There are many types of hair that are common to different parts of the world. There are people with thin hair, thick hair, soft, hard, long, short and so many other combinations. With so many hair types, it can be difficult to find the right type of products to use on your hair.

Using the proper hair products is not something you should leave to chance or not pay attention to. You understand this more if you have had a bad run-in with the wrong type of hair products. That is one experience you want to be told and not experience yourself.

Your barber is the guardian of your hair, they get to help you choose the right hairstyle and the right products. So you can see that finding the right barbershop near your location is important to the health of your hair.

Barber apps are the way to go to make that search go a lot smoother. The Goumin app is the barbershop app of choice for many men of style. If you want to keep your hair looking like a million bucks, then you need to know how to take care of it.

First, how can you keep your hair game tight?

What You Need To Know About Hair Products

The hair care market is a billion dollar industry. To add some clarity, here are some statistics. In an average drugstore, the hair care aisle is stocked with an average of about 600 products. Yes, 600, and this is in contrast to the average of 400 products in the skincare aisle. That is a lot of products for you to choose from. The interesting thing is that you would think that with all those choices guys would actually make use of these hair products. Studies have revealed that only a small percentage even bother to use hair products at all. Upon all the pomades, hair waxes, gels, hair creams and so on that are available. It seems like all those choices is very confusing for guys.

Choosing the right hair product is actually not as difficult as it might seem. You only need to pay attention to some important factors. Here are some useful tips that will help in picking the right products for your hair:

– If you see any product that is labeled shine, it is likely to make your shaved head look like a polished cue ball. Anything shine gives a glossy finish to your hair. But, if you see a label that reads matte, then it is likely one that will help your hair absorb light. This means it will do the exact opposite- make your hair not shine.

– The next useful tip that you should pay attention to is what is called holding power. This right here is what mainly distinguishes different products. They all have different holding power. You will see them categorized as low, medium or maximum-hold.

These categories of products are usually interchangeable, they mix together. A product with high shine could also be a medium hold product, and there are so many other combinations. The important thing for you as the user is to look for the right combination that best suits your type of hair or the hairstyle you are looking to get. A good barber will know these different types of products and which ones to recommend for your hair.

Now, to take a look at some of the hair products that are available in drugstores and beauty shops. Then, to go deeper and see what type of shine and hold they have and what hair types they are suitable for:

Gel – High Hold, High Shine

This is probably the most common hair product that men use. You could say that every man has used hair gel on their hair at least once in their lifetime. Now, gels can come with several hold strengths, from low to maximum. Gels keep your hairstyle in place all day without moving. When you see an awesome looking spiky ensemble that is looking sleek on a guy’s head, then it is probably some form of a gel that is holding it in place. But there is a catch. Because of how good gel is at holding hair, it does have some disadvantages. Here are some of them:

Flaking or residue

This is more likely to happen to you if you are fond of running your fingers through your hair. If you have some gel in there, your fingers might come away with some flakes or residues from your hair.

Excessive hair drying

Here is another issue you should be careful about when using gels. Gels generally contain alcohol and some other types of chemicals which help to keep the gel dry. They tend to dry out your hair very quickly too.

Because of these same chemicals, your hair and scalp tend to dry out, causing itching and dandruff. Also, prolonged use of gels could lead to your hair becoming brittle and it could break. It can also become frizzy and hard to manage without product.

You can see that gels are great for your hair. But, you also need to be careful not to overuse them because of their side effects. Also remember that for some flexibility in styling your hair, you should go for a lighter gel with low hold. Generally, most gels give a high shine.

Wax- Medium Hold, Medium Shine

Hair wax is a versatile hair product that can be used for several hairstyles. From messy I-just-got-out-of-bed looks to hair spikes. Hair wax could give your hair either a shiny or matte finish.

If you have straight hair or if your hair is slightly wavy, this is the product for you. It does tend to get clumpy when used on curly hair. It is also a more manageable hair product than hair gel. You can restyle your hair during the day, you don’t have to keep the same hairstyle all day.

As far as their hold strength is concerned, waxes are like pomades, but they have a lighter hold. They will give your hair a medium to a high shine, but will not hold it so much. Hair waxes are perfect for hairstyles that require that you comb your hair. Hairstyles like a pompadour or the classic side part.

Pomade- Medium Hold, High Shine

Pomades are generally made from mineral oils and they are meant to make your hair look neat and slick. Pomades are the best type of product for combed hairstyles. They have some advantages over gels. Pomades do not make your hair dry or hard. They are also malleable enough to allow you to style your hair whenever you want throughout the day. There are two types of pomades for the stylish guy:

Oil-based Pomade

These pomades are made from petroleum or grease. This makes them generally less expensive than water-based pomades. There are some disadvantages to this type of pomade though. When you are washing them out from your hair, they tend to take the natural oils in your hair along with them. Your hair might start to look unhealthy after a few times of doing this. Also, because they are heavy, they tend to clog up the pores in your scalp. This could lead to annoying buildup and acne.

Water-based Pomade

Water-based pomades will hold your hair the same way (okay, maybe not so much as oil-based) and give the same shine as oil-based pomades. They will then do you one better by not washing out all your natural oils. They are soluble in water and are easily washed away. They also provide you with flexibility, you can restyle your hair whenever you want.

