Finding your own personal style for your hair is an important part of the male grooming process. So is finding a barbershop near you that will give you all your hair goals on a platter. A lot of times, it does not matter how fancy you are dressed. If your hairstyle does not flow with your entire look, it makes you less attractive. The way your hair appears has the singular power to either elevate your look or bring it all the way down.

But with a good barber app, you can get every bit of your outlook right. There are apps that help you find great barber shops, book appointments, choose styles and so on. These apps are there to take your hair game to another level. The Goumin app is one of the best around.

The Quirkiness Of Natural African American Hair

Hair types vary, and the type of hair you have usually determines how you style it. Nonetheless, Afro hair is probably one of the most stubborn if not the most stubborn hair types. It never does what you want it to do on cue, always stubborn and difficult to control. Usually, African American men cannot just leave their hair and let it be. It would eventually start looking like that of a crazy person. So, this type of hair requires regular care.

The good news is, there are lots of hairstyles that you can experiment with as an African American man. When you treat your Afro hair right, it will reward you by staying sharp and keeping its shape. No other hair type can give you that remarkable ability to keep its shape.

Now, there are a few tricks to ensuring that your afro hair stays on point. One of them is making sure that you are a good listener. You are probably wondering how that is relevant to your hair, it simply means listening to your hair. It actually gives you hints, how it wants to be treated, you only need to pay attention. Afro hair has its own quirks, like every other hair type. You need to work with these quirks and not against them. Once you are at peace with and understand the natural way your hair is, you have won half the battle.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your afro hair, and you think that nothing seems to work. Have you tried all manners of styles and barbershops, yet, you have not been able to find your personal style? Even if you are satisfied with your afro hair game there is still a higher level than your current one. Your game can be elevated to this level. The Goumin app can help you stay fly and polished.

Here are some hairstyles that you might want to consider for your afro hair, to keep it tame, neat, and beautiful.

Afro Hairstyles For The African American Man

One thing is very important here, even more than whatever hairstyle you choose. It is finding the right barbers to work on your hair. This is one part of your hair journey that you need to be mindful of. Not every barber out there that can handle afro hair. There are specific techniques and styles that your barber needs to understand before working on afro hair. A great way to find one such barber is to use a barber booking app like the Goumin app. You will get to know more as your read on. But for now, here are some cool hairstyles that will make your afro hair look incredible:

Flat Top

This hairstyle became the rave in the late eighties and early nineties. In those days, if you sported this look, you were one of the coolest dudes around. This was around the time Fresh Prince of Bel Air was on TV. If you notice, a lot of the characters in that show had this look, including Will Smith.

The flat top is a hairstyle that features hair on both sides of the head that is cut close to the scalp. The hair is then worked up to end in a flat top, keeping the sides straight. Although, the popularity of this hairstyle is not what it used to be. There is a modern twist to it that your barber can create to make it perfect for the modern African American man. It looks so striking when it is done the right way.

With this hairstyle, it is not all smiles and rainbows. If you do not have the right hair type for it, it could look bad. For this hairstyle to work, you need to have really curly afro hair. The tightly-curled hair will make sure the hairstyle keeps its shape and definition. Also, to get that modern take on this hairstyle, have a discussion with your barber. There are several subtle changes that can be made to the basic cut to make it even cooler.

Of course, as you know, hair does not grow out in neat, ordered lines. That is the whole point of this hair cut. That means you will need to visit the barbershop often to keep the shape defined. What if you can’t make that barbershop trip as often as you would want? There are some tricks you can use to keep your hair well-shaped. You can use an afro comb (comb with long teeth), it makes combing your hair into shape easier. You could also try using hair spray and a hairdryer to help with that. Seems like a lot of trouble right? But that sleek, well-shaped look is worth it, don’t you think?

The Buzz Cut

This is one hairstyle that transcends decades and hair types. It is great for any type of hair that you might have and it’s really good for afro hair. It is a low maintenance style of hair that is popular among army recruits. The style involves cutting your hair close to the head, leaving it a bit lighter at the sides with a little more volume on top.

You can technically get this done on your own, but you will most likely not get it right. Getting on your Goumin app to book an appointment with your barber is the way to go here. Ask the barber for a typical crew cut, they will know what to do. This hairstyle is achieved by taking a clipper to the top of the hair to remove all the weight. A balding clipper is then used to finish up the sides. This is then followed by a clean and neat shaping. Shaping is when your barber outlines the contours of your hair. It gives your look a sharp and well-defined finish.

Styling your buzz cut is not really a thing. It is already fairly low maintenance. What you can do, though, is use a wax product or low shine oil on it. Then brush it out with an afro brush. Voila! You are good to go. Keep your buzz cut looking clean and fresh, that’s all the maintenance it needs.

The Natural Afro

This is a hairstyle that was popular among African American men in the seventies. It is still a very popular hairstyle even until today. It involves letting your natural hair grow out while you help it along. It also means keeping it in check with specific hair products and teasing your curls out to great lengths without any uniformity. This is not a hairstyle for the man that likes to always look neat and polished. The natural afro gives a rugged and rustic look. It looks spectacular, but is definitely not for everyone.

