Ladies! What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?

Ladies! What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well it is also possible that your hairstyle is the window to your personality. How exactly does that work? Well, it is generally known that first impressions last a long time. They’re important in sizing up someone you are meeting for the first time. Your hairstyle is one of the first things that people notice when they meet you for the first time. So, your hairstyle has a way of affecting the opinion that people have about your right off the bat.

This means your hair and how it looks is actually a pretty important part of who you are. Finding a natural hairstylist or finding a hairstylist for any kind of hair, for that matter, is one thing most women do not joke about. Many women would drive to the next tow, 4 hours away if it means that they will get the right hairdresser or the right hair salon. But that is usually not necessary nowadays. There are hair salon apps that can help you find a hair whisperer a few blocks away with little stress on your part. The Goumin app is a particularly useful salon app to have handy. It is a lifestyle app that takes care of all your hair related needs.

How can your hairstyle help you project certain personalities and emotions? What are tools you find useful at different times, like during a life changing job interview, for instance. There is a need to go back in history and understand how a woman’s hair has gained importance, even in primitive societies.

A History Of Women And Their Hair

Even since ancient times, a woman’s hair has been rated pretty high on the list of things that matter. It has been a symbol of confidence and affluence in many ancient civilizations. Take the ancient Roman and Greek empires for example. They wore intricately detailed wigs that were seen as symbols of wealth and societal standing.

Think about it, as a lady, in your lifetime, you have probably spent thousands of hours on your hair. All in a bid to make sure that you always look your best. Always searching for that perfect weave, braid, color, texture and so on. You might have even had your mood influenced or affected by a good or bad hair day at some point or the other. Most people would do well not to mess with a lady when she is having a bad hair day.

Your hair matters more to you than you think. It is a way to express the personality you want others to see and perceive. It is like a handshake, you could have a strong and confident handshake with someone. You could also have a damp, limp and timid one. Same with your hair, it could say a few things about you, even before you open your mouth to talk.

So, the question is, what exactly does your hairstyle say about your personality?

What Your Hairstyle Says About You

Psychologists have actually found some form of connection between your hairstyle and personality. Your appearance is always sending non-verbal messages to people. It influences how they perceive you. You might want to download the Goumin app now as it is about to rain hairstyles. You need to choose the right hairstyle for the right occasion. After all, you want to give people the right impression about you.

Here are some interesting things your hairstyle says about you:

If You Have Red Hair, You Are Probably Fun And Passionate

The thing with red hair is that, all on its own, it has a lot to say about your personality. Most other hair colors need to be considered alongside your facial shape to have any meaning. If you have red hair, even if it comes from a bottle, you make an interesting impression on people. Something clicks in the mind of whomever you meet, immediately. Your red hair means you don’t like to be bored, you like to have fun. It means you have a great sense of humor and you like to keep things on a light note.

Red hair can also mean that you have a raging passion inside you. You wake up in the morning, raring to go, filled up to the brim with zeal and energy. You are more often than not very excited about what you do. You are always willing to tell whoever will listen about what you do and how cool it is. Like your hair color, you are fiery and fierce. You could be a bit unsteady with relationships because your passion burns hot and quick. But it works for you that way because that’s how you know how to love. Very interesting personalities come with red hairstyles, don’t you think?

If You Have Blonde Hair, You Are Probably Attractive, A Man Magnet

A lot of men say ladies with blonde hair are less intelligent. But, many men are also more attracted to the golden haired beauties that carry blonde hair. If you are blonde, you are most likely fun, open-minded, and confident. Stereotypically, longhaired blondes are regarded as more intelligent than short haired blondes. Blondes are generally regarded as less intelligent than women with other hair colors like brunettes and ladies with red hair.

But stereotypes can be misleading. Some studies have revealed that women with naturally blonde hair are smarter than women with red or brown hair. You can go ahead and break all stereotypes. You can combine your beautiful blonde hair and cute looks with amazing intelligence. Indeed you can have it all, you will be unstoppable.

If You Have Brunette Hair, You Are Probably Intelligent

If you sport brunette hair, you are most likely an intelligent individual. Your bosses see you as their go-to person for anything that needs some intelligent thinking. You can talk your way out of anything. You have street smarts and you are okay doing things all on your own.

You are also benevolent. You like to help others in need and make a difference in whatever community or environment you find yourself. You are always willing to sacrifice yourself for others. The brunettes are looking good. To cop a brunette look, Goumin App is the place to go for the perfect brunette styles.

If You Have Mid-Length Hair, You Are Practical And A Good Thinker

If you have short hair, usually in the form of a bob, you definitely belong to this group of women. The long bob hair is a perfect hairstyle for you; you don’t have to fuss over it. It is practical because it is short enough to handle without much trouble and also long enough to style any way you want. It is exactly the way you like to handle things, logically and after much consideration.

You respect people with common sense, you value logic and you are a good thinker. You do not have patience for people or things that will waste your time. This is why you are always looking for the most efficient way to accomplish tasks. Working hard is of no consequence to you, what you do is work smart. You are the perfect person for friends to come to for advice when they have issues. You can clinically compartmentalize and give the pros and cons of any choice they make. Although you could also be unsympathetic. You might think people should not wallow in their emotions and should move on already!

You are very goal oriented, which means you could be overly competitive. You are direct and just want to get stuff done, that’s all.

If Your Hairstyle Is High Maintenance, You Might Be Insecure Or A Drama Queen

Here is an interesting one. If you have a hairstyle that takes you hours to put on every morning, you might belong to this group. You are self critical, and a stickler for details. Always worrying about little things, if they are in place or not. You are probably up around 5am every day, all in a bid to make sure that you are picture perfect and ready for the day.

You could also be a drama queen, someone that likes to be noticeable everywhere you go. So you spend so much time and effort on your hair so that it would make you stand out. You may be insecure and your own way of making people accept you is to spend so much effort and resources on how you look.

If Your Hair Requires Minimal Maintenance, You Are Probably A Creative

Usually, if you have a hairstyle that is low maintenance, it is believed that you are a creative person. This is especially true if you have curvy hair. You probably spend hours in front of your laptop or desk creating some kind of magic with your hands or mind. You cannot bring yourself to tear yourself away from that to spend time on your hair.

You need something that is just wash and go. A hairstyle that will not distract you from what is important, what makes you happy.

