Every Woman is very particular about her hair. For her, it is more than something that helps her look good. It is a part of how she feels, and an important part of her entire outlook as a woman. For most ladies, the search to find a hairdresser that is good and will make her hair look as awesome as she wants, is a constant one. That hairdresser who is a hair whisperer, and not just for any hair type, but for her type of hair specifically.

Finding the right hairdresser is an art. It is a search that might take a while, but it is usually worth it when you finally get it right. When you finally find that hairdresser that vibes with you and your hair, you never want to leave. Finding this great hairdresser can be a bit challenging. But, with the help of hairstylist appointment apps, the process can become easier and hassle-free. You can even schedule appointments and choose styles before stepping into the shop. More on that later.

Consider this scenario for a moment, will you? You moved to a new place and you are in the market for a new hairstylist. Maybe you are just in the mood for a change or your current stylist is not cutting it for you anymore. Whatever your reason, you need a new hairstylist like bread needs butter. It is also the beginning of Fall and time for a hairstyle that fits the season. You probably want something different from your Summer hues.

How To Find A Good Hairstylist

If you are shopping for a good hairdresser, here are some important factors to consider when searching:


This is an important factor. Find out if your hairstylist has any formal training. You do not want an amateur attending to your hair. This is especially important if you have specific requirements for the kind of hairstyle that you want. For instance, if you are a faux blond, you might want to look for hairstylists that have experience with that hair shade.

Don’t Become An Experimenter

When you are looking for a new set of hands to work on your hair, it’s not the time to be creative or start experimenting. Don’t go in for your first consultation with your new hairdresser and decide to make a big change. This probably isn’t the time to change your color from brunette to strawberry blonde or to cut all your hair off. No, that is a recipe for disaster, you need to treat your new hairstylist like you would a new relationship. Ask for simple and basic cuts and colors first, build up the trust. If they are good with the simple stuff, then your hairstylist is ready for a move to the complicated styles and colors. Ease them into it, you will both be glad you did.

Don’t Say No To Your Gut

Finding a good hairdresser is not always about the skills that they have. You should be able to bond on a basic level with your hairdresser. You should vibe and be able to speak up if they are not doing what you want. If your hairstylist is someone you cannot have a conversation with or tell what you want. Then you are most likely not going to be happy with the results of what they do for you. If you feel you are not getting the best service, you can stand up, leave, and stop visiting.

Ask Around

One of the easiest ways to find a good hairdresser is by simply asking around. Get recommendations from friends, colleagues, family. Maybe they have used a particular hairstylist that gave them great service. If you spot a cut or color on someone that you absolutely love, do not be shy, ask them where they got it from.

Know Hair Speak

Don’t be the lady who doesn’t know what terminologies hairstylists use to describe hairstyles. You should have an idea of what is being done to your hair and what it is called. Otherwise, you could wind up with a style you do not like or want all because you did not understand what it meant. With braids or twists, you will want to know exactly what style you are getting and what it is called. If you don’t know, simply bring a picture along. You can also search through Instagram to find the correct name for the style.

Bring Details From Your Previous Hairdresser

This is something you might want to try if you are changing hairstylists for whatever reason. Before you leave, ask them for a detailed process of how they achieved your look. This will aid your new hairdresser in continuing the awesome work your previous one was doing. This is something you should adopt even if you are happy with your current hairdresser and have no plans to change anytime soon.

You do not know when you might have to change. Having this information handy could save you from a lot of hassles later. Some hairstylists have special processes they use to create specific looks and styles. Although not all of them would be willing to share, but it is not a bad idea to ask.

Now you have a good idea of how to find the right hairstylist. Now you can look for someone that can try their hand at those nice braids that you have been meaning to get. Braids never die or go out of style. This is because they are cool and look great on almost anybody and won’t cause your hair to break

Also, a lot of ladies do not like to feel their hair on their faces all the time. It could be a bother to be pulling hair away from your eyes all the time. A simple braid would fix this while making you look stylish at the same time. If you plan to get your braid on this fall, here are some styles that would look absolutely smashing.

Top 10 Braids For The Fall

These are the cool braids that are making the rounds now. If you want to be practical while slaying this fall, you might want to take a good look at these braid styles:

  1. Fishtail Braids

When you see this braid on someone, it looks exquisite. You would think it probably took hours to get that done. This is not exactly true, the fishtail braid is quite easy to make.

All you need to do is divide your hair into 2 large parts. Then bring a handful of the left side across to the right side. Keep repeating the procedure while alternating the sides. This is one type of hairstyle that you can have fun with. You can have it in either a French braid or have two fishtail braids. Regardless of what style you decide to rock, you will love it.

  1. Double Dutch Braids

This is another simple braid to make. This braid is made by making 2 big braids running down either side of the head all the way down. It does need a measure of expertise to get it right though.

