Latinas are some of the most beautiful human beings on the planet, both men and women. It is obvious that a large part of their beauty is attributed to their thick, luxurious, dark and full hair. The truth is, it can be a bit challenging to manage, but if you can get it right, you will be rewarded with a stunning look. If you are Latina and you want a change of style, you will find this article very helpful.

There are so many reasons why you might want a change in hairstyles. Whether it is the change in seasons or a new relationship. It could even be a simple urge to try new things, whatever it is, there is a hairstyle with your name on it here. All that is remaining is to find that perfect hair stylist near you to make it all come together. There are a few stylists apps created specifically to make the hairstylist search easier. The Goumin app is one of them.

You will be learning more about the Goumin app soon. It is a haircut app that helps you make the best decisions for your hair. Before that though, here is some information about Latina hair that you need to know.

Types Of Latina Hair and How To Style Them

A lot of Latinas have hair that would make a male lion jealous. Thick, full, dark and all over the place. It is usually quite difficult to tame and style. You should understand the quirks of your type of hair so you know the best kind of hairstyles to get. Of course, not all Latinas have the same type of hairstyle. There are some with curly hair for days, while some have straight hair that cannot hold a curl to save their life.

Straight and Thin

You could be born with Latina hair that is straight and thin. This type of Latina hair requires very little attention and does not hold curls. The one thing you should remember to do, though, if you have long and straight hair, is to wash it frequently. Your scalp tends to produce quite a bit of natural oils and such.

These oils tend to flow all the way down to the ends of your straight and thin hair. This is because there are no curls to “catch” the oils. So you are faced with a two-sided coin. On one side, your hair is always soft, moisturized, and manageable because of all the oil. On the other side, your hair tends to get oily very quickly, so you have to shampoo often.

Straight and Thick

You could also have straight and thick Latina hair. You will need a different type of hair product for this type of hair. For thin and straight hair, you would need products that make your hair appear fuller. But, for straight and thick, you will need hair products that moisturize rather than add volume. With this type of hair, natural oils will still saturate the straight hair. But, the thicker strands will absorb them better. So you might still want to moisturize the ends because the natural oils might not reach those places.

There is also the soft wavy hair that Latinas have. This type of hair always looks flat at the top and drops in waves. It is fine and thin with a little texture that can be reduced or improved depending on what you want to achieve and the hair products you use.

Beach Waves

Your hair could also have some well-defined waves. This type of Latina hair, called beach waves, looks really good. If you need a visual representation of this type of hair, you might want to take a look at Jennifer Lopez. If you have this hair type, your curls are most likely resistant to styling and have a medium texture. Litmus test? If you have to put more effort to get your hair straightened with a hairdryer and brush, then this is most likely referring to you. Your hair probably gets frizzy, you should look into using a dry shampoo. Then follow that up with a frizz-fighting gel to keep your waves and moisturize your hair.

Tight Waves

There is another type of hair that holds tight curls. Shakira is the best example of a Latina with hair in tight waves. This type of hair is quite coarse and thicker, and much more resistant to styling. As you can imagine, this hair frizzes easily. You will need a leave-in cream serum to keep those waves pristine. You should also moisturize frequently as your hair will get dry more often than not.

Large Curls

What about large curls? With this hair type, the curls are very well defined, big in diameter, and bouncy. The large curly hair is easy to style and you can easily straighten it. You can try doing that with a blow dryer. To make sure that your curls keep being beautiful and bouncy, you need to use the right products. Get oils and creams that provide a light moisturizing effect and that also help define your curls. Do not go for heavy creams that can weigh down your curls. Also, try not to comb or brush your hair after applying your cream and oils. Use your fingers and a diffuser.

Corkscrew Curls

Corkscrew curls hair has very tight curls and fine texture. This is what is called curly or kinky hair. If you pull out any strand, you will see that it is light and curly. This comes with its issues as this type of hair is often dry and fragile. This is why you will need to apply rich products. Think butters, thick and heavy. This will sit on the hair and keep the hair moist throughout the day to reduce frizzing.

Now you have taken an excursion into the different types of Latina hair out there. You should find out where your hair falls in all these categories. It will help you on your hair journey. It is also good information to give your hairstylist.

The next useful information that you need now is which hairstyle to tell your hairstylist to give you. There are several options to choose from, just pick whichever one works for your type of hair.

Hairstyles For The Fabulous Latina Lady

Thick and full hair is one type of hair that offers several styling options. The hair is plentiful, so it means you can do a lot of things with it. The only issue here might be the actual weight of the hair. Latina women might want a hairstyle that is more weightless, it does get tiring carrying all that hair around on your head. With the right type of haircut though, you can make that thick and unruly hair a thing of beauty. You could make it even lighter without losing the fullness of your hair.

Let’s have a look at some of these jaw-dropping hairstyles.

Layered Hairstyles

Layered hairstyles are a great way to style thick and full Latina hair. Layered haircuts are also great for different facial shapes. If you have a round face, a proper layered haircut helps to elongate your face. If you have a long face, a layered haircut with bangs is the way to go. Here are some layered hairstyles that could work for you:

  • Bob With Layers

With thick hair, most people think that going short will make your hair look boxy and unflattering. This is not particularly true, especially if you choose the right type of haircut. A layered bob can help you tone down all that volume.

Your hair gets to fall either loosely or in straight lines down the sides of your face. This look is hard to get, so you might need some help. The Goumin haircut app is where you want to go to find the best hair stylists near you for these types of haircuts.

