Fabulous Mom Hairstyles For The Modern Woman

Fabulous Mom Hairstyles For The Modern Woman

If you are a mom, everyone knows that you are a card-carrying member of the Super Hero Club, no doubt. Now imagine you are a working mother with huge responsibilities at work and even bigger ones at home. Phew! That requires some herculean levels of effort to keep it all together.

This is why sometimes, as a mom, you might not have the time to spare to really take care of or pamper yourself. One part of your look that is likely to get left behind in the dust is your hair. Most times, many moms go with the universal go-to mom hairstyle, the mom bun.

Well, you do not have to sacrifice your stylish haircuts just because you’re a mom. There are several easy to maintain mom haircuts that you can try out. Just a few minutes in front of the mirror every morning and you are ready, just like that. If you are a mom who wants to step up her hairstyle game, you will love this article. Keep reading to discover those mom hairstyles that are bound to kick your mom style up a notch.

Mom Hairstyles For The Modern Woman

As a mom, you are probably surviving on a couple of hours of sleep a day, between grocery shopping and the million other things you do. Finding the time to take a trip down to the salon might be hard. But having to spend so much time on a single hairstyle is even harder.

Fortunately, there are several mom hairstyles that take very little time to create that you can try out. A trip to your hairdresser can become a short one, and you can even have your hairdresser come to your house.

As a general rule of thumb, shorter hair is always easier to maintain than long hair. But then cutting your hair short might make you feel as if you are giving up and crossing over to the “mom hair” arena.

This is not necessarily true, the right short hairstyle can be chic, you just have to choose the right one for you. Your face shape and hair texture are important considerations here.

You should also know that getting a short haircut is not always the way. Yes, most times, it is easier to maintain, but sometimes, long haircuts work better. Short haircuts only work if it flows with your natural hair texture. You will get to understand more in a bit, take a look at these chic mom hairstyles:

– Side Swept Updo

Say bye bye to the mom bun entirely with this similar hairstyle that gives you way more style points! To create this look, you can have your hairstylist make a half pony. Then, use the remaining hair to sweep all the way to the back.

Give this look that extra dollop of hot mom by adding a colorful scarf to the mix. You are going to be looking like a fresh breeze of summer air when you walk out of the door sporting this look.

Topsy Turvy Braid

Most ladies can whip up a basic braid any day of the week, given enough time. But not everyone has the skills and time to do that on busy days with kids screaming at you for their meals.

This mom hairstyle looks really good and is not that hard to create. Have your hairdresser braid your hair at intervals, leaving bulges in-between subsequent braids.

This really cute braid hairstyle pairs perfectly with a hat. So, whether you are going for a weekend at the beach or rushing for school drop-offs, it’s a perfect fit.

Simple Sleek Ponytail

Ponytails are some of the easiest styles to pull off, just put your long hair together and tie it up. But why not elevate that look and make it a tad more stylish?

To get this look, put your hair in a low ponytail, then use a small section of your hair to wrap around this ponytail. It couldn’t be simpler, really. “What if I have curly hair?” you might ask. Not a problem, this mom hairstyle works even when it is a little bit messy.

French Braided Messy Bun

You are probably jumping up and down with excitement right now as soon as you read “Messy Bun.” That is the ultimate stylish hairdo, right? Yes! It is a combination of two very popular hairstyles that create an oh so fabulous hybrid look.

You may need to get your hairstylist on board with this because the traditional French braid can be difficult to master. But then, this version of that iconic hairstyle is only done on the top of the head and ends in a bun. The messier the better!

This mom hairstyle is the perfect combination of fast and easy. It is perfect for moms that have medium length hair and is a hairstyle for all occasions.

Two Minute Rope Braid

This is a really good hairstyle for moms with thick and long hair. Apart from the fact that it looks absolutely gorgeous, it also keeps your hair away from your face. If you are a mom with a toddler, you know how important that is.

To achieve this stunning look, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

Have your hairdresser apply a few spritz of dry shampoo to your hair, this makes the style hold better.

