There is something to be said for seeing a girl that you like and diving in headfirst and asking her out. This does take an incredible amount of courage, as many men would be quick to admit. If she says yes, there’s a feeling of excitement, it sometimes feels like you are a kid in a candy store. So, you have secured a date with a beautiful person and you are super excited. The next thing you want to do is open your favorite barbershop app. There you can figure out what hairstyle and what outfit to rock.

Finding a natural hair stylist for your natural hair or whatever type of hair that you have does not have to be hard. Whatever hairstyle you decide to go with, it should flow well with your outfit and your entire look. It is not as easy as it sounds, getting that stylish, well put-together look. Your date would be super impressed that you made such an effort, though. Good thing is there are barber apps that can help you find that cool hairstyle for your date. In this particular instance, Goumin app is a great choice for your needs.

But before that, here are some tips:

Dressing Tips For Your First Date

There are important things you should take care of before the big day. One of them is what you wear. This is very important as it contributes to your entire look. There are some clothes that you should not even consider wearing; the same goes for some types of hairstyles. Using the Goumin app can be helpful when it comes to picking hairstyles. But for what to wear, here are some dressing tips that you might want to pay attention to for that important first date:

Say No To Khaki, Always

Yes, there is absolutely no acceptable reason for you to go on your first date wearing khakis. Well, except if she asks you to, other than that, it is best to leave wearing it to business meetings.

Wearing khakis on your first date will make it look like you are going to work instead of a date. Granted, it is trendy and could be a viable alternative to jeans or dress pants, you should not wear it for a first date. If you want to dress down and be a bit more casual, a pair of understated jeans are a more acceptable option.

Do Not Wear Striped Shirts

This is your first date with this person, so you do not know what they like and what they don’t. Until such time that you know them well enough to have this information, it makes sense to play it safe. Not playing it safe is wearing a striped shirt to your first date. Striped shirts are an acquired taste for most people; they have to ease into it.

So, to play it safe on your first date, stay away from any form of striped shirt. You can wear a shirt with an acceptable pattern or none at all, go plain. You could even go for a T-shirt and you are good to go, but no stripes.

Jackets Are Cool

Jackets are especially important and necessary during cold weather. This is apart from the fact that very few items of clothing can match the elegance and masculinity of a jacket. Put on a black jacket and it goes with anything you might think of wearing. From bright colored shirts to tees to turtlenecks. Whatever it is, jackets are your perfect accompaniment.

Go With Light Colors

Unless your date is with a Goth person, then you should spice up your entire look with some color. The black jacket will pair nicely with a bright colored shirt. Try not to wear clothes with beige or neutral colors. They are not exciting, and make you seem like you are boring. That is one thing you do not want your date to think. Your hairstyle can help here too, it can make you appear polished. You can get a fitting hairstyle by picking one of the professional stylists on the Goumin app.

Wear An Elegant Watch

There are few things that tie your look together better than a nice wristwatch. This is one accessory that shows you are classy and stylish. It could also point to how organized you are.

Now you know about some simple and important dressing tips for that important first date. So, it is time to talk about the type of hairstyles you should consider for a first date. Your date will have no choice but to be impressed.

Here are some nice hairstyles that will make sure you look great on your first date:

The Best Hairstyles For A First Date

The best hairstyles start with the best haircuts, which are given by the best barbers. This is where having a choice of world-class barbers at your fingertips come in quite handy. The Goumin app is a barber shop app that makes it possible for you to get the best haircuts for any outing, including a first date. You have a lot of styles to choose from and professionals to help you achieve your desired look.

These hairstyles are presentable, smart, and easy to style and maintain:

  1. The Undercut

The undercut is a men’s hairstyle that combines features of both long and short hair. It is an easy style to accomplish; a quick visit to your barbershop will do the trick. The hair at the sides and back are cut short. The hair on the top of the head is kept long and swept either to the side or backwards.

Working class people, who could not afford expensive haircuts, originally favored this cut. But more recently, it has become a mainstream hairstyle enjoyed by all. The contrasting long and short styles of the Undercut have been described as edgy and fun. You can spot celebrities like David Beckham sporting the hairstyle. Having hair like Beckham’s can only be a good thing, right? Your date is about to get a swoon worthy dose of you in your classy haircut.

One more important bit about this hairstyle. Undercut hairstyles make your ears obvious and brings them to the forefront. If you have nice ears, this is a massive plus for you. It sure is an attention getter kind of hairstyle.

  1. Classic Quiff

Here is an interesting style for your date. This is a bit technical and will require the expertise of a professional. The good thing is you can find a lot of them on the Goumin app. In the traditional quiff, the sides are cut short while the hair on top is combed forward. The tip of the hair on top is then unevenly brushed up to give a haphazard look.

