People make fashion statements with their hair. They give people the wow feeling with their well-styled hair. From buns to braids, you have amazing hair styling options to choose from. Stepping out of the house with your hair styled to complement your beauty can make you look fabulous. How can you style your hair and make eyes turn whenever you step out?

You can style your hair in many ways. You can choose simple styles that don’t need styling products. Otherwise, you can use shampoo and conditioners for the best styles.

Why Do You Need To Style Your Hair?

Have you ever had a bad hairstyle? If so, you probably understand that hairstyling goes beyond just your look. Your hair shows the type of person you are.

Styling your hair can offer you several benefits. There are reasons why fashion-conscious people invest in keeping their hair in good condition. Here are some benefits of using hair styling cream:

  • It adds a natural glow to the hair: Regardless of the style, your hair must glow. It must be shiny and attractive at a glance. You can only create the right impression if you style your hair with the best styling cream.
  • It smooths the hair: Hairstyling creams also smooths hair. They hold hair in place by removing frizz. This makes the hair smooth and light.

Some common hairstyles and styling processes are:

1. Messy Side Braid

This style is recommended for women who have long hair. Follow this styling process to give yourself a beautiful braid in a couple of minutes:

  • Part the hair on the side.
  • Twist it along the hairline until it reaches eye level.
  • Secure the twisted hair with bobby pins.
  • Twist the remaining hair until it reaches the base of your neck.
  • Pull the hair to one side.
  • Braid the hair and secure it with a hair tie.
  • Remove the bobby pins.

2. Side Twists

Side Twists is a great style for women with short hair. To give yourself the perfect side twists, do the following:

  • Part your hair to one side.
  • Take a large section of the hair away from your face and twist it from front to back. Do this around you as far as possible.
  • Secure the hair with bobby pins.
  • Take the other side of the hair and twist it in the same manner.
  • Gather all the hair as you are twisting.
  • If there is excess hair along the back of the head, secure it with bobby pins.

3. Curling

The curling process requires some basic tools. You need 1 ½ inch wand or iron with a heat setting gauge. Then follow the next steps:

  • Spray your hair with detangling spray and heat thermal protector to dry it.
  • Take a 1 ½ inch section of your hair close to the nape of your neck and mist it with a lightweight hair spray.
  • Wind the section of your hair around the wand without touching the ends. Do this for about five seconds.
  • Mist and curl different sections of the hair until you are done.
  • While working on the sides, keep a distance between the rod and skin by tilting your head. This is to prevent hair burns.
  • Pull the curls and finger-comb them to give it a natural finish.

4. French Twist

  • Section the top of your hair into a ponytail. It doesn’t matter if your hair is damp, dry, or fairly wet. Angle your comb from the side of your eyebrow, then use a clear elastic on your hair.
  • Tease the ponytail with a comb before you wrap it around the ponytail base. Do this in a circular motion and secure it with one or two bobby pins.
  • Make small, linear mini-buns at the back of your head. If you don’t want the buns to be too heavy, use about 2 to 3-inch sections. Use hairspray to tame loose hair around your forehead.

Hair Styling Products

You need some tools to style your hair. Although there are dozens of them, you need a handful for personal use. Some of the most important ones you need are listed below.


You need the following hair styling products:

  • Mousses and gels: You will always need these. Gels make your hair flexible. They also help you to minimize the effect of frizz. Mousses add more volume to the hair. It also makes it luxuriant and shining.
  • Shampoo: Shampoos remove dirt and residue from hair.
  • Conditioner: Conditioners makes the hair easier to manage. Hence, you can style your hair in a different way, thanks to conditioners.
  • Moisturizers: Moisturizers support hair hydration. Once your hair is well hydrated, you won’t have issues with hair dryness and breaking. If you are struggling with dry hair, use moisturizers.

Hairstyling Tools

Having the following styling tools at home is important:

  • Combs and brushes: From time to time, you may need to straighten your hair. Combs and hair brushes are common straightening tools you can’t afford not to have in your toolbox. You can choose from the different types of brushes and combs. There are vent brush, round brush, and a paddle brush to choose from. The different types of combs also include disentangling comb, Afro comb, and cutting comb.
  • Cutting tools: Cutting tools will come in handy when you have to trim your hair. Razors and scissors are common cutting tools. Use them to keep your hair length under control.
  • Styling tools: It is easier to style wet hair with styling tools. With styling tools such as wavy clips, headbands, and rollers, your styling options limitless.

Styling with Hair Styling Cream

Hair creams are important for styling. Otherwise known as styling cream, they improve the overall appearance of the hair. They make it look naturally shiny and reduce its frizziness.

You can use styling creams for a wide range of hair. It can work wonders on waves, curls, or coarse hair. To get a perfect style, you must use the cream as required.