  • Shoulder Length Layered Cut For Curly Hair

If you belong to the curly-haired group, here is one for you. Okay, it is not a secret that for shoulder length curly hair, your hair getting frizzy or poofy is a concern. But the beauty of this hairstyle is that if your hairstylist cuts the layers well, these concerns are a non issue. All your hairstylist has to do is to integrate at least 3 levels of layers into your hair. This allows it to fall smoothly down your shoulders in waves. You know the best part? You are definitely going to get such savvy hairstylists on the Goumin app.

  • Long Layered Haircut

One way to handle your thick Latina hair is to cut it in layers to thin out the strands. Get rid of all that pesky bulk. A long layered cut will do this for you and more. Adding some texture with a large barrel curling iron will make it look even better. It will give it a lighter look and also keep that full-hair beautiful look going.


Bobs are another type of hairstyle that helps to tame thick and voluminous hair. It helps your hair look thinner without necessarily losing volume. It also looks really good, you just have to choose a style that works with your face shape. You can choose from any of these bob hairstyles:

  • Voluminous Stacked Bob

This is a very sophisticated way to wear your thick, short and straight Latina hair. Have your hairstylist give your hair an inverted bob cut. Complete with stacks at the back and long front layers that frame your face and cradles your jawline and chin. Perfection!

  • Smooth Lob

If you have straight thick hair, this is the hairstyle for you. To make it look even better, instead of bangs, try getting layers in front that flare backward. This makes the hair look soft and mobile. If you are going for a bob, you do want it to have movement. If you want to add a pinch of class, keep the lower layer uniform in length.

  • Disconnected Choppy Wave Lob

Getting your hairstylist to give you a disconnected lob is the best choice for thick curly hair. Or any hair that becomes frizzy in some climates. The clashing and uneven edges are added on purpose and give a rustic feel to the look. Very little styling is needed, just shake your damp hair and you are good to go.


The Shag is a very “messy” hairstyle that oozes retro-chic, casual and looks like it was thrown together in two seconds. A shag has choppy ends like a blunt knife has been at your hair. It also has several layers around the crown and plenty of texture. The shag, in its various manifestations, is a good hairstyle for thick Latina hair. You do have to be careful to not get a shag haircut that looks too dated though. Keeping the layers down is the way to go.

Here are some shag hairstyles that you can try out:

  • Edgy Medium Length Shag

This is for you if your thick frizzy hair has been somewhat damaged by too much processing and rough styling. This style is like a makeover for bad hair. Cut all the ends that are frayed and frazzled. All the bad parts making your hair look like it has been through an apocalypse. The actual cutting doesn’t really matter, just keep it shaggy and uneven. You could add some highlights at the tips to make it even edgier. You cannot go wrong with this.

  • Long Shag With Bangs

If you are fond of your long hair and want to keep it that way but also want something different, this is for you. You can have long feathered layers with some slight highlights. Of course, have your hairstylist give you those layers in a shaggy drape. Add the finishing touch of a side bang and you are off to the ‘70s.

  • Short Blonde Shag

If you would rather not take the long trip to the ‘70s with your shaggy haircuts, then you should consider this one. This short shag hairstyle with choppy and blunt layers is the definition of modern and edgy. What’s more, it is absolutely perfect for thick hair, especially if it is coarse.


Braids are one of those hairstyles that just works regardless of hair type or color of skin. It has been around long enough to cement its place in the hairstyle hall of fame. For thick Latina hair, braids are an easy way to tame your stubborn tresses. Do not look too far, here are some great braid styles for your thick and luxurious hair:

  • Edgy French Braids

This is a beloved style of many celebrities, it is stylish, and gives you a chic look. To get the look, you can ask your hairstylist to section your hair into three. Clip the three pieces separately to keep them from merging. Pick a section and start French braiding and then tie it off to make a long tail. Do the same for the other two hairpieces. Final touch, give it a little spritz with hairspray and you are done.

  • Pony Express

This is a great way to tame your thick hair and transform it into something that can work for a party or the beach. This is a technical one and you might want to get your Goumin approved hairstylist involved. To get this look, rub some mousse into your damp hair and pull it all into a ponytail at the top of your head. Then spray some hold hairspray on it and start braiding. Braid from the top to the bottom.

Whenever you are ready to go to your party or wherever you are going, unbraid about half of the ponytail. Depending on the texture of your hair, it would either look wavy or crimped. But it is definitely going to look good.

  • Braided Side Pony

Who doesn’t love a side pony? It is one of the sexy and playful braid hairstyles you can get. To give the basic look some extra oomph, spray some sea salt spray on your damp locks. Then you can braid the ponytail from the elastic all the way down. Make sure to leave some unbraided hair at the ends. To finish the look, go ahead and pull the braids apart. You will get that I-just-got-out-of-bed textured feel that absolutely crackles.

  • Braided Updo

What are braids without an updo? This entire look is about balance. That is creating a balance between the hair in front and the bun-braid at the back. A good place to start is adding a volumizing mousse to your damp hair before you blow-dry. Then you can use a curling iron to create some cool waves throughout. The next step is to tie it all into a loose ponytail below the neck. Braid the strands and wrap it all into a low bun. Spritz away with some finishing spray to make sure everything stays.


Phew, it has been an interesting look into Latina hairstyles for the classy woman and how to keep your thick locks looking great. Remember, haircut apps like the Goumin app are available for all your hairstyling needs. This includes finding the perfect hair stylist near you. Slay all day, everyday with the Goumin app. You can check the reviews of past customers on each hairstylist’s profile, start a chat, book an appointment and make a payment, all within the app.

Sign up right away so you can give your hair the best care it deserves.

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