Are you looking forward to visiting the nail salon to get your nails done? A set of beautiful nails can add glitz and glamour to your outlook. But, choosing from an array of options can be a bit overwhelming. You may be wondering whether to go for the oval or cuticle shape. You are probably asking yourself, “What are the best nail shapes for long or short nails?” or “Which shape would suit me best?” Don’t lose sleep over this.

In this article, you will learn about the different styles of nails and the most appropriate style for you.

Common Nail Types

  1. Almond Nails

The almond shape is a glamorous nail type. It makes the nail look chic and feminine. Almond and oval nails share some similarities, they are similar in shape. But, unlike oval nails, almond nails are narrow. The end of the nail is round in shape. This makes your hand look longer and more slender.

These nails are sharper and less dangerous than stilettos. They are also sharper than oval nails. They are slightly rounded around the tip. The base is the widest while they are pointed at the tip.

Individuals who have short fingers with narrow and long nail beds can wear this nail shape. If your fingers are long and your nail beds have these attributes, you can wear the nail type as well.

  1. Oval Nails

The oval shape is also known as U-shaped nails. This nail type looks classy, feminine, and classic.

It is the best nail shape if you have short hands or fingers with wide nail beds. Although it looks like almond, it is blunt with a soft tip. This shape is known for creating the illusion of length. So, your hand or fingers will appear to people as longer than their real length.

The shape is also the best option for long fingers with short and wide nail beds. You can wear this nail shape with a piece of nail art. It enhances its beauty.

  1. Squoval Nails

Squoval is otherwise referred to as square oval. If you don’t appreciate nails with sharp corners but like flat edges, you might like this nail style. It is a flattering shape you can flaunt anywhere.

  1. Stiletto Nails

Stiletto or pointed nail type is a high-maintenance style that requires a considerable amount of time and money for upkeep. They have square tips. If you are out to make a fashion statement with your nails, go for the pointed or stiletto type.

  1. Square Nails

This is a stylish and low-maintenance nail type. Going by the name, the square nails have sharp corners and a flat top.

They don’t taper in or flare out as some nail types. It is the ideal nail type for people with long fingers. People with short nails can rock it too. If your nail beds are long and narrow, you can go for this style.

  1. Coffin Nails

The coffin nail style is also known as ballerina. This is a glamorous and high-maintenance nail style. It is like the stiletto but its tip is squared off. This gives it the coffin-like shape. It is suitable for long and narrow nail beds. Although you can do this style on your natural nail, it is best with false nails.

  1. Round Nails

The round shape is one of the best nail types supported by women who appreciate short nails. Like the square nails, they have curved edges and are shaped like the fingertip.

  1. Edge Nails

Edge is pointed like a stiletto. But, it is a bit different in point. While the stiletto has a very aggressive point, edge nails are less aggressive. It is also a less pronounced form of the mountain peak or arrowhead nail shapes. Its point extends straight before filling the top edges.

When this type of nail is created with acrylics, it forms a ridge along the center of the nail. This gives it an edge-like appearance.

  1. Flare Nails

Flare nails live up to their name by flaring upward and out at the ends. Its unique shape is why it is also called the duck bill shape, when the shape becomes very wide, it resembles a duck bill.

Flare nails can be short or long. They are not subtle and are great for short nails.

  1. Lipstick Nails

When you take a fresh tube of lipstick, take a look at its angle. The cut angle inspires its name. The nail slants diagonally to give the appearance of fresh lipstick.

Lipstick nails are gradually taking over the nail industry after going into hibernation for some years.

You can adorn any of the listed nails above. But, there are specific nail styles that are best for different people. There are styles that go well with short nails and some are perfect for long nails.

Nail Styles For Short Nails

Having short nails doesn’t stop you from wearing great nail styles. Here are some great styles to give your short nails:

  1. Black and Nude Nails

This is a super easy design you can create at your convenience. Paint the base of your nails in black. For the top, use an attractive nude paint. The more prominent black will contrast with the nude to give an alluring appearance.

  1. Ocean Nails

To create this amazing style, paint the top of your nails with an ocean blue color. Let the blue fade gradually into the nude background to give the desired result. For a more realistic impression, draw a palm tree on one or two nails.

  1. Simple Classic

You can create a simple classic on your short nails. Use nude polish on your short nails to make it more beautiful. Complete the design with white tips. Make the white tip section shorter than the manicure section. That will create a classy and chic design for your nails.

  1. Rose Gold and White

Leverage the beauty of rose gold for a great design. Combine this classy color with white to create something amazing. Pair these colors to make a fascinating design with some dots or stamps. You can create lines with them too, depending on your desired design.