It is noteworthy that styling creams work better on dry hair. So, dry your hair with a towel before its application.

There is no one-size-fits-all recommended quantity. The amount you apply depends on two factors. These are your hair length and type. You can experiment with your hair until you find the right amount for it.

Put the styling cream on your palm and rub it with your hands. Run your fingers through your hair, starting from the roots. Cover all your hair, don’t forget the back.

Apply the cream to your hair several times. Ensure even distribution during the application. This will give your hair a natural look.

If the hair is damp, blow-dry the hair. This will ensure a softer finish while the style becomes more pronounced.

Once you are done, you can style your hair whichever way you want.

Some benefits of using the right hair creams are:

  • It adds natural glow to the hair: Regardless of the style, hair needs to glow. It must be shiny and attractive at a glance. This is possible if the hair is styled with the right cream.
  • It smooths the hair: Hair styling creams also smooth hair. They hold hair in place by removing needless frizz. This makes the hair smooth and light.

Styling with Shampoo and Conditioner

You can also style your hair with shampoo and conditioner. These two will remove residue from your hair. They will also make your hair easier to style.

Styling with shampoo and conditioner is easy if you follow this styling process:

  • Give your hair a good blow-dry. This will increase the hair’s volume. It will also work on hair texture. You need this for easy styling.
  • Apply hair powder to your hair. Start from the roots. Leave about six inches of space between the starting point and your hair. Mist the hair through the ends. Apply dry shampoo to the hair at night, the hair won’t be greasy.
  • On the third day, apply hair powder to the hair. Brush the hair from the roots to the ends. This is to ensure even distribution of the natural oils through the hair. Use a curling iron to curl your hair lightly. This will make your hair look bigger and more polished.
  • Apply some more powder and do a small side braid. The braid together with the dry shampoo’s texture will give the hair an appealing effect.
  • You may continue applying the powder if you wish. Conversely, you can wash it. It is advisable that you wear a sweatband if you use the gym to make the hairstyle last longer.

Ingredients To Avoid In Hair Products

The market is saturated with hair styling creams and other products. Many of the products out there are bad for your hair’s health. They contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair.

Look for hair products without these harmful ingredients:

  1. Sulfates: Sulfates are common ingredients in shampoos. They are responsible for the foaming action of shampoos. The Journal of the American College of Toxicology claims that these chemicals can damage the immune system. It can also cause other diseases. These include skin rashes, skin inflammation, and dry skin. While working on the skin, sulfates will remove essential oils from the hair. The hair needs these oils to stay healthy. They also boost hair growth. Their removal can cause poor hair growth and other related problems.
  2. Parabens: Many conditioners contain parabens. Notable examples are ethyl paraben and methylparaben. These substances are known for causing breast cancer. Parabens can also trigger hair loss by destroying your hormonal balance.
  3. Silicones: Certain shampoos and hair conditioners contain silicones. They affect the scalp by clogging the pores. This may also cause hair dryness from the inside out.
  4. Cocamide DEA: Although Cocamide is a coconut oil derivative, it is harmful. It is listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a carcinogenic substance. In small doses, it triggers an allergic reaction such as dermatitis in some people. So, it has been banned in California as a result of its side effects.

Styling Factors To Consider

The availability of different styling options may make it difficult for you to settle for a style. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a style:

  • Wave pattern: Knowing your wave pattern is important. The wave pattern determines how the hair curls. Wavy, straight, and curly are the three hair types. If your hair is straight, curling your hair may be challenging. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, you won’t have issues with curling it.
  • Hair elasticity: Before you settle for a hair style, how elastic is your hair? People with long hair shouldn’t overlook this important factor. Your hair elasticity determines its resistance to breakage. It also determines its ability to absorb substances. If your hair is porous, it can break easily. So, it won’t be ideal for hairstyles that require chemical processing. Such styles will make it break easily. Non-porous hair is stronger and more elastic. But, it takes a lot of effort to perm or dye it.
  • Hair texture and thickness: Consider these when choosing a hairstyle. It is best to know how thick the shaft and the hair is. Your hair may have medium or fine texture. It may be coarse as well. For thick hair, a straight style will be great. It will enhance the hair. Fine hair will do fine with a style that enhances its thickness and volume.
  • Facial structure: This is another factor you should consider. The common face shapes are round, oval, square, and heart. If you have any of these shapes, find the most appropriate style that will bring out your beauty. Your facial structure determines the hair color and style that will suit you.

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Chapter 1 – Hair Styling Processes For Different Hair Styles

Chapter 2 – Why Do You Need To Style Your Hair?

Chapter 3 – Hair Styling Products

Chapter 4 – Ingredients To Avoid In Hair Products

Chapter 5 – Styling Factors To Consider

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