If You Have Straight Hair That You Always Curl, You Probably Need More Fun And Excitement In Your Life

There is an interesting logic behind this. If you have straight hair and you are constantly curling it, the process in itself can have some interesting meanings. The process of curling your hair could create a shift in you. Curling could make your hair more interesting and engaging. So doing this to your hair makes you feel like this is transferable to your life. You want to say to the world that you are here, and that you are ready for some interesting adventures.

If Your Hair Is Parted At The Side, You Are Probably Compassionate

Yes, there is something to be said for ladies with side parting. If you are one of them, you are most likely a compassionate person. You have learned how to rejoice with friends and family when something exciting happens to them. You are also good at comforting those that are grieving. You are honest, and you can be there for people at their lowest.

A side part shows that you can be relied upon. It shows that you are modest, patient, and reliable. It shows that your head is not in the clouds or in some fantasy world. You are willing to see things as they are. This does look like a cool hairstyle that goes with an even cooler personality. If you want to try out this look, you can download the Goumin app to get started.

If You Sport A High Ponytail, You Are Most Likely Full Of Energy

Sporting a high ponytail tells the world that you are energetic and sporty. Whenever you enter a room, you bring life and energy with you. It is hard for anybody to be slow or inactive around you. You love to encourage people to be more active and live a healthier life.

Because you are so active and polished, you probably look younger than your age. You are driven and like to focus on one thing until you achieve it. You do not like to beat around the bush; you like to say things exactly as they are. You do not like wasting time; you are always looking for ways to maximize your time. Ladies with high ponytails do seem like they have it all figured out, right?

If You Have Curly Hair That You Are Always Straightening, You Are Probably Adventurous

If you are someone that always straighten your curly hair, chances are that you love to go on adventures. You enjoy discovering new things, meeting new people, and traveling to new places. You are probably that person that races to try out the new Thai food place the day it opens.

If you are in this category, it would be a good idea to have a reliable hairstylist on speed dial. One that can give your hair the care it needs. Goumin app is the perfect lifestyle hair salon app for you. Just sign up and you can start enjoying the benefits.

If You Have Unconventional Hairstyles, You Are Full Of Surprises

If you have a hairstyle that has a unique color or an unconventional style, then it says a lot about you. You are probably someone that likes to do things that are out of the box. You are someone that is fun to be with most of the time because of your energy. Your weird hairstyle shows off your interesting personality and carefree spirit.

Your love of life is not straightforward at all. You probably go through a series of roller coaster emotions every day. You are most likely always on a journey of self-discovery, and find beauty in simple things. You are constantly looking for inspiration. Your hair is only one of the many ways in which your express yourself.


There you have it! Now you can see that you can represent your personality in the way you style your hair. You can project what you want people to feel about your through the style of hair that you carry. If you are going for an interview for instance, you can choose a hairstyle that oozes confidence, power and intelligence. This is handy knowledge to have. You can dress to fit any occasion, projecting the emotions you want to project.

Being this creative with your hairstyle is not an easy undertaking. It is something that would ordinarily require a lot of time, effort, and money. This is why the Goumin app is the perfect companion for you in your journey through your hair changes. Goumin app is a hair salon app that gives you all the tools you need to always have a perfect hairstyle. It provides you with the best barbers and hairstylists from which you can choose. You can read reviews, view their portfolios, and so on. You can even choose hairstyles, and book appointments so you don’t have to wait when you go to the salon.

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Chapter 1 – Ladies! What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?

Chapter 2 – A History Of Women And Their Hair

Chapter 3 – What Your Hairstyle Says About You

Chapter 4 – Conclusion

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The Best Hairstyles For That Perfect First Date For Men

The Best Hairstyles For That Perfect First Date For Men

There is something to be said for seeing a girl that you like and diving in headfirst and asking her out. This does take an incredible amount of courage, as many men would be quick to admit. If she says yes, there’s a feeling of excitement, it sometimes feels like you are a kid in a candy store. So, you have secured a date with a beautiful person and you are super excited. The next thing you want to do is open your favorite barbershop app. There you can figure out what hairstyle and what outfit to rock.

Finding a natural hair stylist for your natural hair or whatever type of hair that you have does not have to be hard. Whatever hairstyle you decide to go with, it should flow well with your outfit and your entire look. It is not as easy as it sounds, getting that stylish, well put-together look. Your date would be super impressed that you made such an effort, though. Good thing is there are barber apps that can help you find that cool hairstyle for your date. In this particular instance, Goumin app is a great choice for your needs.

But before that, here are some tips:

Dressing Tips For Your First Date

There are important things you should take care of before the big day. One of them is what you wear. This is very important as it contributes to your entire look. There are some clothes that you should not even consider wearing; the same goes for some types of hairstyles. Using the Goumin app can be helpful when it comes to picking hairstyles. But for what to wear, here are some dressing tips that you might want to pay attention to for that important first date:

Say No To Khaki, Always

Yes, there is absolutely no acceptable reason for you to go on your first date wearing khakis. Well, except if she asks you to, other than that, it is best to leave wearing it to business meetings.

Wearing khakis on your first date will make it look like you are going to work instead of a date. Granted, it is trendy and could be a viable alternative to jeans or dress pants, you should not wear it for a first date. If you want to dress down and be a bit more casual, a pair of understated jeans are a more acceptable option.

Do Not Wear Striped Shirts

This is your first date with this person, so you do not know what they like and what they don’t. Until such time that you know them well enough to have this information, it makes sense to play it safe. Not playing it safe is wearing a striped shirt to your first date. Striped shirts are an acquired taste for most people; they have to ease into it.

So, to play it safe on your first date, stay away from any form of striped shirt. You can wear a shirt with an acceptable pattern or none at all, go plain. You could even go for a T-shirt and you are good to go, but no stripes.

Jackets Are Cool

Jackets are especially important and necessary during cold weather. This is apart from the fact that very few items of clothing can match the elegance and masculinity of a jacket. Put on a black jacket and it goes with anything you might think of wearing. From bright colored shirts to tees to turtlenecks. Whatever it is, jackets are your perfect accompaniment.

Go With Light Colors

Unless your date is with a Goth person, then you should spice up your entire look with some color. The black jacket will pair nicely with a bright colored shirt. Try not to wear clothes with beige or neutral colors. They are not exciting, and make you seem like you are boring. That is one thing you do not want your date to think. Your hairstyle can help here too, it can make you appear polished. You can get a fitting hairstyle by picking one of the professional stylists on the Goumin app.