You have probably spied this style on celebrities like Kim Kardashian this summer. It could also make a really good Fall style for you. The hairstyle can be paired with a beanie or a wide-brimmed hat, Beyonce Style.

  1. Crown Braid

Here is another type of braid that works for ladies with curly or straight hair. To arrive at this cool braid style, all you have to do is collect a small amount of hair on one side of the head. You can then braid the hair all the way across your head. This is quite different from braiding down the side of the head which is the more common style. This might take some getting used to though.

When you have braided the hair to the other side, secure it with a pin. Then start the process again from the other side of the head and braid across again to the other side. You can try and find creative ways to hide the pins under the braids. The beauty of this type of braid is that you can make your crown braid as close to or far from your crown as you want.

  1. Side Braids

This is another great way to keep your hair out of your face. For this type of braid, you take a section of hair on either side of your head. You then braid those sections sideways towards the back of your head. You have the option to either keep the braids separate or join them together with pins.

If you want the braids thin or thick, it is your choice. This style allows you to show how full your hair is, while also keeping it away from your face. You get to either leave your hair down or make it into a ponytail too.

  1. Scarf Braid Bun

This is an interesting one to know if you like buns. For this look, you will need a long scarf and hair elastics. The first thing you need to do is to tie your hair into a ponytail. Then you can take the scarf and thread it through the elastic and braid it as if it were the third section of your hair.

When you are done, put another elastic at the end of the “scarf braid” and then twist it into a bun. You could also let the “scarf braid” down for a nice ribbon braid-kind of look.

  1. Braided Top Knot

This is simple to do, but you need to be really good with French braiding. To achieve this look, start a French braid at the base of your neck and continue until you get to the top of your head. You can then make a bun here and loosen the braid. The braided top knot works really well for a day out on the beach or any casual outing.

  1. Mermaid Tail Braid

This braid style is not complicated at all. The only caveat is that you have to use a lot of bobby pins. You would also have to learn how to make a Dutch braid for this one. A Dutch braid is one in which the strands go behind the section in the middle. As opposed to a normal braid whose strands go behind the section in front.

First, make two Dutch braids on one side of your head. When you have done this, loosen the braids. This will make your hair stands look fuller. You can then place them close together and secure with plenty of bobby pins so they don’t move around. To put a final finishing touch on the look, use a hair tie below the two braids. Your hair should sport an amazing mermaid tail braid right about now.

  1. Fishtail Top Knot

You can show off your skills with this style. You can tie your hair into a ponytail and then create a fishtail braid.

To get more volume out of this, loosen the fishtail braid. You can then wrap the loosened braid on the top of your head to create a kind of bun. The next step is to secure this with pins and voila! You have a fishtail top knot.

  1. Half Crown Braid

Remember the Crown braid that was highlighted earlier? This is another variation of that. Instead of making the Dutch braid across the top of your head like the previous variation, you make the braid across the back of your head.

The braid can be started wherever your parting starts. You keep going right across the back of your head until you reach the other side. You can then hide the end of the braid under some loose hair. This type of braid looks really good when done properly.

10.Twisted Section Braid

This is another type of braid that you will need quite a bit of accessories for. This time around though, it is hair elastics. You will need a lot of these so stock up before you start. The first thing you do is to make a ponytail on the side of your head. Then divide the section of hair above the elastic band into two.

Twist these two sections together, and keep in place with a hair elastic. Repeat the process and keep going until you have as many sections as you want.

There you have it, the list of top braids you can rock this fall. They are mostly simple styles that can change your look and make you feel fly this fall season.

Finding The Perfect Hairstylist With Hairdresser Apps

The on-demand service industry continues to grow and expand across different industries. This disruption has also hit the hairdressing industry. Some enterprising tech-savvy companies have come up with hairstylist appointment apps. These hair stylist apps can be used to schedule appointments. You can also use them to choose styles, find professional hairstylists in your area, and pay for appointments. They are dynamic apps that handle most of the processes involved in your hair appointment.

One of these great hairstylist apps you might want to check out is Goumin. It is a hairstyling servicing app that helps you take care of all your hair styling needs. It connects users with the best salons that will cater to their hairstyling needs. It works from anywhere in the country too.

The Goumin hairdresser app has some cool features that are set up to give users the best experience. You can read and compare customer reviews and view portfolios of hairstylists, all before making your decision. After picking a hair stylist, the process of booking an appointment is pretty easy. You can even keep in contact with your hairstylist through direct messaging. You can also send them photos of styles that you want.


Your hair needs the best attention and you should give it exactly that. There are few things more annoying in life than having a bad hair day. Finding that perfect hairdresser is important and should be taken seriously.

You can get started today by signing up on the Goumin hairdresser app. Then, enjoy having all your hair styling needs met at the press of a button. Also, do not forget to try out those awesome braid styles that are going to be heating up the fashion scenes this fall. They are simple, elegant and can elevate your style by a few points. Step into the new season with confidence and poise!

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