Then, brush it well to smoothen it out and remove any tangles. This is important for the sectioning process which comes next. You should also loosen it up again from your scalp after brushing to give it that extra lift and fullness.

Now, create a small part on the opposite side where you want your braid to be. Then you can start with a small section of hair, split it into two and take the front section and cross it over to the back. Then add a bit more hair to the front section and cross it over again. Keep repeating the process, always adding more hair to the front section before crisscrossing to the back.

Make sure your hair is smooth all the way through and you don’t have any tangles, don’t forget to keep it tight. As you move down your shoulders, start reaching farther back and adding more hair to the front braid. The concept here is that you should be finished adding hair, just before reaching your shoulders. Try and gauge that as you move along.

Okay, when you are at about shoulder length, take both of your bottom sections and twist them around counterclockwise as far and tight as they can go. Then start twisting them clockwise around each other. Do this all the way to the end and then secure the end of your hair with a hair tie.

There is a final step that you might choose not to do but it does add a bit more fullness to the whole look. Start from the top and start pulling the braids out gently without dislodging the entire thing. The pulled out bands look a lot fuller, which is always good for the look.

Don’t forget to coat the whole thing with hair spray when you are done to help keep the braids in place. Voila! You are ready to rock your rope braids like the superstar mom that you are. Who says you can’t raise kids and look fabulous at the same time?

Twisted Low Pony

This is another classy take on the regular ponytail that you can put together in a few minutes. To get the look, section your hair and pull it into a ponytail. Then twist the sides of your hair and wrap them around to give an overall twisted look.

You have never looked this classy at school drop-offs. Of course, this mom hairstyle is perfect for you if you have long, thick hair.

Two-Minute Braided Bun

Your hairstylist will not have any problem knocking out this simple yet classy look at all. For this look to come together, all you need is a low ponytail and a basic braid. Here is how to go about it:

Start by tying off your hair with a ribbon or hair tie at the nape of your neck. Then divide the part below the rubber band into three sections and start braiding. Just simple braids, nothing crazy, keep pulling the end braids under the middle braid.

Tie off the braid with a hair tie when you reach the end. Then just above the first hair tie, section your hair into two. The next step is to pull the dangling end of your braids over and through the space between the two sections you created.

Repeat that process again and again until the end of the braid is no longer dangling down. Finally, take a large roller pin and insert it horizontally through the bun you created to secure it. If you are not satisfied with the shape you get, you can keep pulling at the braids to create whatever shape you want

A Headband With Style

There are mornings that you just can’t seem to get it together. Everyone is running late, breakfast is not ready yet, and you look like you just came out of Narnia. Here is the perfect mom hairstyle for those mornings.

You don’t have to resort to covering your hair with a baseball cap so other parents won’t look at you funny at drop-off. All you need here is a colorful wire headband or a rolled-up headscarf and a few bobby pins. This mom hairstyle keeps your hair out of the way while oozing style.

You can have your hairstylist start you off with these simple steps. Place the headband on your hair and use a few bobby pins to hold it in place, in front. Now separate a section of your hair and loop it around the headband, tucking it in on the other side. You’ll literally loop your hair around the headband.

Keep at this, do it over and over again. You should also have your hairstylist insert bobby pins horizontally to hold it all in place.

You could even do this the night before so when you wake up, your hair comes out in stunning curls. It is also a great style to keep you cool on a warm day by keeping your hair off your neck and shoulders.

Pineapple Updo

This is for the moms with curly hair for days. You are not left out of this stylish hairstyle movement. This hairstyle is perfect for keeping your curly mane out of your face while still looking good. All you need is a good bottle of moisturizer and a good scrunchie and you will be done in just a few minutes.

The first step is to re-moisturize your curls. You can use any good moisturizer or leave-in conditioner to do this. The next step is to add some grape seed serum to your hair. Then, get your satin scrunchie ready. These are perfect for this style because they won’t snag on your curls or dry out your hair.