Wear An Elegant Watch

There are few things that tie your look together better than a nice wristwatch. This is one accessory that shows you are classy and stylish. It could also point to how organized you are.

Now you know about some simple and important dressing tips for that important first date. So, it is time to talk about the type of hairstyles you should consider for a first date. Your date will have no choice but to be impressed.

Here are some nice hairstyles that will make sure you look great on your first date:

The Best Hairstyles For A First Date

The best hairstyles start with the best haircuts, which are given by the best barbers. This is where having a choice of world-class barbers at your fingertips come in quite handy. The Goumin app is a barber shop app that makes it possible for you to get the best haircuts for any outing, including a first date. You have a lot of styles to choose from and professionals to help you achieve your desired look.

These hairstyles are presentable, smart, and easy to style and maintain:

  1. The Undercut

The undercut is a men’s hairstyle that combines features of both long and short hair. It is an easy style to accomplish; a quick visit to your barbershop will do the trick. The hair at the sides and back are cut short. The hair on the top of the head is kept long and swept either to the side or backwards.

Working class people, who could not afford expensive haircuts, originally favored this cut. But more recently, it has become a mainstream hairstyle enjoyed by all. The contrasting long and short styles of the Undercut have been described as edgy and fun. You can spot celebrities like David Beckham sporting the hairstyle. Having hair like Beckham’s can only be a good thing, right? Your date is about to get a swoon worthy dose of you in your classy haircut.

One more important bit about this hairstyle. Undercut hairstyles make your ears obvious and brings them to the forefront. If you have nice ears, this is a massive plus for you. It sure is an attention getter kind of hairstyle.

  1. Classic Quiff

Here is an interesting style for your date. This is a bit technical and will require the expertise of a professional. The good thing is you can find a lot of them on the Goumin app. In the traditional quiff, the sides are cut short while the hair on top is combed forward. The tip of the hair on top is then unevenly brushed up to give a haphazard look.

Also known as the Elvis cut, the king of rock and roll made the hairstyle popular decades ago. Many young men are copying the style now, and it really does look good. The classic quiff is regarded as the new and improved crew cut. Your date will most likely find it fascinating. It is a bit rough and rugged, just enough to make you seem mysterious. This is definitely one of the styles to consider for that first date.

  1. The Crew Cut

You cannot go wrong with a classic crew cut. It works well for older gentlemen, younger men that are always on the move, even busy businessmen. It is an easy style to get done and it requires little or no use of hair products. Simple and stylish.

Your barber can make it even more stylish by adding a subtle fade at the sides while keeping the top full. The crew cut does not have hair dangling in a messy fashion at the front. This means less hair to clean and apply product to. It gives you a look of confidence, like you are the boss, even if you are not. It is bound to earn you some bonus points with your date.

Ladies love the crew cut, and ladies love a good suit. Imagine combining both for your date. A neat crew cut with a well made, and well fitting suit. It is a perfect combination of corporate and casual.

  1. The Buzz Cut

This low maintenance hairstyle has become more popular with civilians in the past few decades. Popularized by the military, the buzz cut makes you look masculine and in control. This is a hairstyle that might endear you to your date and make her feel secure.

This hairstyle requires constant visits to your barber or hairstylist. It needs to be trimmed often so it looks neat and well cared for. You can add a little matt clay or a moisturizing hair oil to keep it all soft. You never know, your date might just see you as her knight in shining armor if you sport that hairstyle on your date. Even Barack Obama and Batman (Christian Bale) endorse it.

  1. The Side Part

This is for you if your are looking for a professional look that is both clean and smart. For the classic side part, your barber needs to create a taper on the sides. The hair on the top of your head should also be longer than the sides. You need quite a bit of hair on the top of your head to pull off this look. Also, if you have thick and wavy hair, then this is the hairstyle for you.

The side part has been an important hairstyle for a long time. In the world of fashion, you can see male models sporting it on runways. Designers love it because it is relatively easy to style. Of course, not to forget the iconic show Mad Men and their side parts. It is perfect for busy office guys who are not willing or do not have the time to care for their hair.

It is a perfect classy look for a date; any girl would love it because it is so mature. You will never be accused of trying too hard when you are sporting the side part hairstyle.

  1. The Fade

This one is popular with those who have natural hair. The hair above the forehead is carved perfectly and looks neat. This particular hairstyle is perfect for guys with tight curls. There is a lot of hair with a lot of texture at the top, with the sides tapered away. It is a good alternative to the crew cut for guys with short and curly hair.

This hairstyle pays homage to some of the greatest musicians ever including Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see NBA stars, musical artists, and Hollywood actors sporting the same hairstyle. The fade is a simple, tried and tested look that is sure to keep your date impressed.

  1. The Bald Look

Yes, this is actually a look. This could be regarded as the least deceptive of all types of hairstyles that are available. It looks exactly as it is, it does not pretend to be something else. You either see absolutely no hair, or there is only a little at the sides. It always looks clean and neat. A touch of moisturizing conditioner is all that is needed to keep your scalp looking healthy.

It is a simple style that needs no elaborate maintenance process or the use of products. It is also quite liberating, for those that are willing to embrace their baldness. It is a brave choice that could get you some points with your date. Yes, women have been known to swoon over men that embrace their baldness.

Check out the Hollywood hot men that have embraced their baldness. They’ve gone with zero hair on their heads. Jason Statham, for instance, is the poster boy for the bald hairstyle and people love him for it. It is one hairstyle that screams confidence.

Goumin App, The Lifestyle Barber Appointment App

Choosing the right hairstyle is more than a style or fashion decision, it is a lifestyle decision. At some point in a man’s life, he will have to choose what kind of hairstyle fits his profession, lifestyle, and face. When you are at that moment of decision, Goumin app is ready to help you make the right choice.

Searching for the perfect barber that will style your hair the right way can be tiring, for many reasons. Many people have had horrific experiences with barbers that messed up their hair, even those that charge high prices. The Goumin app eliminates all these uncertainties. Goumin is a hair appointment app where you can view and choose from a list of well vetted barbers in your area. You can read real reviews from real customers, and view their portfolio. You will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

After you have chosen the perfect barber for yourself, you can schedule an appointment. You can even choose and send styles, and pay for appointments all through the Goumin app. It is one platform that caters for all your hairstyling or barber needs, all at the touch of a button. You can download the Goumin app today to get started.