You can use a regular top coat to soften the shine. That will complement the effect of the glittering gold.

Great Nail Styles For Long Nails

Long nails are a blessing. They allow you to choose from a wide range of fabulous nail styles. Here are some classic styles that will make your long nails look great and classic:

  1. Pink Nails with a White Tip

Create a natural and cool style with white and pink. Paint the base of your nails pink. Complete the style with a white top that blends smoothly with the pink. That is a simple way to keep your nails cute and fashionable.

  1. Purple and Pink Nails with Gem Accents

Make a lasting impression with your long nails. Get purple and pink nails with gem accents to make your nails look great.

For a start, coat your nails in pink polish. Stud two of the nails with gems. That gives them a simple and elegant design.

Give the other nails a purple swirl over the attractive soft polish. That will give your nails an irresistible tie-dye effect.

  1. Peach Design with Accent Nails

Add a bit of flair to a classic look by wearing peach. It is a simple design with a lasting impression. Paint your nails with a base coat of your favorite peach color. Then, accent some of the remaining nails with a coat of glitter. Once you are done, add a clear coat to complete the process.

Women all over the world are wearing different nail types. They complement their beauty and appearance with the most appropriate nail type. You can choose from these nail types too. Consider the best nail type for you based on your nail length.

Top Tips For Healthy Nails

Regardless of you nail type or style, you need to maintain your nails to keep them healthy. Here are some helpful tips to keep your nails in good shape:

  1. Keep Your Hands Clean

Before doing anything to your nails, clean them first. Work on the skin around the nails too. Ensure that they are dirt-free.

Use acetone-free remover to remove traces of the last paint for clean nails. Note that removers with acetone will dry out the nails.

For thorough cleaning, a brush and soap will do. Put the soap on the brush and scrub the nails gently. That will remove dirt from your skin and nails. It will also remove dead skin conveniently. This is an easier way to exfoliate dead skin without using harmful chemicals.

  1. Stop Biting Your Nails

Some have the habit of biting their nails. That’s an unhealthy habit. Biting your nails can cause a lot of damage. It makes them look out of shape.

When nails make contact with saliva, they become weak and brittle. So, they can break at any time. The contact also harms the cuticles as well. More so, you can easily transmit dirt to your mouth from your fingers if you continuously bite the nails.

  1. Keep the Edges Smooth

Rough nail edges can be a real pain. If your work causes wear and tear, you may consider having a nail file handy. Use the file to keep the edges smooth on the spot. Your gym regimen is another cause of rough edges. Once you are done with your workouts, work on your nails immediately.

Some professionals recommend glass files. These files are said to work smoothly on brittle, weak, and damaged nails.

  1. Don’t Cut the Cuticles

Many have the habit of cutting the cuticles. That is unhealthy for your nails. The cuticles keep the area around the base of the nail sealed. When you remove them, you break that layer of protection. This exposes the base and increases your nails’ vulnerability to bacteria and infection.

If you have a genuine reason to remove the cuticles, do it after leaving the shower. Push the cuticles back gently and massage them with a thick and creamy lotion. Alternatively, get cuticle oil for proper massaging.

  1. Use Hand Moisturizer

You may be aware of the damage that dryness can do to the skin. It is equally harmful to your nails as well. Remember that nails are delicate and fragile. When they are dry and flaky, they have an increased tendency to break off. This may damage their shape and appearance.

Such damage to the nails is preventable. Make your nails stronger by moisturizing them. The beauty industry has a wide range of cuticle oil, hand creams, or moisturizing oils to choose from. Apply them to your nails regularly to maintain their shape. The oils will keep the cuticles, not only shiny, but healthy too.

  1. Give Them a Break

While fixing your nails regularly can be appealing, it is not really healthy. Bold colors filled with tons of pigments are best reserved for the weekend. This is the same for elaborate nail art. Allow your nails to rest during the week to keep them healthy and strong.

If you keep using strong polish colors on your nails every now and then, they are likely to become yellow. The nails may also dry out from the frequent treatment.

So, consider taking regular breaks. Your nails will be rejuvenated and fresh before the next painting.

  1. Wear Protective Gloves

Some domestic chores may expose your nails to harsh chemicals. These include gardening, cleaning and laundry. These chemicals may damage your nails.

If you frequently engage in such activities, it is advisable that you wear gloves. Gloves made of vinyl, plastic, rubber, or nitrile are usually the best. This prevents the nail from being caked with dirt while gardening.

Irrespective of your nail size, you can’t run out of nail designs and styles. Choose any of the styles and designs in this post to create a fabulous design for your nails.

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Chapter 5 – Top Tips For Healthy Nails

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