Next, hold up all the hair at the back of your head as if you are creating a really high ponytail. You can leave out your bangs, but that’s up to you. You can play around with it and give it your own unique twist.

For the final touch, secure the hair atop your head with the scrunchie. Then you can kind of pull the bunched up hair towards the front of your head. The hair then looks like it is precariously balanced on the top of your head, overlooking your bangs, like a sentinel. That’s it! Keep it curly, keep it simple with this mom hairstyle.

The Halo

This is a simple hairstyle for moms with natural hair, it might look difficult but you can have it done in a jiffy. This mom hairstyle gives you a really nice updo, but it is also a protective hairstyle. It prevents your natural hair from getting dry and it protects your hair while it grows.

For this look, you will need some form of moisturizer and a couple of combs. Apply the moisturizer so you can smooth out your hair before you start. A good one to use in this instance is African Shea Butter.

Now, use a rattail comb to part your hair in the middle and push the hair all the way to the front. Then grab a section from the hair in the front and side of your head and start braiding. You are doing something like a rope twist all the way around the front of your head until you get to the back.

When you get to the other side of your head, continue the rope twists. At the end, you get flat rope twists that go all the way around your head. Then use bobby pins to pin the braids all around. Perfection!

Low Side Bun

This easy mom hairstyle is meant to look messy, so you shouldn’t be too concerned about making it look perfect. Do not spend too much time trying to get your wayward hair strands in place if that’s the type of hair you have.

To get the look, simply create a side part at the back of your head and gather all your hair to the side in a really low ponytail. Now, wrap your hair tie around while also twisting it at the same time.

Then loop the band around one more time and tuck it in to create a haphazard and messy bun. You can finish it off with bobby pins to give the bun more shape. That’s it, your low side bun is ready to go!

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts have to be discussed here. They are like the unwanted step sister of haircuts, but they could be perfect for moms. It is a scary haircut because it is never easy to chop off over half of your hair. It is definitely for those that are brave enough to attempt it.

To make it even scarier, once you do it, you are stuck with it for quite some time. No doubt it is indeed a scary cut, but it is a very valid mom hairstyle. It is very easy to maintain, you can just wake up in the morning, give it a quick brush and you are ready to go.

As a general rule, though, pixie cuts fit women with delicate, symmetrical and soft features. The haircut frames your face, so, it has more to do with your face than most other haircuts. Think of Natalie Portman or Emma Watson.


As you already know now, there are plenty of nice hairstyles you can rock as a mom without overthinking things or spending too much time at the salon. You just need to find ones that fit you best. Regardless of what style you want to try out, it is best to find a professional hairstylist to pull it off. The truth is, finding that perfect stylist that gets you can be challenging. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. The Goumin app is home to many professional hairstylists that will give your hair the attention it deserves. The Goumin app connects you with the best hairstylists nearest to you. Within a few clicks, you can find that perfect hairstylist to handle your hair. The app also has a chat feature that allows you to exchange messages with stylists. You can even share pictures with them. What’s more? You can book an appointment and pay right within the app. It is really that simple! You can get started today by downloading the Goumin app.

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Highlighted Perm

In case you missed it, long-lasting curls and body waves are springing up all over. Which, in this case, implies something: Perms are back. Now, you're probably thinking that, yeah, it would be terrific to have stunning body and curls galore, however let's not forget about the frizzy perms of the 1980s.

Let's be honest: Although perms have actually been considerably improved over the past five to ten years, they are undoubtedly going to trigger some damage to your hair. While perms are safe for some hair types, some ought to think twice prior to going through the curling treatment. To help you identify where you are on the styling spectrum, we chatted with a couple of stylists to uncover the four warning signs to be knowledgeable about before getting a perm.

Mariel Falla is a hairdresser at Rob Peetoom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Mariel discusses that a permanent wave (aka a perm) is a thermal or chemical service that is done to reorganize the hair. "It permits an individual to wear their hair with waves or curls more often without having to use a wand daily," she describes. "A perm can likewise enhance the look of having body and texture on flat, pin-straight hair."