Table Of Contents

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Chapter 1 – The Best Hairstyles For That Perfect First Date For Men

Chapter 2 – Dressing Tips For Your First Date

Chapter 3 – The Best Hairstyles For A First Date

Chapter 4 – Goumin App, The Lifestyle Barber Appointment App

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How To Style Your Hair Based On Your Outfit

How To Style Your Hair Based On Your Outfit

You are going to a work dinner party, a very important one. You are up for a promotion, all your bosses will be there at the party. You have to impress them. You know for a fact that they are all classy dressers and that looking good is important to them. You are all over the place, nervous, your hair is a total mess and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Show of hands if you have been in this situation or a similar one before?

The next thing to do is find a hair salon to get your hair ready. But finding a good hair salon at such short notice is not always an easy thing to do. The good thing is, there are hair stylist appointment apps that you can take advantage of. Your hair is perfect now, but the final step in your journey to looking fabulous is yet to be settled. How do you choose the perfect dress to go with your hair? This is what this article is going to help you with. Knowing how to choose the perfect hair-dress combination for any occasion you might need to attend.

The Art Of Matching Your Hair And Your Outfit

As a lady, getting your hair right is one of the earliest things you are taught as far as looking good is concerned. You probably had your mom or a favorite aunt brush and style your hair for you growing up. But now, the task has fallen solely on you, or on your favorite hairdresser. You probably were not told that your hairstyle should pair well with whatever you wear. You most likely had to learn that yourself. Now that you know, having the perfect hairstyle to go with your dress is always a big challenge.

Whatever type of hair you have, keeping it tamed through the changing seasons is a full-time job. You will need to have your favorite hair stylist appointment app handy to stay atop of things. From harsh and dry winter winds to humid summer nights, you need to keep styling, to keep slaying through the year.

Don’t you hate it every time you are going out and you have to answer the age-old question: “Hair up or hair down?” Can you readily find an answer to that question? Not to worry, that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. You will learn how to choose the perfect hairstyle to go with every type of dress you might have in your closet.

First of all, here are some tips on how to match your hair to your dress and how to get it right.

Tips For Matching The Right Hairstyle To The Right Outfit

As you know, seasons change and fashion trends come and go. But one constant element through it all is hairstyles. The simplest way to always look fabulous when you walk through the door is to make sure that your dress matches your hairstyle perfectly. This is a neat trick that is worth learning, it will surely give your self-confidence a boost.

Here is a list of tips that can help you in creating that perfect hairstyle-outfit combo:

Choose Your Dress First, Then Hair Second

Whatever party or event you want to attend, the first question to ask yourself when preparing is “what dress am I going to wear?” The hairstyle you want to carry to your event is important. But the dress is a more important factor in your entire look. After you choose the perfect dress for the occasion, you can start picking the perfect hairdo to go with it.

In this new era of technology-enabled businesses, things that used to be hard have now been made easy through the use of technology. Finding the hairstylist that will help you figure out that perfect hairstyle is now easier with hairdresser apps. One of these apps, the Goumin app, is perfect for all your hair related needs. Finding that perfect hairstyle to go with that gorgeous dress just got easier. Keep reading to find out how.

Let Your Dress Do All The Heavy Lifting

When you are trying to match your hair with your outfit, there needs to be a form of balance. You cannot have your dress and your hairstyle fighting for dominance. There should only be one alpha, and in this case, it should be your dress. For instance, if you choose a dress that is elaborate and has lots of intricate details. Then, the hairstyle that you go for should be simple. But, if you have a simple dress picked out, then, by all means, get a showstopper of a hairstyle.

The Length Of Your Dress

The length of your dress says many things about your mood and general outlook. It shows how flirty or conservative you want to be. The length of your dress also influences your hairstyle to a large extent. You will want to keep the entire look flowing. Longer dresses mean more traditional and modest hairstyles. Shorter dresses mean you can go off-script with the hairstyle.

You have been shown some general tips on matching the right type of hairstyles to the right dresses. It is now time to go deeper and become more specific. Your entire look should be a representation of your personality, style, and mood. To get all this right, you need to find the right hairstyle to go with your dress, especially its neckline.

Here are some tips to help you match different necklines types with the right hairstyle.

The Best Hairstyles For Different Dress Necklines

Different dress necklines require different hairstyles to complement them and create an amazing look. Matching the wrong hairstyle to the wrong neckline is one fashion mistake you do not want to make. Here are some tips to help you avoid that mistake:

Hairstyles for Sweetheart Neck

Sweetheart necklines are simple and look good combined with most hairstyles. But then, you are wearing a sweetheart neckline for a reason in the first place. So don’t defeat that purpose, visit your hair salon and have them hook you up with a nice and classy updo hairstyle. Full bouncy locks can also work, they will give your look that extra oomph!

You might even want to go a step further and blow-dry your tresses to highlight and frame your shoulders, collarbones, and neck. A textured bob is sweet and edgy, who wouldn’t like that?

Another option is to go for the princess vibe with long retro waves. Long, smooth and wavy curls flowing down to spill over the shoulders; the perfect accompaniment to a dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Hairstyles For V-Neck Dress

This here is a dress that likes to sit on the fence. V-neck dresses are 50% sexy and 50% cool, so you should choose a hairstyle that follows that vibe. If your V-neck dresses is plunging, an updo hairstyle will pack an extra punch.

Otherwise, half-up, half-down hairstyles with your tresses cascading behind you are the perfect styles for this kind of dress. To achieve this look, your hairstylist can start by applying some smoothing cream to your tresses while they are still wet. Then blow drying comes next until the natural texture of your hair is reached. It could be curly, straight, or anywhere in-between.

The final step involves packing your hair back and away from your face and pulling it together in a twist, a half bun or braids, whichever one works for you. Finally, the other half can then be allowed to flow down your back. To add a soft and feminine finishing touch, your hairdresser can pull out a couple of tendrils in front.

Another fabulous hairstyle option for your V-neck dress is to part your hair to one side of your face. This gives a side-swept look that seems to be made for your V-neck dress. You can even add some curls and braids to take it to an even higher level.

Do you want to look like you could hold your own in a board meeting and keep it real on the dance floor? You have to visit your favorite salon to get this low-key, yet well put-together look for your V-neck dress: braids and top knot. Adding classy half-up half-down top knot elevates this look. Any of these hairstyles combined with a V-neck dress will make you stand out in any crowd.