Also known as the Elvis cut, the king of rock and roll made the hairstyle popular decades ago. Many young men are copying the style now, and it really does look good. The classic quiff is regarded as the new and improved crew cut. Your date will most likely find it fascinating. It is a bit rough and rugged, just enough to make you seem mysterious. This is definitely one of the styles to consider for that first date.

  1. The Crew Cut

You cannot go wrong with a classic crew cut. It works well for older gentlemen, younger men that are always on the move, even busy businessmen. It is an easy style to get done and it requires little or no use of hair products. Simple and stylish.

Your barber can make it even more stylish by adding a subtle fade at the sides while keeping the top full. The crew cut does not have hair dangling in a messy fashion at the front. This means less hair to clean and apply product to. It gives you a look of confidence, like you are the boss, even if you are not. It is bound to earn you some bonus points with your date.

Ladies love the crew cut, and ladies love a good suit. Imagine combining both for your date. A neat crew cut with a well made, and well fitting suit. It is a perfect combination of corporate and casual.

  1. The Buzz Cut

This low maintenance hairstyle has become more popular with civilians in the past few decades. Popularized by the military, the buzz cut makes you look masculine and in control. This is a hairstyle that might endear you to your date and make her feel secure.

This hairstyle requires constant visits to your barber or hairstylist. It needs to be trimmed often so it looks neat and well cared for. You can add a little matt clay or a moisturizing hair oil to keep it all soft. You never know, your date might just see you as her knight in shining armor if you sport that hairstyle on your date. Even Barack Obama and Batman (Christian Bale) endorse it.

  1. The Side Part

This is for you if your are looking for a professional look that is both clean and smart. For the classic side part, your barber needs to create a taper on the sides. The hair on the top of your head should also be longer than the sides. You need quite a bit of hair on the top of your head to pull off this look. Also, if you have thick and wavy hair, then this is the hairstyle for you.

The side part has been an important hairstyle for a long time. In the world of fashion, you can see male models sporting it on runways. Designers love it because it is relatively easy to style. Of course, not to forget the iconic show Mad Men and their side parts. It is perfect for busy office guys who are not willing or do not have the time to care for their hair.

It is a perfect classy look for a date; any girl would love it because it is so mature. You will never be accused of trying too hard when you are sporting the side part hairstyle.

  1. The Fade

This one is popular with those who have natural hair. The hair above the forehead is carved perfectly and looks neat. This particular hairstyle is perfect for guys with tight curls. There is a lot of hair with a lot of texture at the top, with the sides tapered away. It is a good alternative to the crew cut for guys with short and curly hair.

This hairstyle pays homage to some of the greatest musicians ever including Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see NBA stars, musical artists, and Hollywood actors sporting the same hairstyle. The fade is a simple, tried and tested look that is sure to keep your date impressed.

  1. The Bald Look

Yes, this is actually a look. This could be regarded as the least deceptive of all types of hairstyles that are available. It looks exactly as it is, it does not pretend to be something else. You either see absolutely no hair, or there is only a little at the sides. It always looks clean and neat. A touch of moisturizing conditioner is all that is needed to keep your scalp looking healthy.

It is a simple style that needs no elaborate maintenance process or the use of products. It is also quite liberating, for those that are willing to embrace their baldness. It is a brave choice that could get you some points with your date. Yes, women have been known to swoon over men that embrace their baldness.

Check out the Hollywood hot men that have embraced their baldness. They’ve gone with zero hair on their heads. Jason Statham, for instance, is the poster boy for the bald hairstyle and people love him for it. It is one hairstyle that screams confidence.

Goumin App, The Lifestyle Barber Appointment App

Choosing the right hairstyle is more than a style or fashion decision, it is a lifestyle decision. At some point in a man’s life, he will have to choose what kind of hairstyle fits his profession, lifestyle, and face. When you are at that moment of decision, Goumin app is ready to help you make the right choice.

Searching for the perfect barber that will style your hair the right way can be tiring, for many reasons. Many people have had horrific experiences with barbers that messed up their hair, even those that charge high prices. The Goumin app eliminates all these uncertainties. Goumin is a hair appointment app where you can view and choose from a list of well vetted barbers in your area. You can read real reviews from real customers, and view their portfolio. You will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

After you have chosen the perfect barber for yourself, you can schedule an appointment. You can even choose and send styles, and pay for appointments all through the Goumin app. It is one platform that caters for all your hairstyling or barber needs, all at the touch of a button. You can download the Goumin app today to get started.

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