Naturally, the real duration of the perm depends upon your hair type. According to Mizu Beauty Parlor Educational Director Damian Santiago, a range of hair types are all good prospects for a perm. "I advise a consultation with a perm specialist so that safety concerns and texture questions can be effectively dealt with," he says.

Satisfy the Specialist Damian Santiago is the instructional director at Mizu Hair Salon. When done correctly with your particular hair key in mind Santiago states there's little to stress over in regards to the health of your hair. However, it's worth noting that the chemicals utilized to create perms can be unsafe.

The Smart Highlighted Perm Trick That Nobody Is Discussing

While it needs to go without stating, consuming the chemicals, which include alcohol, ammonium thioglycolate, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and more can intensify queasiness and lead to more severe side effects. So, while the innovation exists to make sure that perms are safe for your hair, you should still be aware about coming into contact with the options.

If your hair is more than 30-40 percent highlighted, you may want to reconsider perming. In fact, if your hair is highlighted at all, you may want to think again. Highlighting is harmful to your hair, so perming over-bleached hair that probably has some damage to the hair's cuticle will likely trigger big-time frizz.

While frizz can be smoothed with product, it can also suggest severe breakage, as the cause is torn cuticles. Your hairdresser can help you decide if your hair has too much color processing for a perm. Is your hair already dry, brittle, or frizzy? If so, Santiago and Falla mention that a perm will dry it out a lot more.

The bottom line is, if your hair is frizzy prior to a perm, it will be drier and frizzier after a perm. All those short layers look great with a sassy straight design, however how will curls look with all those layers? Remember, curls equal volume, so if your layers hit around your ears and jawline, you'll get volume there.

Wait until after a perm to cut layers, or grow them out a bit prior to getting a perm. Although it’s not as unsafe as perming highlighted hair, if your hair is colored, you may want to reconsider or think twice about a perm. It will be to your benefit to wait 2 to 3 weeks prior to and after your perm to color your hair.

The Report On Highlighted Perms

As stated earlier, perming over colored hair is safer than perming over highlighted hair, however anytime your hair has actually been chemically dealt with, a perm might trigger undesirable damage. Perms are great, but they are not for everybody. It's important to discuss your hair type, upkeep, and type of curl desired with your hairstylist prior to getting a perm.

Now, please re-read that and commit it to memory so you never try to do this yourself at home with a box set (because, yes, those exist). Lastly, like many appeal treatments, the life of your perm depends mainly on the way you take care of it at home.

" Your home care after a perm ought to consist of a shampoo and conditioner intended to give your hair moisture. It is likewise essential to include a mask into your hair regimen. A mask is used to condition your hair and is left on for at least 5 minutes each week.".

There are lots of perm patterns and choices in the current market. The most crucial question is, which one is ideal for you? In this extensive guide we will walk you through the different kinds of perms and how they look and affect your permed hair. A perm or irreversible wave is a hairstyle produced by setting hair in loose to tight curls or waves and then treating it with a special perm service so that the design lasts for several months.

For anyone over the age of 20, the idea of a perm might send us 'spiraling' back to the 80's. Photos of you, or your family with hair teased so high. However they are picking back up, and for a good reason. Perms and the items used to achieve them have actually come a long way.

Lesser Known Facts About Perms

One significant video game changer has been the Arrojo American Wave Perm. The appeal of a perm is that it is adjustable for the individual’s expectations and needs. There are different "wrap patterns" that can be utilized to develop the desired outcome of each private customer.

These might be the rods you remember when you think back to sitting in a beauty parlor for 6 hours getting a spiral perm, or hanging out with your grandmother while she got a perm with tiny little pink perm rods to guarantee that her wash and set would stay in place for the week in between appointments.