Hairstyles for High-Necked Dresses

High-necked dresses are made in such a way as to wrap around the neck. Turtlenecks and some types of halter tops fall into this category. For this type of neckline, you might want to show off the details of the dress and not cover them up. To do this, an updo is the perfect option. The type of updo you choose now depends on whether you want to dress down the entire look or elevate it. You can consult your hairstylist to help you make a decision. The one important point to take away here, though, is that for turtleneck dresses, updo hairstyles are the best.

If you have short hair, you could just wear it down, maybe blow dry it a bit to give it that extra bounce. For longer hair, you can go for a nice updo with either a central, or side part, or no part at all for that matter. Your hairstylist can help make the decision on what type of parting will work for you.

If bold is what you want, you can do bold all by yourself with your halter neck dress. For a bold look, a high or mid ponytail will do nicely. You can pair it with bold makeup, bold statement piece earrings and a bold dress. To add a feminine touch, your hairstylist might want to add some wispy bangs to the look. Perfection!

Another updo style that can elevate your look is the fishtail braided updo. This updo works for any type of high-necked dress, from those with geometric necklines to soft and lacy.

Hairstyles For a Halter Dress

This is one look that you will definitely want a visit to your hairstylist to nail. Dresses with halter necks have a loop top that is made to wrap around the neck. They can look very good on you if you have a long neck. But the question is, which hairstyle would work best for this type of neckline?

If you have short hair, a sleek bob would be perfect for your halter dresses. Do you have hair that is longer than chin length, maybe even reaching shoulder length? Then you should consider a low bun or big curls. It is all about the halter in this case, the more visible it is, the better

Also, a milkmaid braided updo goes with this neckline like butter with bread. This hairstyle keeps the hair away from your neckline. You can have a session with your hairstylist to figure out which milkmaid style would best fit you.

If vintage is the look you are going for, there are quite a few vintage dresses that have halter necklines. You can pair these vintage dresses beautifully with an elegant vintage updo. It will really pull the look together!

Hairstyles For Round And Square Necklines

Dresses with round and square necklines have a way of accentuating your shoulders in a soft, flattering way. These kinds of dresses also usually come with different kinds of sleeves, from cap to long and short sleeves. These dresses have a way of drawing attention away from the neckline to make room for elaborate designs in other parts of the dress. So different hairstyles can work depending on the type of round or square neck dress you have.

As a rule of thumb, simple, flowing hairstyles are the best for these types of necklines. Ones that incorporate clips, braids or twists. Wearing your hair pulled away from your face is the best way to rock a dress with a round or square neckline. If you do happen to have short hair, then definitely go for a pixie look.

To get that pixie look, your hairdresser is your first call. You can have them put gel on your hair and have it blow-dried using a hairbrush. Make sure your hair is brushed in one direction while blow-drying. When the drying is done, styling wax can be used to add finishing touches to the look. To complete the look, sweep the hair at the sides of your head to the back. Then separate the bangs along the front of your forehead, twirling them every which way. It adds a nice touch.

Hairstyles For Off-Shoulder Dresses

Off-shoulder dresses can be sexy, sassy and show off your collarbones in a sultry way. If you are going for a romantic look, then you have to play it up. You can do this by having your hairstylist give you two braids, one running down either side of your face. But, if it is a sleek and sexy off-the-shoulder gown, you should go for a bushy ponytail or a soft up-do.

You can also have a side-swept hair done. It pairs beautifully with off-shoulder dresses, especially ones that are asymmetrical. Finally, if you want to wear your hair down, let the hair flow down your back.


There you have it. An exhaustive look into which hairstyles complement which types of dresses and necklines. Matching the proper hairstyle to the right dress is actually more simple than it might seem. You only have to understand some tips and also make your hairstylist your friend. To make things even easier, there is a platform that can help you make these kinds of decisions about your hair styling a lot easier.

The Goumin app is a hair stylist appointment app. It connects you with the best salons and barbershops in your area. You can choose the best hair stylists in your area by checking reviews and customer ratings in-app. This is to help you make the best decision. You also get to schedule appointments, pay for your sessions and choose hairstyles even before you enter the salon. It is a full service app that takes care of all your hair needs. Finding the perfect hairstyle for your dress just got super easy.

You can get started today by downloading the Goumin app.

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Chapter 1 – How To Style Your Hair Based On Your Outfit

Chapter 2 – The Art Of Matching Your Hair And Your Outfit

Chapter 3 – Tips For Matching The Right Hairstyle To The Right Outfit

Chapter 4 – The Best Hairstyles For Different Dress Necklines

Chapter 5 – Conclusion

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Ombre Styles For The Winter You Should Consider Rocking

Ombre Styles For The Winter You Should Consider Rocking

The winter is almost upon us. It is time to go searching for that fabulous and low maintenance hairstyle that will keep you slaying through the cold months. Winter comes with its own set of rules. Creating a beauty regimen that works throughout the season could sometimes be hard.

Winter has been known to be especially hard on hair. This is why you should consider a low maintenance hairstyle that also makes a statement. One that says, I am here and I am fabulous. Finding a natural hair stylist or any kind of hairstylist for that matter to work that winter magic on your hair could be trying to say the least.

Not to worry though, there is a way to make that process easy and convenient for you. But more on that later. One of the best hairstyles that can work for you this winter is Ombre. Ombre hairstyles look pretty good, and require little maintenance. Even your favorite celebrities are sporting ombre looks.

What else are you waiting for? Let us get you “ombred” up.

But first, what exactly is the ombre hairstyle?

Ombre Hairstyles, What Exactly Is It?

Ombre is an interesting word that originated from the French Language. It means shaded or shading. The ombre hairstyle is a kind of hair color that forms in gradients. The roots are dark, all the way down to the middle of the hair, then it gets lighter towards the tips. This kind of hairstyle could be colorful and change your entire look. This colorful hairstyle is achieved using a process called the balayage technique.

The Balayage Technique

You have probably spotted celebrities with bouncy, beautifully colored hair that looks a lot like molten gold. Yeah, that is the balayage technique in action. The balayage technique is a way to give your hair perfect sun-kissed highlights. Balayage is also a French word that refers to the process of sweeping or painting color into your hair. It works on all hair types, regardless of your natural color or hair length.

