about $24.

Moco de Gorila (Gorilla Snot)

Okay, there is something hilariously weird about putting something named Gorilla Snot on your hair. But then, the icky factor is probably what the makers were going for, a way to set their product apart. Their product is indeed unusual, and they were right, it really does look and feel like snot. As to it looking like Gorilla snot, well you can determine that the next time you meet a Gorilla.

If you can get past the name and texture, it is a great gel for taming thick and stubborn Latina hair. It is also cheap and comes in a huge container.


It has been an exciting deep dive into the interesting world of Mexican hairstyles. Hopefully, now, you can choose which hairstyle to rock with your own particular type of Mexican hair. You can go for short or long hairstyles, curly, shaggy or straight ones, whatever works best. Also, you have a few choices for hair products to use on your Latina hair.

Looking for the best hairstylist near you to help you create your Mexican hairstyle? Get on the Goumin app. Goumin is a haircut app that connects you with the best hair experts in your neighborhood. Once you sign up, you can use the search feature to look for nearby stylists and look at their portfolios. You can chat with them, exchange pictures, book an appointment and pay within the app. Goumin makes getting your perfect hairstyle super convenient.

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