To grow an afro is not a walk in the park. First of all, you can only do it if your hair can grow to about 2-3 inches without breaking a sweat. This is because afro hair is one hair type that breaks pretty easily, so it is difficult to grow it out.

When styling your natural afro, your goal should be enhancing your natural hair. Not particularly changing it into something else. Apply products that are made to boost the natural texture of your hair. You can get natural oils, moisturizing oils, and shea butter to give it a healthy shine. Oh, and don’t forget the best way to style your natural afro hair is to avoid heat. When you apply your product, allow your hair to dry naturally. This allows the natural curls to follow its natural shape. Growing a healthy and good looking natural afro involves a bit of work. But a barber that knows what they are doing can make it all easier. Get on your Goumin app to find that barbershop now.


Braids have been around for centuries, in some form or the other. It has always been a part of the hair culture of man over the years. In recent times, it has inserted itself as a classic hairstyle for African American men. Braids refer to any kind of hairstyle that is plaited. They could be plaited close to the head without moving like cornrows. They could also be plaited in such a way that they hang freely. Braids are perfect for you if you are looking for the whoa effect without having to do too much maintenance.

This is another hairstyle that needs a good length of hair to work, obviously. Getting the braids is not much of a hassle. You just need a professional on the other end of your hair. You need some skilled fingers to make those braids work. Get a specialist to do your braids as it is quite tricky to get right. If you use your Goumin app, you could send pictures of the braids you want before you go to the barbershop. This makes the whole process easier for both you and your barber.

Styling and maintaining your braids might take a bit more effort on your part. They do take a lot of time and effort to make, so you need to keep them tidy. You can do this by applying some hair wax to hold your braids together. You might also want to get into the habit of wearing a du-rag at night. This will prevent thread and lint from getting caught in your braids

Also, remember that when you wear braids, part of your scalp is open to the elements. So you will need to take good care of your scalp too. Regular application of oil will help as it will keep your scalp moist and prevent it from drying out.


Dreads is a sixties and seventies look if there ever was one. Bob Marley made the look very popular in his heydays. Like braids, dreads involve putting together individual hair strands to form larger strands. The difference is that, for dreads, the hair is made to grow into matted twists. The hairstyle is basically a gathering of twisted, tightly knotted hair. Unlike braids, though, once you go dreads, you cannot go back. You cannot untwist dreads once you commit to it, unless you are willing to cut off all your hair.

Here again, you will need your reliable Goumin app to find the right professional for this. This one you cannot even attempt on your own. You will need the services of skilled hairstylist to get this done properly. There are different styles that can be used to achieve this look. Most of them involve twisting and rolling the hair with the palm while adding some form of wax or gel. Whatever style is used, make sure a professional is doing it.

Once your dreads are done and in place, you can have fun styling it in several ways, depending on the length of your dreads. You could either leave it loose or tie it half up the back of your head or in a bun atop your head. Shorter dreads can be worn in the same way too, loose, or tied up in a bun. The most common way, though, is to shave the sides and back of the head. The short dreads are then worn loosely on the top of the head.

The Short Afro With Fade

This hairstyle is a combination of some of Afro hair’s all-time favorites. It is a modern take on a classic that looks good and timeless. It can be tailored to suit almost every lifestyle. You would look great sporting it if you were going for a board meeting. You would also look equally great sporting it if you were going out to party with friends. The short Afro fade has got you covered, wherever you go. The hairstyle gives a nod to the classic Afro, while also keeping things short and sharp on the sides.

To get this style, you will need to grow out your hair a bit. You will need quite a bit of hair on top so there is a contrast to the fade at the sides. For the best results, you can have a sharp fade at the sides and at the back of your head. You can keep the top a bit short, but still textured. There should be a gradient from the fade at the sides all the way to the top.

If you want to rock this hairstyle with an even more modern flourish, make it even more textured. Instead of giving it a uniform finish, you can apply some sea salt spray to the top of your hair. This gives it a more roguish finish that works perfectly. This is one for the books, make sure you get the style just right. It could elevate your look from 0 to 10 in no time at all.


It has been a roller coaster ride going through all the fun and interesting hairstyles you can experiment with as an African American man. You have a lot of great choices to choose from. You could go for the classics; the flat top or the Afro. You could also go for hairstyles with a more modern twist. The crew cut is always a winner or the Afro with fades. If you are a little bit more adventurous, you could try braids or dreads. Whichever style you go for, be sure that your type of hair is in agreement with that hairstyle. Most importantly, work with the best professionals to handle your hair.

There are several haircut apps that you can choose from. Goumin app is one of the best and most reliable barber apps out there. Once you sign up, you can search for your next barber from the list of vetted professionals that are already signed up on the platform. You can view real reviews from past customers. After you have made your decision, you can book appointments, search for and choose styles, and even chat with your barber, all within the app.

You can start enjoying the amazing services by signing up today!

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