If you want great looking hair that needs very little maintenance, then this color process is for you. It is done through an interesting freehand process which involves adding highlights to your hair in waves. When done well, it adds dimension to your hair color, making it look natural. In fact, it looks like you spent some time bronzing yourself in the sun, well without all the UV damage.

When going through the balayage process, the hairdresser works in the highlight color gently. The roots don’t get so much of the color, which is why they remain dark. This is also what creates the color gradient from the root down to the tips. The color is then worked down each strand of hair, saturating more of the hair the farther down it goes. By the end of the strand, the hair is fully saturated with the product, giving the hair the lightest color at the tip. When done well, the hair sports lovely graduation of color from dark to light. It makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

This winter, ombré hairstyles could take your look from mundane to fabulous in a heartbeat. Now you know how your hairstylist could give you the coolest ombré style this season. You simply have to find a hair salon that works for you. Then decide which styles will be most suitable.

Here are some of the cool ombré hairstyles that you can choose from this season.

Ombré Hairstyles For The Chic Lady This Winter

Ombré hairstyles are arguably the top hair color trend this year. The trend has gone supernova all across the world. Celebrities are sporting Ombré hairstyles. Even school teachers and bankers are getting a piece of it. It is classy, chic, simple, and easy to maintain. It’s got everything every lady wants in a hairstyle and then some. If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle this winter, look no further. You have a whole line of ombré styles to choose from, check some of them out:

Honey, Honey, Where are you?

Seeing those gorgeous waves of honey-colored hair flowing down someone’s head is enough to go book an appointment with your hairstylist right away. Bright summer highlights are giving way to rich and deep honey lowlights. Beyoncé and JLo think this ombré style is cool, so you are in good company. If you go for this style, you are sure to come out with a warm and rich hair color that has a textured balance of dark brown and vibrant blond. Honey-colored ombré hairstyles work for all skin tones. From the sweet brown caramel of Beyoncé to light and rich cream of JLo. You sure will be happy with the results.

Blond, Bright, and Happy

Already blond? Go even blonder and brighter this winter with bright blond ombré color styles. Create your own miniature sun around your head, that is, if the one up above isn’t cooperating during the winter months. This style is sure to add a splash of brightness to your look. Kristen Bell sure agrees.

Keep It Dark, Keep it Chocolatey

This hairstyle looks so good; you could eat it up during the long winter days and months. Brunettes could get a lot more dimension on their hair by going with darker tones. Dark chocolate brown is a good one. Especially when it’s complemented with sandy brown highlights. Perfection! Priyanka Chopra anyone?

Deep Copper

Take your ginger hair to another level this winter. Elevate your red hair with rich copper and burgundy red undertones. Either your hair is in long shoulder-length waves or cut in a stylish bob. You will look really good with this cool ombré tone.

Bright Amber

Keep your brunette hair exciting throughout the winter months. All you have to do is visit your hairstylist and get amber and honey ombré highlights. This gives you a golden look that helps you slay winter, all day long. This is not a look you want to sleep on if you are a brunette.

Deep Espresso

Get some sable brown ombré highlights this season to have that clean, sultry look. It works with whatever type of hair you have. Straight, curly, short, long, go about twinning with your coffee order, you won’t regret it.

Auburn and Proud

You can take a trip on the road less traveled this winter and go with deep auburn ombré color highlights. No blonde to be found anywhere. Hair highlights that do not have any light hair colors create a feel that is soft, polished, and rich. It just works. Join the likes of Rihanna in this no-blonde look.

Go Coral Or Go Home

This ombré color style is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It is big, bright, and bold. it will make you visible from a kilometer away, in foggy weather too. You will be the center of attention in every room you walk into. Let your hairstylist work with these vibrant orange, yellow, red and pink tones to give your ombré highlights some life. Give your hair some extra oomph this winter with this snazzy coral look. Bonnie McKee wears it so well.

Pale Blonde

Pale blonde ombré hues with dark roots are the real deal this winter. It makes you stand out from the crowd. This ombré look is perfect for you if you have straight hair. Khloe Kardashian thinks it is cute too.

Sultry Grey Ombré

Grey is such an unusual color to add to your hair but in this particular case, it works like a charm. This sexy ombré style has a dark chocolate color at the roots. It then gets progressively lighter, passing through a lovely shade of brown in the middle. Then towards the tips the color transitions to pale grey. Those waves of color wash down your hair, catching the light in interesting ways. There are very few ombre hairstyles that are as sexy as this.

Naturally Grey And Proud

To think that women hide their grey locks because it is seen as a sign of aging. This ombré look celebrates your gray hair and makes it the star of the show. Add some subtle dark-colored waves to this all grey ombré look and you have a winner. Be proud of your grey locks and look great in this ombré look all at the same time.

Advantages Of Sporting An Ombré Style This Winter

The ombré hair coloring technique has become very popular with stylish ladies. Hairdressers love it. As mentioned earlier, the smooth color gradient that ombré styles are known for is achieved by the balayage technique. This technique is a favorite of hairstylists because it comes with quite a few cool advantages.

Works For All Types Of Hair

First off, the technique can work on anyone’s hair. Straight, curly, long or short. It does not matter, you can get your ombré hair on any time. The balayage technique can give you some freedom with your hair. Your hairstylist can go to town with the highlights, creating different effects with the process. They can make thinning hair appear fuller or transforming greying hairs into something more regal. The technique itself might need more expertise than the common foil technique. But, the final result is definitely worth it.

It Is A Quick Process

The balayage technique is also a pretty quick hair process. Which is something you cannot say very often when talking about anything hair related. You can have a great looking ombré hairstyle in a few hours or less. Although this depends on how thick your hair is and the kind of effect you want. The more complicated the color effect, the longer it would take.

Also, if your ombré hairstyle features multiple colors, it would take more time to get all the colors in. As can be expected, thicker hair generally takes more time to color. A more elaborate highlight might also extend your time in your hairstylist’s chair. But generally, it does take way less time to get ombré highlights than any other type.

It Is Very Low Maintenance

This is probably the most important advantage of going for ombré highlights for your hair. The balayage technique focuses the coloring on parts of the hair away from the roots. This is an important distinction as this is why the hairstyle is so low maintenance.

Since the roots are your natural color, when your hair grows out it just makes the ombré colors look even better. This means that you do not have to go for touch-ups that often. You could even decide to go only a couple of times a year if you want.

