It’s that time of the year again, strong winds, falling snow, freezing cold, fur coats and yes beanies. It goes without saying that beanies are a comfortable winter accessory that go with more than you would think possible. This winter you want comfort to meet fashionable.

Originally, the beanie was a blue-collar working hat. It was worn by laborers like welders or mechanics who needed to keep their hair back but for whom a brim would be an unnecessary obstruction. Some hat historians believe school children began wearing skullcaps in imitation of their working-class fathers. Fun fact: the “crown” that Jughead Jones wears in Archie Comics is a form of beanie.

The name “beanie” probably comes from the early-20th century slang term “bean,” meaning “head.”

Down To Business

There are several ways to style your hair while wearing a beanie. It’s such a useful accessory and depending on the look you want to go for, a beanie can add that extra umph! to any outfit. You can roll the edges to cover your ears so the beanie starts just above the eyebrow. You can also fold the edges and place it just a little above your hairline so that your hair edges are still showing. Mind you, beanies are unisex; they can be worn by both guys and ladies. Here are other ways to wear them:


One of the most basic ways to wear a beanie is to put it on your straightened hair. If you have naturally straight hair, great! A simple side part with your hair pulled behind your ears with your beanie on can give you that cool, relaxed look. It’s important to note that your hair really doesn’t have to be ramrod straight. Windblown hair or a little frizz with either a slouch beanie or a head hugging one, even one with ear flaps can give that extra something.

You could also pick a few strands at the sides and crown, make a few loose braids to give it a bit of personality. So whatever your hair length, get your hair straightened out and rock that beanie!


Whether it’s cascading curls or waves, curls give you a more elegant feel with a beanie. You can use a variety of tools to achieve those amazing curls, from perm rods to curling irons to socks! You don’t really need your curls to start at the very top of your head since your beanie’s going to cover that up. You’ll want to start them from your ear line and work your way down, you could even curl only the very ends of your hair.

Place your beanie just on top of your hair for that it’s-going-to-fall-off look. You’ll want to secure it with bobby pins so it doesn’t actually fall off. You want to let those curls fly freely. Push your beanie back from your forehead so some of your gorgeous curls can fall onto your face. A side or center part will give a more glamorous out there look.  It would add a nice touch if you wear your beanie tilted to the side. Don’t restrict yourself, let your wild side out.

Ponytails, Pigtails, Anything Tails.

Pull your hair into a loose or tight ponytail at the nape of your neck, then slap that beanie on. You could go for a gnome beanie for a quirky gnome-y silhouette if you’re bold enough to pull it off, it is Christmas after all, right? Pony tails are just great with beanies, and fun to play around with. You could leave the ends straight, curl it, twist it out, French braid it, put a fancy hair clip on there. Wear a head-fitting beanie with your ponytail to complete that classy look.

Pigtails are just so adorable. Part your hair in two places and pull them into two different tails at the base of your neck on either side of your face. As with the ponytail, it can be styled in lots of fun quirky ways. Remember, you don’t want either your ponytail or pigtail to be high up on your head when you put that beanie on. It just doesn’t work. Although there are beanies with a ponytail hole at the very top. So, put some ribbons on that pig tail, top it off with that pompom beanie and bring back those childhood memories.


You cannot go wrong with this. Fringes are another amazing way to style your beanie. Wavy bangs, parted bangs, full bangs, or any other bangs with a beanie on top creates that charming look you simply can’t resist. You want to push the beanie back so it doesn’t flatten your bangs and push them over your eyes. Feel free to be creative, you could also do a combo of styles, like bangs with a ponytail or pigtails. Rock your beanie and go out with a bang!


Braids, braids and even more braids. There are so many to choose from, like goddess braids to keep your hair in but let the ends out. Single braids all the way, crochet braids, faux locs, box braids, flat twists, the “watermelon,” fishtail braids, there’s so much to choose from. Not only is it a protective hairstyle, great for the harsh winter air. It also comes in a variety of colors without you having to dye your hair, it even works with any kind of beanie. It’s striking, gives you a whole new look and creates that air of confidence like “ I’m not afraid to get my groove on girl.”


Great for every occasion: carols, dinners, a walk in the park, a bun will do it for you. Style your hair in a messy bun, put on that slouch beanie so it’s like “I just woke up, but I still look fabulous”. Double buns on either side of your face with your beanie tilted will give you that school girl feel. A classic bun with a few strands framing your face with a fitted beanie will give a more elegant appearance. You can go with a side but for that striking cutting edge look as well. A basket weave bun is also a cool way to rock that beanie that still has that classy air only a bun can give.


There are so many kinds of bobs it could make you dizzy. A-line haircut, graduated, stacked, layered, asymmetrical, concave, typical, inverted, blunt, long, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. The good news is a beanie works with all of them, see why it’s so versatile? You can rock your bob and beanie look however you want to, with whatever parting you’d like to go with. Short bobs frame your face. You could push your beanie back a bit so your features are more pronounced. This works especially well for really short bobs. Nonetheless, be it long, short or medium, the important thing is to rock that bob-beanie look with confidence.