One thing you should know about pomades is that they are creamier than waxes. This makes them the perfect product for curly hair or thick hair. You can get light-medium and light-hard hold pomades at beauty shops. They are great for slicking back and clumping together curly hair.

Clay- High Hold, Low Shine

This is basically a stickier version of a pomade; it tends to have a more impressive hold on your hair. This product also gives your hair a fuller look, adding some weight and body to your hair strands. It is easily absorbed into your hair without leaving any streaks.

You can use clay for your hairstyle if you need volume but also don’t want the product to weigh down your hair. Using this product also gives you some cool benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them:

– Clay products will remove impurities and dirt from your hair without removing your hair’s natural oils.

– It contains nutrients and minerals which help to nourish your scalp and hair.

– Clay can also help you maintain your hair if you have frizzy or long hair.

This product does not give too much shine; it gives you a matte or semi-matte finish. It also gives your hair medium to high hold.

Paste- Medium Hold, Medium Shine

Well, you hear paste, you think something thick, right? And that is exactly how it is, these have a thicker consistency than pomades. If you want a versatile hair product, then you are going to like pastes. Hair pastes can be used for basically any hairstyle. They are also almost always water-based, so washing them out is not an issue.

One good tip for applying pastes with thicker consistency is to rub it between your palms before applying. This helps you apply it in a uniform manner throughout your hair. Once you are done applying and you style your hair, just let it sit for a bit. Then the magic happens, the product cools and thickens, firmly holding your hair in place.

Pastes can also give your hair some texture and volume if you add the product before you blow-dry. Paste usually gives a little bit of shine.

Cream- Low Hold, Medium

Creams give your hair a soft shine that looks really good, and helps you control your locks too. Creams are perfect for you if you have thick, coarse or curly hair. They also contain amino acids natural oils and moisturizers.

If you have hair that is difficult to tame, hair that is always flying every which way. Then creams are the way to go for you. They give your hair flexibility and strength and won’t weigh your hair down like wax or gels.

There is one important distinction with creams though, they provide almost no hold. They act as a conditioning lotion for coarse and thick hair. They are great for de-fluffing or de-frizzing curly and thick hair.

Creams are also good for those that are losing their hair to baldness. Or men with fine hair who do not like the greasy feel of pomade or wax.

Hair creams provide a really soft hold, so they are recommended to be used as a pre-styling product. They add shine to your hair and also make your hair easier to separate.


This is the volume master in the hair product world. A lot of men would normally think twice before using this product though. Maybe it reminds them of some unflattering hairstyles of yesteryears. Anyway, mousse is a product created to give your hair some body, shine, and a light hold.

It is one of the few male hair products that come in a foam form that surrounds your hair. It forms what is called polymers which makes your hair look fuller. Not many men would want that lion-like mane fullness, but mousse is the friend of men with thinning hair. There are some that are specially formulated for men with such hair.

To have that full look, you need to apply the mousse to the roots of your hair and then blow-dry upwards. One good thing about mousse is that if you have the habit of running your hand through your hair. You will not be left with annoying flakes and residue like you would with gel.

To get the best results, you can use the mouse in addition to another hair product. You could get your initial volume with mousse, and then you can use hair paste to shape and bring definition to your hairstyle.

Hair Serum

Hair serum is also called smoothing fluid, gloss or polish. It is a bit fluid and slick in consistency. It is a great way to reduce frizz and make your hair sleek and smooth.

Hair serum is great for long, brittle or curly hair. Because it basically coats the hair, it could also soften it. Alternatively, if you only want to get a quick shine on your hair, you can add a few drops of serum to your wet shampooed hair and rinse.

This is a tricky product for men to use because most men would not want to go through the application process. But it can still be useful in adding some shine to your hair after towel drying.


This is one product that does more to add some finishing touches to your hairstyle than the actual styling. A quick spritz of these products sets your hair and prevents it from flying every which way. This is another product that is a bit more women-directed than men, but men can still make good use of it.

There are usually three types of hair sprays based on their holding power. Flexible-hold hairsprays are great for long hair and have just enough holding power to reduce frizzing. Medium-hold hairsprays are perfect for hairstyles that need volume but without the stiffness that comes with other products. Maximum-hold hairsprays are heavy-duty and keep every strand of hair locked in place throughout the day.

Things To Note

It is very important to make your choice of hair products based on your hair type and texture. As a general rule:

– If you have short and fine hair and you want it to stand up- use gels or wax with a strong hold

– If you have longer hair, you can choose from the range of products depending on how full you want to go

– If you have thinning hair, avoid heavy oil-based products like cream or pomades. They tend to weigh your hair down and it won’t look good

– Do not just rub hair products smack on your hair, rub a little into your palm, then gently massage into your hair from back to front.


This here is your guide to getting the best out of your hair products. Using the right one each time helps your hair be the best it can be. You do not want to make the mistake of using pomade when a cream would do, the horror! It can be a bit hard getting all those products right in your head. That is why you need a barber that can always show up for you and give you the best advice regarding the products to use.

You can use a haircut app like Goumin to find such great barbers near you. The Goumin app can also be used to pay for your haircuts and schedule appointments. It is a full-service barber app that gives your hair the freedom to be what it wants to be. Remember, your hair only looks as nice as you treat it.

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