The balayage technique is a color process that makes use of chemicals. It is a good idea to use products that keep your hair and colors protected when you wash it. Use shampoos and hair products that are meant for color-treated hair. You can also ask your hairstylist for recommendations on what to use for your particular hair type. You cannot care too much for your hair.

The ombre highlighting technique is a new one but is not the only one. The coloring technique that a lot of hairstylists are used to is the foil technique. How do these highlighting techniques differ from each other?

Ombre Vs Foil

Sometimes, change is a difficult thing to embrace. In this case, it might be more difficult than most. You have been getting your highlights done at your hairstylists for years. The foil technique has been the one used by your hairstylists to give you the results you want. Now there is a new process that promises to give you even more natural-looking highlights. you aren’t sure what to go for the next time you want highlights.

Here are some things you might need to know about the two processes:

– Foils have been used for years and can create great looks. But one disadvantage is that it does not create a very natural look. The hairstylist has to work within the confines of the foils. This, most times, leave streaks in the hair which is a telltale sign of hair colored using the foil technique.

With the ombré coloring technique (balayage), the hairstylist gets to use freehand to apply colors. This helps in blending the colors for that oh so natural look.

– Depending on the kind of style and the type of salon you frequent, the foil process could be quite pricey, compared to the ombré coloring process.

– The final thing to consider here is maintenance. With foil, you might have to get a touch-up, about every 4 weeks or so. This is so the colors can keep up with your growing roots. This is not necessary with ombré colors since the roots were not colored in the first place.

Hair Salon Apps

To find good hair salons these days can be quite tiring. You have to jump through hoops, do some research, and read reviews before you settle on anyone. Even after all the troubles, you might not be sure of what you are getting. Will your new hairstylist treat your hair well? Are they good enough? Are they professional? These are valid questions that you might be asking yourself. The good news is that there are hair salon apps that make finding the perfect hairstylist simple and straightforward.

Goumin is a hair salon app where you can find a hair salon with just a few clicks. Goumin connects users to the best, verified hairstylists and barbershops around. You can view their portfolio, read real reviews about their service, book appointments and pay all within the app. You can even message them directly through the app and send style pictures before you step foot in the salon. Finding the perfect professionals to work on your hair has never been this easy. All you need to do to get started is to download the Goumin app and sign up.


Winter is already here, what better time to get some new highlights than at the start of a new season. Ombré highlights are the new way to look cool with natural-looking waves of color. There are several nice styles that you can choose from this season. A lot of them are the favorite ombré hairstyles of your favorite celebrities. You could never go wrong with any of them. You could choose to go chocolate brown, pale blonde, or shock everyone around you with bold and bright colors like coral. Whatever you choose, be sure to slay throughout the winter.

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Chapter 1 – Ombre Styles For The Winter You Should Consider Rocking

Chapter 2 – Ombre Hairstyles, What Exactly Is It?

Chapter 3 – Ombré Hairstyles For The Chic Lady This Winter

Chapter 4 – Advantages Of Sporting An Ombré Style This Winter

Chapter 5 – Ombre Vs Foil

Chapter 6 – Hair Salon Apps

Chapter 7 – Conclusion

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Top 10 Job Interview Haircuts For Any Type Of Hair

Top 10 Job Interview Haircuts For Any Type Of Hair

Top 10 Job Interview Haircuts For Any Type Of Hair

Confidence is something everybody works towards. A confident man goes about his daily activities with a smile and a spring in his step, and nothing spells confidence more than having your hair always looking like you are ready for a fashion magazine photo-shoot. Whatever you do, there’s always a reason for your hair to look good, whether it’s going to the supermarket for groceries or going for a life-changing job interview. There are barber apps that can help you with that.

Barber appointment apps are made to fit right into your looking-good lifestyle. They make keeping your head of hair neat and tidy uncomplicated. Booking appointments, style inspiration, and even finding new barbers have been made easy. The Goumin app is a barber app that does all this for you and more;. There is a question that stylish guys usually need an answer to, especially when there is an important function to attend, (like an important job interview): what hairstyle should I wear to the interview? How can my hairstyle affect my overall look? Do I have a better chance of getting the job if my hair looks good?

Very valid questions indeed. Not to worry, you will get your answers to them in a bit.

Prepping For Your Interview

Okay, so the interview of your life is coming up, and you’re both excited about it and nervous at the same time. You’re probably ironing your clothes and getting your suit and tie ready. You may even polish your shoes, and have your brother or roommate run through potential interview questions with you. But you’re  probably overlooking doing anything major about your hair.

You are probably thinking: “It’s only an interview. I am not going to audition to be a Christian Dior fall model or anything.”

Wrong. You might not be auditioning to walk on a runway, but your hairstyle is just as important in this instance. It’s easy to overlook the fact that your hairstyle and hair cut contribute greatly to your entire look. The first impression your interviewer will have about you is a lasting one. It may even be a factor in you getting the job or not. Nowadays, getting a job is not always only about your degrees and qualifications. It’s also about how well you vibe with your employers and the way you look. By extension, your hair, has a lot to do with that.

According to research conducted by Gillette, about 90% of Human Resources professionals believe that being properly groomed is important in making a good first impression. So if you want to make those interviewers like you right off the bat, you’ve got to put some effort into how you look.

Now you understand how important your hair is in your journey to employment, here are a few hairstyles that can make you look professional and stylish at the same time—not only for your interview, but for life in general.

Top 10 Job Interview Haircuts

The day of your interview is one that you do not want to go out with a weird hairstyle or haircut. Get your barber involved and get one of these looks to give you that extra edge.

Here are 10 hairstyles that will make you shine at your interview:

1. Buzz Cut Hairstyle

You probably know this as the hairstyle of choice for the military. That institution of great honor and strength must have recognized something about this simple hairstyle, right? Right, they have discovered that it makes you appear strong and confident. Showing up at your interview, or even on a date, with this cool and simple cut will give your image an immediate boost. It says to anyone that wishes to see that you are here and you are in control. If it’s good for the military, it sure is good for you.

Your barber does need to get this done right, though. The first necessary step is to cut your hair short if you have a long mane. Then, a little hair spray or molding cream to give it that universal cropped finish, and you are good to go. This is where a good haircut app like Goumin app would come in handy. It can help you get the right barber and even schedule an appointment ahead of time so you don’t have to wait.