Pixie Cut

Enough with all this talk about styling long hair. What does a beanie look like on a pixie haircut anyway? The answer, absolutely fabulous! The key to wearing beanies, especially knit fabric ones, when you have that elegant pixie cut is to position the hat properly on your head. You don’t want to pull it straight down onto your head, covering your forehead. Rather, pull it onto the back of your head at an angle. That way, even though the majority of the head and ears might be covered the hat isn’t taking over the face. Plus it shouldn’t be pulled on all the way, allowing the hat to have some wiggle room or floppiness in the back. Let some of your hair peek out, you don’t want to look like you’re bald. If you’re still feeling weird, like you haven’t got a firm hold and your beanies’ going to slide off your head, don’t despair, bobby pins are your best friend. Secure that beanie with a couple of pins as inconspicuously as you can manage. You want to use the pins to hold a little bit of your hair and the beanies’ edge.

Essential Tips

This has been really fun but before you go, check out some invaluable tips:

  • Keep that hair under control!

You know how you get that hat hair line and tangled up hair after wearing head gear for an extended period? Well, wearing a beanie is no different. Keep that matted look and even more annoying kink out of your hair after beanie-wearing by misting your hair with some texturizing or styling spray. Then give it a go with the blow dryer or hand tousle it if you are on the go. This keeps your hair smooth, shiny and best of all tangle-free after wearing that beanie all day. Well, until the next day anyway. Press play and repeat!

What if you don’t plan on wearing a beanie all day or you plan on taking it off when you’re indoors? If you don’t want it to look like a hurricane swept through your hair, brush the top of your hair till it’s as smooth as possible before wearing your beanie. Secure your hair with pins if you have to and when you take your beanie off, run your fingers through your hair to give the top a bit of volume. If you have curls in your hair, there’s no need to brush them out. Run your fingers across the top as soon as you take your beanie off and you’re good to go.

  • Do something to your hair the night before

Do you ever wake up with your hair everywhere and you just do not know how or when your hair got tangled into so many knots? Try pulling your hair into a ponytail before going to bed.  Also, French braiding your wet hair on nights when you shower before bed. As it dries overnight your hair settles into this gorgeous smooth mermaid-wave texture. The added texture will help your hair hold a curl more easily. You can also use a curling iron with a small circumference around your crown. Then leave the curls from the French braid throughout the rest of your hair. This gives you a more dynamic finish. Now, instead of the battle for survival every morning, you get to run your fingers through your hair, put a beanie on and you are good to go.

Do you find yourself waking up with frizzy strands every morning? Your cotton pillow may be doing more harm than good. A silk or satin pillowcase will help your strands dry smoother if you tend to fall asleep with damp hair. Simply sleeping on silk sheets will help keep your locks from tangling and will add extra bounce to your curls.

If you have short hair, you’re going to need a little more maintenance than this. This includes regular trips to the salon, keeping it in during harsh weather conditions, and lots of hair spray. What can you do, it’s the price you pay for beauty. The good thing is, the Goumin hairdresser app makes it super easy to give your hair the best care and sport any style of your choice.

  • Beanie etiquette

A lot of people are concerned when it comes to hat etiquette. Should you wear it at a lab, would a beanie be considered rude at a dinner table, should you take it off when an airplane is passing? It’s okay to wear a beanie in all outdoor and public places, especially when you go hiking you want to keep that beanie on. A beanie gives you that laid back look, so whatever indoor place you plan on going to, like visiting friends or going to see your mom, it’ll most likely be okay. Having said that, you might look odd wearing a beanie with earflaps or a visor at the dining table. Also, it becomes more of a necessity than a fashion item during winter. It’s most likely going to be warmer inside so u might not even need to wear it. Just note that a beanie isn’t necessarily a formal accessory. There aren’t strict rules to follow, just be comfortable and go with the flow.

  • Styling tips

It’s important to consider the shape of your face when picking a beanie. For instance if you have a round face, a head-fitting beanie with a turn up worn low on the forehead is a big NO. Wear your beanie pushed back a little, go for beanies with vertical style lines or print. Try to wear a beanie with longer frame, all this will create the illusion of a longer face, you don’t want to look like a mug. Likewise if you have an oblong face, you want to go for beanies with horizontal or diagonal designs. Avoid longer beanies, get beanies with a turn, it’s practically the opposite of the style specifics for someone with a round face.

Get different kinds and colors of beanies. Especially during the winter when you have to wear it every day, so it doesn’t become boring and monotonous.

You also want to be stylish, fur beanies are to die for, you have to try it. Real,  fake, the trapper or Russian model, you’re sure to turn quite a few heads and make a fashion statement while you’re at it. Pair these exotic beanies with simple braids or sleek hairstyles for contrast.

Do not wear your beanie pulled over your forehead and sticking straight to the sky if you have short hair.

If you wear your long hair open underneath your beanie, you should pull your hair forward over your shoulders for a more appealing feminine look. This will draw more attention to your hair rather than the hat.

Hair wax helps to keep fly-away hair in check. There are lots of products to choose from. Simply apply to your edges, brush it down using a small brush, give yourself some baby curls, push that beanie back and you are ready to go.


That wasn’t so tedious was it? It’s always worth the trouble it takes to come out looking supermodel fly, don’t you think? So remember to exude confidence, be daring, and go for different looks. You never know until you try right? While you’re at it, remember you can always find the best hairstylist near you by doing a quick search on the Goumin haircut app. You will find real customer reviews on each hairstylist’s profile, can chat with a stylist, and share styles. You can book appointments and pay within the app too. Finding the perfect hair stylist for your hair has never been easier.

You can sign up today to connect with professional stylists in your area.

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