You also do not want to opt for a traditional perm if you have had highlights in your hair, or if the integrity of your hair is jeopardized. Conventional perms reorganize as much as 80% of the bonds in the hair while contemporary alternatives, such as the American Wave Perm, only restructure approximately 25% of the bonds in the hair leaving the hair feeling more natural and healthier.

Olaplex is a bond rebuilder, it helps repair and safeguard bonds in the hair. This will make a traditional perm solution a little more gentle on the hair, it likewise allows people with highlights to have a perm with a regular perm option. You may have seen pictures of Julianne Hough’s perm after her Olaplex perm. It helped her achieve a beachier curl on her highlighted hair! An added benefit of utilizing Olaplex in a traditional perm service is that there isn’t a 48 hour waiting period.

If you decided to opt for a conventional perm you can still get a spiral perm wrap, or brick lay pattern wrap and add a lot of texture to your hair. Do not fret if you have incredibly long hair, you can always get a "piggy back" wrap which uses two rods wrapped on top of each other to integrate your length.

What Does Perm Mean?

Maintaining a perm resembles maintaining colored and highlighted hair. It is easy to see the line of outgrowth so keep up with your scheduled visits. Particularly if you have very straight hair to start with. Another reason somebody may get a traditional perm is to loosen extremely kinky curls.

Women with curly hair can get their curls to loosen up with larger rods, using traditional perm solutions, or American Wave perm solution. French braid perms have just recently become a new trend. Instead of utilizing conventional perm techniques of twisting around perm rods, the hair is braided into one or multiple braids (french or dutch) and perm option is applied to the hair developing a "zig zag" type pattern in the hair.

This braid perm can be produced by utilizing conventional perm solution or the Arrojo American Wave Perm option. Traditional or contemporary perms can likewise be utilized to achieve style support. For someone with limp straight hair it may be difficult to keep a voluminous style looking fresh throughout the day. Some customers like getting short hair perms to keep their roller sets in place, or add additional zest to their brief style.

In addition, a perm can include some texture to your bangs. Man Perms have also ended up being an enjoyable brand-new trend. The perm is no longer simply for the girls. Men can also enjoy the added texture to their hair.

Some males like to rock tight curls and some choose a looser beachy appearance. If you're going for that California surfer look, an American Wave Perm can be the best option for you. However if you want to rock it out like Bruno Mars, a tight conventional perm is the way to go.

How Highlighted Perms Can Save You Time, Stress, And Money.

A root perm might be an option you can choose. A root perm is used only on the first 2-4 inches of the hair. This provides some extra body at the scalp permitting your hair to gain and retain volume at the roots more easily. Understand, when a root perm grows out you will have a "straight, curly, straight" appearance where the outgrowth develops a line of separation.

You may have heard "buzz" about digital perms. The difference between a digital perm and a standard perm is that the digital perm utilizes heat from within the rods to process. This kind of perm will look more unwinded when the hair is wet but can develop good prominent waves when it dries.

This type of perm comes with a bigger price tag. Many hair salons start around $250 to $300 for a digital perm. Present hair trends are leaving people lusting after loose wave perms that offer more natural beachy waves. Isn't that what all ladies really want? To clean their hair, toss a little product in and look like they have simply had the wind at the beach provide them the best style.

Let's discuss The American Wave Perm by Arrojo! A brand-new type of perm solution has simply appeared recently on the market, the Arrojo American Wave perm. The American Wave Perm solution is a mild formula only restructuring approximately 25% of the hairs’ bonds. This perm option keeps the hair in a much healthier condition and likewise leaves the customer with a softer more natural looking wave.

An American Wave Perm is perfect for a client who is searching for a low upkeep type of perm. Because of the gentle nature of the formula, a customer will not need to keep up with getting perms if they decide they no longer want the look. It will slowly loosen out of the hair after a few months of wear permitting for less dedication than a conventional perm.

It can be performed on almost all hair types including colored and even highlighted hair for as long as the customer’s hair remains in excellent condition. Standard perms can be a little too harsh for people with highlights. Even with all of the benefits of permed hair, do not be fooled by google.

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