2. Pushed Back and Curly Hairstyle

If you have curly hair, it is far easier for you to look unkempt than guys with straight hair. You do not even have to try; your hair just becomes rough and unkempt all on its own. If you are going for an interview, the last thing you want to look like is your reclusive eccentric uncle. This is why this hairstyle is perfect for you.

This sexy, slicked back, and curly look is one that has been melting the hearts of ladies for decades. It could do the same to your interviewer’s too. You can’t go wrong with this classic look! Stylish men have been sporting it for generations.

To top it all, it is simple to pull off. You can choose the style from your favorite barber appointment app. Then have your barber slick your hair back and away from your face. A leave-in conditioner is a good product to use here to tame your curls. This hairstyle is sure to make you look neat and give you a positive appearance.

3. French Crop Hairstyle

The French Crop hairstyle is a simple style, but one that makes a big impression. It features short sides and back and has a textured crop, and when done well, it makes you look diligent and interesting. This is a great hairstyle for interviews and the odd casual outing. It also makes you look smart, which can’t hurt at a job interview. Take a trip to your barber to give you this look before your big day.

4. Pulled Back With Side Part Hairstyle

This one comes with a side of hotness and a dollop of cuteness. It is a sophisticated look that would be better achieved by setting an appointment with your local barber. Having your hair slicked back and then parted at one side makes you look poised—like you can handle anything that comes your way, which is also a good way to impress your interviewer.

For this hairstyle, you can have your barber brush your hair back after washing it. You need a fine-toothed comb for this, which you can use to comb your hair back and create a parting on the side; Alternatively, you could retrace one that you have there already. The next step is to push all your hair all the way to the other end of the parting. Then get your blow dryer and put it to work on your hair to highlight the parting. Your barber can then continue the combing and styling after the hair is dry. Adding Hairspray in small amounts can be useful in creating some texture.

5. Classic Undercut Hairstyle

This classic and cool haircut is also sometimes referred to as the “Businessman’s Haircut”—a particularly fitting name for this hairstyle as it gives you a coolly confident look. The cut is stylish and works for most face shapes. It features short hair on the sides of the head and a long mop on top. The undercut hairstyle is a one-hairstyle-fits-all kind of deal. Whether you like your hair in a stylishly disheveled mop or clean-cut, this hairstyle works for you.

As usual, visit your barbershop for this look. Have your barber wash your hair, then use a blow dryer to sweep the hair backward and give you a bit more volume. After blow drying, apply a little styling cream, then comb to give it that sleek look.

6. The Man Bun

For an appearance at an interview, it is generally advisable to keep your hair short—after all, hair does grow back. Generally speaking, short and well-styled hair tends to make you look more put together. If you sport long hair, though, few styles are more appropriate than the man bun.

If you are going to an interview with a man bun, then it is very important that you keep it neat and well cared for. Use a gel or some form of hair wax to keep the hair fixed in the bun and fasten it with a band. You could even decide to add some extra oomph to the man bun by parting the hair on one side, or something equally stylish.

7. The Pony Tail

Yes! Ladies aren’t the only ones allowed to sport a nice and well put together ponytail to an interview. Ponytail hairstyles for men have become more and more popular since the 1980s. For a man ponytail, you let your hair grow long. You then tie it in a knot above your head and let it hang out.

To grow a ponytail, visit your barbershop to have it done properly.

Here are some simple steps your barber can follow to give you a perfect ponytail:

– Lean your head back and make sure to gather all your hair hanging down, then shampoo your hair with a good quality product. This allows the smoothness to settle in.

– Gather all the hair you have shampooed into a bunch.

– Make sure to comb your hair all the way from the front to the back to make sure no errant strands are left out.

– You could then tie your hair at the base or at the top with some kind of hairband to form a ponytail.

There are several ponytail styles that you can sport for your interview,including basic ponytail, top knot ponytail, the statement ponytail, horsetail, and so on. Whichever one you go for, make sure that it is clean and neat!

8. Crew Cut Hairstyle

The crew cut is both classic and stylish, and will keep your interviewers nodding their heads in approval. It is the kind of hairstyle that works for a variety of functions. Whether you are going for a job interview, a wedding, or backpacking through Europe, it works. It looks good, it is easy to maintain, and it gives you that classic “manly” look.

Another advantage of this hairstyle is that it is quite versatile. You can decide to keep the top of your hair long or short, or you can grow it out to be long enough so you can sweep it to the sides. You can also ask your barber for a crew cut that fades out your hair at the sides. You can have fun with it and still come out looking good.

9. Slicked Back Hairstyle

This is a simple hairstyle that can work for several hair types and hair lengths. For this style, you wear your hair down and slicked back so you can get it away from your face. To get this hairstyle, all you need to do is use your hairdresser app to contact your barber. After a few professional touches, you are good to go. You can make use of a gel or a cream to slick the front of your hair backward and away from your face. Your interviewer will sure be impressed by your look.

10.Neat Pompadour Hairstyle

The neat pompadour hairstyle can be a perfect fit for your interview—and it doesn’t take much of an effort to pull off. This is one hairstyle that makes you look both confident and passionate. This hairstyle features a quiff, which is a style that has been trending for a while in professional circles. You can have your barber blow-dry the quiff to keep it in place and also add some pomade. If you are in the creative industry, this hairstyle is perfect for you.

Your Hair, Lifestyle, And Barber Appointment Apps

Your hairstyle is an essential part of your outlook, and the way you look on a daily basis is a part of your lifestyle. Your hair, and the clothes you wear, your shoes:your entire look should all blend perfectly. It is not unusual to see guys dressed up to the nines but have the entire pleasant effect disrupted by an ill-fitting or an unkempt hairstyle.

Regardless of what the event is, you need to always stay fly and fresh. Your look should go hand in hand with your lifestyle. Sporting a nice hairstyle doesn’t have to be difficult—there are barber booking apps that make connecting with the right barber in your locale easier. From finding the best natural hair stylists to choosing the best hairstyles for the winter, it can all be done within a few clicks.

These barber appointment apps are available for download on most platforms, and Goumin is ne of the best barber apps out there. The Goumin hairstyling service app offers top-notch services, helping users find and connect with the best salons and barbershops around them. You don’t need to worry about finding a good barber anymore: all the service professionals on the Goumin platform are vetted and trusted. You can also book appointments, pay, and even pick styles right from within the app.

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